XTP APP Looks Legit….But we DONT trust them!!! WARNING!

This is an important update regarding the XTP App. After further examination, we’ve encountered some alarming concepts within this new binary option trader. If your contemplating on using the XTP App system, please read our XTP App Review before moving any further. After reading, we are sure you’ll understand why PrestigeBinary believes XTP App is a probable SCAM.

Matt Woodford, the supposed CEO and creator of the XTPapp.com website, is a deceptive scam-artist who portrays as a successful binary option patron. After watching XTP App’s introduction video, you might get a sense that Matt is very knowledgeable about the binary option industry and the sneaky tactics used by scamming systems. He presents us with an XTP App auto-trader that successfully executes winning trades with an 86.52% believable win rate. Not a bold 97% or 100% like most binary get-rich schemes. He discusses certain tips on how to identify a binary options scam by looking out for annoying countdown widgets, bogus live feed results, and fake testimonial reviews from actors. This is by far the only area where we agree with Matt. Unfortunately for Mr Woodford, his own tactics are about to be exposed.

Browsing around XTPApp.com, you wont find any insignificant “live feeds” or timers counting down. But after submitting our email to gather more Intel about their operations, there’s another video containing reviews from XTP App users. The following pictures below are screenshots of “Alice” and “Michael”. Both of them are Fiverr.com actors/actress who’ve been caught endorsing other fraudulent sites in recent past like Banker Profits, Samaritan System, & Auto Wealth Bot.


Female Profile Link: https://uk.fiverr.com/kymmypops

xtp appxtp app1

Bald Guy Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/docreilly

The XTP App Software also looks similar to the Dow Jones Focus Group Platform. We believe Matt’s intent is to appear as reliable as Dow Jones, because its a popular automatic trading solution. Can you really place your trust in a deceptive company like XTP App? After being caught dead center in his own lies by utilizing paid actors, do you want to invest your money with Matt Woodford? Its evident by now XTPApp is an untrustworthy and useless trading software and we dont trust them. Any profitable company generating a valuable product would not need to pay someone five dollars to lie on their behalf.

If you’re still searching for an Auto Trading system, and hoped XTPApp.com was a potential opportunity, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of binary signal services and auto-trade systems available that are currently being utilized by thousand of investors around. Take for example, Mikes AutoTrader. This program remains one of the longest fulfilling binary option tools available to date. Among its many customizable intuitive features, it produces a realistic 89% or higher success rate, as well as a free invitation to Mikes Private Binary Signals Facebook Group. This secret community consists of real life professional traders who post signals all day long during a trading week. Trading Newbies constantly benefit from this secret group with new strategies, live-trading webinars, and more. Consider the profitable advantage of obtaining both Mike’s Auto-Trader & a becoming a member of this informative Facebook Group.

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  • You guys are awesome! i dont understand how there are so many scams waiting to take you money and they get away with it.

    Keep it up PrestigeBinary!

  • Hey outstanding post! Great catch on those actors pretending to make money with XTPApp!! I wouldnt Trust them either

    Appreciate it!

  • You guys are right, they do look “legit” but theres nothing reliable about them. They try to look like a valuable trading software but clearly i woudnt trust them with my money


  • HA!! the bald man!! ive seen him before as well in some other sketchy looking programs. You see him, run the other way!!

  • Heya this review definitely help me out a lot. I didnt know
    the people in the XTP APP video were actors.
    Then again im still new at this.

    Thank you PrestigeBinaryOptions!

  • Awesome post! Thanks Guys!!

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