Zulander Hack Review – Zulander is a SCAM Remake!

By | February 6, 2016

Zulander Hack Review (SCAM Warning!)

There have been reports of a new binary trading software called Zulander Hack by Michael Wright and lets just say it doesn’t look genuine. Although the domain name and presentation videos are new, our investigation of ZulanderHack.co shows its a replicated platform from a previously released fraudulent website known as “MockingBird Method“. Everything about the Zulander Hack screams ‘Danger’ as visitors are greeted with a plethora of scamming characteristics like countdown timers, “available spots” indicators and much more, contributing to why new members of the Zulander Scam are losing money.

Its Obvious this scamming production is focused on targeting rookie traders unaware of their scheming methods. While examining ZulanderHack.co for our review, a combination of contradictory and misleading formation is spewed to its viewers with grandiose promises of banking $500,000 within a matter of months. But too many questionable factors simply cannot be ignored and we’ll expose them in our transparent Zulander Hack review.

zulander hack Why Zulander Hack is a Binary Scam!

Starting from the beginning, traders have been invited to “discover a controversial ‘hack’ for turning $1 into six figure incomes in one month”. The alleged creator of ZulanderHack.co claims to have spent over $600,000 on software development expenses and 800,000 strenuous hours to perfect his Zulander Hack Scam. His story gets a little thrown off track by firstly mentioning his application has nothing to do with binary options at all, but later instructs opening a brokerage account is required in order to reap the benefits of the Zulander Hack app. Confusing right?

Anyway, as you continue listening to the lies from Michael Wright, the idea of ZulanderHack.co is to present traders with a “push-button” cash generating software capable of “outsmarting” brokers by finding small “glitches” within their systems. Thus allowing the Zulander Hack to cancel out any potential losing trades to ensure abundant winning opportunities. Michael Wright explains Zulander is currently under its beta phase, but has shown great promise with 242 consistent profitable days and rarely loses. This is completely opposite compared to feedback from ZulanderHack.co members who’ve unfortunately fallen for this scam, revealing the features promised to new users is completely false. More specifically, the average ITM percentage ranges only between 42% – 55%.  Not enough to make a profit.

Zulander Hack Scam exploits Mix-Matched Profile Reviews

Lets discuss beta-testers reviews found by scrolling down the ZulanderHack.com webpage and their incredible success apparently unreachable by anyone else. We’re made to believe this “ethical & lawful loophole” can successfully analyze financial markets and economical data, choosing the most profitable solutions. At least that’s what were told. Apparently depending on your global location, traders are taken to two different platforms showing either United Kingdom or USA versions. Thanks to our friends form EasyTradingSignals, you can compare the screenshots provided for your own discernment, concluding these fictitious reviews are consequently falsified for advertisement purposes.

zulander hackNotice the identities & scripted information are identical. However these scam-artists have altered UK and USA regions as well as the currency. No doubt the Zulander Hack testimonials are not “online verified” as dictated. There’s even an error with Harris L & Shahid Anjum where they’ve used the same photograph for two different people. Very unprofessional for a “secret breakthrough”. 

zulander hack Zulander Hack uses Trickery & Deception

Michal Wright offer traders a “free” gift for those who act quickly in securing one of twenty limited spots available. An old trick used by scams for rushing newcomers into registering before realizing realizing the truth about the Zulander Hack scam. Allow me to clarify we’ve visited ZulanderHack.co several times and those timing widgets remain the same. They’ll continue decreasing during each visit but refreshing your browser will restart the countdown. Like Magic!

A bonus offer is given as an added incentive to double your initial deposit. For instance, depositing a minimum $250 into Zulander suggested broker account, accepting the bonus grants you the matching amount for a total of $500. Sounds pretty impressive but there’s always a catch. Generally speaking, Bonuses are recommended for professional investors only because of certain requirements of high trading volumes. The sole purpose why the Zulander Hack scam and various other questionable softwares insist offering bonuses is because the strict contingencies attached to them. In other words, once you’ve realized you deposited with a dubious trading program, your funds are locked away and cant be withdrawn. A nasty method for scammers to profit from your losses.

Zulander Hack Review / Conclusion

After negatively failing performance levels by unfortunate day-traders and an overall scammy sense saturating ZulanderHack.co, we find no reason why anyone should remotely trust this financially damaging trading system. Furthermore since Michael’s app is a remake launch of an older binary hoax, our final verdict regarding their legitimacy is straightforward: Avoid the Zulander Hack Scam!

Zulander HackNew to Binary Options? Its understandable how daunting the process of finding reliable services and learning new methods can be. Testing new softwares or strategies can be practiced without risk by opening a Free Demo Broker Account from Trade Thunder. Accepting traders globally, they offer means to virtually feel what binary investing is really like without deposits or restrictions. Thank you for reading our Zulander Hack review. If you have any experience wit the Zulander Hack scam, share it with us by commenting below

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