Is World Wide Domination a SCAM or Legitimate Trading Software? Review

What the hell is World Wide Domination?? Its reminds me of some testosterone-filled wrestlers from years back when i use to watch WWF Wrestling. Is World Wide Domination a steroid-pumped binary options trading software with the power of ‘dominating’ the stock markets. I Doubt it! The following is our review concerning this new binary system where we reveal the truth behind the main question: Is the WWD App another SCAM?

Truth be told, presents itself as a legitimate trading solution by providing accurate information of Greece’s recent Financial Crisis and other economical downfalls. Ben Wetkins & John Miles, developers of World Wide Domination Software, appear to be ‘honest and transparent’ by admitting they haven’t created any “advanced trading algorithm” but instead have adopted a powerful method already utilized by investors for the past 14 years. By analyzing 50+ financial websites and market data, WorldWide Domination Software claims to generated profits of $600 per day. A realistic and reachable amount trading binary options, not like most scams who promise “millions overnight”. But don’t allow’s professional-looking platform or Ben’s smile fool you into making a rash decision.

world wide domination**Nice Try World Wide Domination! You Almost had us FOOLED! Photo Source:

Instead of the cliche avenue towards actors or purchasing cheap “shutterstock” photos, Ben Wetkins creepy smile and his partner can be purchased for a staggering price of up to $99! I guess WWD believes in spending money to ‘steal’ money.

But the most alarming aspect of World Wide Domination is worse than we expected. We could’ve almost disregarded the fake identities of Ben Wetkins and John Miles and given their WorldWide Domination Program the benefit of a probable solution until we found their testimonial videos below on their site. The 3 out of 4 actors were also seen within a recent binary options scam called Millionaire Shield. Complaints of Millionaire Shield’s inability to perform as advertised and scamming activities have already begun to populate. With falsified “creator” identifications and the use of actors endorsing other fraudulent offers, my confidence in their ability to provide traders with an honest & profitable experience dwindles away.

↓ SnapShot of World Wide Domination Testimonies ↓

world wide domination videos same as millionare shield↓ Notice the “Millionaire Shield Logo” on the corners found on ↓

millionaire shield video same as WWD

Verdict: is a SCAM!

If you think the possibility of these shady occurrences are mere coincidences, then take a look WWD’s section of “Live Trades from its Members”. Currently, there are online investments shown in action and expiring on a Saturday night when all financial markets are closed. Evidently this is a poor display of fake WorldWide Domination performance being exploited in efforts to trick viewers into considering it might work. The promising appearance and knowledgeable throw of accurate economical history are all futile efforts in illustrating a legit trading tool. They even disclaim this opportunity is actually a “2 month” trial, thereafter you’re subject to a small monthly fee because many reliable binary services available require monthly payments.  World Wide Domination also makes bold assessments of their “power trading” methods being around for 14 years when Binary Option Trading has only been around for a better part of the decade. This is more than sufficient information which voids all positive reviews found on bogus blogging sites endorsing this useless money-making-scheme.

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Even though we have concluded the World Wide Domination Software of being garbage, the ability to attain $600 a day by investing binary options is REAL. Visit our recommended Section of Binary Signals and AutoTrading Services that have been Proven & Tested by many investors. Thank you for reading our World Wide Domination Review and happy trading!


  • Great review about these scammers!
    Thank you for watching here in the binary options industry!
    Binary options traders watch out and stay away from those bastards!
    Thanks again.

    • hahaha! Well Said! thank you for the appreciation Omri!
      World Wide Domination is definitely a trading system to stay away from.

  • Thanks for the warning Paul, great to see other honest people in this industry helping us all avoid the scams. Keep the reviews coming man, thanks

    • Its a tough business out there with many websites and blogs who continue to advocate the use
      of fake binary trading systems like
      Thank you Paul we’ll strive our best to continue debunking these SCAMS!

  • I really wonder why these people use exactly the same actors. They aren’t even that good. Anything to scam people out of their hard earned cash. Thank you for putting it straight. Hope no one looses their money by signing up for these scams.

    • Binary Scam-Artists like the ones from the World Wide Domination Scam tend to use the same people for promoting their garbage. Once in a while theyll try to throw us off their scent by finding new actors, but in the end we always catch them. We try to expose them quickly in hopes that less traders will fall for their traps

  • thanks for pointing out yet another scam, its website like yours that help stop innocent people getting ripped off.

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