The Zen Trader SCAM Alert – Trading Software Review!

The Zen Trader software is a newly launched binary option Scam and we’re here to review and expose its corrupt activities to the fullest extent. Traders must exude caution by never investing a solitary dollar into such a program that is guaranteed to drain your account without any profitable results. Is an autotrader fraud application, the Zen Trader scam lacks all sense of credibility which proves troublesome for an online investment portal. My investigation within platform by Matthew Harrison, although it was brief, it was enough for identifying several scamming variables and misconstrued information for manipulating newcoming traders into believe this trading app is capable of reliving your financial stress. Before making your next move, read the following Zen Trader review detailing its covered lies and hidden agendas so these scammers can profit from your losses.

Zen Trader Software Review – Trading SCAM Unmasked

So what exactly is app offering traders? The main message is quite obvious, where they exploit the idea banking sizable profits on complete autopilot. Being more specific, their advertised results are unrealistic, where Mr Zen promises potential traders can bank a minimum $25,000 per week with minimal effort from a mere $250 investment. Certain descriptions are vaguely explained within their video narrative, insinuating Zen Trader software was constructed by top analysts & programming engineers for installing complex equations for copying market behaviors. For newbies unaware of their methods, these alleged achievements are appealing, which is what these crooked developers are attempting to achieve, gathering the attention of hopeful investors into wasting money towards this Zen Trader scam. Fortunately, their tactics are unoriginal and overly-used my numerous money-stealing schemes, making it easier for pinpointing their faults.

Any Zen Trader Reviews?

Among the first scam signs we encountered within their footage was the usage of familiar performers and scripted actors we’ve identified throughout past fraudulent apps. Since these developers are fully aware their trading system will never produce profitable results, certain measures like hiring phony performers are utilized to portray success stories for convincing curious customers. The man depicted below is famous Fiverr actor and one of four used for fake reviews within  Actors alone are not a main source of concern when distinguishing legitimate softwares and scams, however considering their reputation is a critical factor. In this particular case, this scam-artist has a damaging reputation for promoting countless losing schemes every month. Seeing him endorsing the Zen Trader scam is not something we can ignore.


In addition to their flawed testimonies, these idiots have also dictated a stupid error while lying about their profits, implicating how the software continuously generates profits, including a large sum of $6000 on weekends, which of course defy the rules of online trading. Remember binary trades with autotrading systems like Zen Trader app or any other can only be accomplished when global markets are active, not on weekends when closed.

Who created Zen Trader Scam?

With any review we conduct, its important to understand how a trading system works, but more importantly who’s behind the development. This is where major concerns arise in regards with Zen Trader software because we’re left without any reassuring answers. Their entire campaign never reveals any photos nor live footage about this Mr Zen character, the supposed mastermind behind this whole autotrader. Even more cryptic is the absence of full name descriptions, making it impossible to verify credentials, profiles, stated achievements or involvements throughout the industry. The point Im making here is to be cautious. Anonymity is a dangerous quality pertaining to financial decisions. Its imperative to know whom you’re dealing with, but the frauds responsible for developing the Zen Trader app are purposely refusing to disclose their identities in efforts to avoid any legal actions.

More Zen Trader Software Tricks!

Looking at the Zen Trader scam from a logical perspective, there’s very little encouraging qualities for assuming this autotrader of being a reliable solution. These crooks are desperate for your deposits, which is why outrageous propositions and jaded facts are instilled for alluring visiting traders. Mr Zen proposes a half million dollar giveaway, which experiences has taught valuable lessons for warning us these “prizes” are received in the form of a bonus. Bonuses are useful incentives offered by brokerage firms, but come with strict stipulations most newcomers dont comprehend. Basically they complicate your withdrawals, making them virtually inaccessible, allowing sleazy marketers like those from the Zen Trader software to gain wealth from at your expense.

We attempted to find anyone who might be profiting with program, but zero testimonies were found. As we stated earlier, discovering the use of shady actors was disconcerting to say the least, proving them fake as we also found stock photos for displaying fictional profiles, fabricated from dishonest programmers . Needless to say, their level of deception and dishonesty has warranted fraudulent speculation. Hopefully traders will find today’s assessment essential and revealing as Im sure the highlights we discussed today are not so obvious for eager investors, but aid in preventing further victims from joining this worthless venture.

Zen Trader Review – Final Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Review Verdict: Avoid Mr Zen’s Zen Trader Scam, a cheap and manipulative trading app failing to deliver any profitable outcomes, leaving users empty-handed with a destructing system. 

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If you’re new to binary options, remember to stay far from trading programs guaranteeing you’ll be banking millions so easily. Whenever in doubt in regards to any software of interest, visit our full list of damaging scams & brokers deemed unsafe within our blacklist section. Don’t feel discouraged, as there are plenty reliable services traders can operate from educational materials, simple autotrader apps and manual signals for maximizing profitability while minimizing risk factors. I thank you for taking time in reading our honest Zen Trader review post. Please share this article to spread awareness & feel free to leave your feedback or input by commenting below. Cheers!

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