OptionXE presents the new XE Trader

There are less days than most when we come across a New binary options program that works. Today is one of those special days where a new software arises from the ashes of fabricated and misleading trading tools.

The XE Trader system is a new, recently developed binary options trading application with great potential. XE Trader is brought to you by the largest, privately owned binary option trader education company, OptionXE. After three short years of progress and success, the OptionBot2.0’s successor, XE Trader, has arrived to enhance improvement in one’s trading skills. If you remember from our OptionBot Review, the OptionBot App is one of the few, most accurate trading bots around to date. Thousands of traders were beyond ecstatic of the OptionBot’s performance. The same organization who has proven its merit over the years now presents to you something even more exciting!

In fact, this revolutionary trading package is delivered as a platform of its own and not an app. This is because XE Trader can run several programs within the system including third party Applications. These capabilities make XE Trader the most VERSATILE trading tool in the binary options market.

XE Trader Features

  • Currency Pair Trend Indicators
  • Push Signals – Copy Trade Signals
  • SMS Alerts
  • Pro Signals Across All Assets
  • Economic Market Trading Calendar
  • Market Opening Alarms
  • Live Trading Webinars
  • Embedded Trading Insight Videos

FullSizeRender(14)We were blown away with this enormous bundle. Not only from their long list of special features, but because of their training to help others read the markets effectively. XE Trader’s acquisition of extremely knowledgeable staff like Jack Travers (Service Director), and Ben Newman (Operations Director), diligently provide a product that services not only to the advanced trader, but even beginners. Together they cater to each member’s individual needs. Keith Wareing is the CEO of OptionXE and producer of the XE Trader who started the company in 2012. OptionXE first started as a attendance to assist binary option traders from getting their money out of brokers. As of today, OptionXE has over 30 staff members training more than 20,000 members on properly executing trades.

People like Lee from Trading Tool Kit, and many others have been using the new XE Trader database and were amazed by its performance and the quality it offers. Heightened graphics of individual assets have been added for easier discovery. A three-digit code is provided beside asset signals so a trader can learn as to how a particular signal was acquired. XE Trader presents messages throughout the day for future trade placements and are regularly updated by Ben Newman.

The Market Alarm serves as a an alert to indicate when certain markets from other countries are open. When you are deeply focused in the excitement of binary options, its very easy to loose track of time. Therefore XE Trader sends an alert when a market opens so traders can take advantage of opening day investments.

The XE Trader push signals are established for over twelve hours each trading day (European Time). Such long, trading time periods offer a chance for all traders plenty of time during the day to plan accordingly and invest as many times as they can.

Credit is given where credit is due. XE Trader effortlessly combines together all your trading requirements into one clean interface while offering the customers a trading education. A 100% enhanced experience guaranteed! This separates the XE Trader system and the OptionXE company from all the rest. With there intuitive surface and dedication in educating traders, they remain a reliable benefactor to the binary industry and continue to surpass all expectations. PrestigeBinary is always happy to present you with all the latest updates in the market. Click below to learn more about the XE Trader, or if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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