Wealth Crew Trading System Review – SCAM Warning!

Wealth Crew is quite frankly a lame Scam for binary options which cannot be trusted whatsoever! Within the following review, we shall discuss specific details we spotted during our investigation which simply dont add up, along with identifying misleading information forcing traders to believe this trading software is safe. My concern about this whole charade regards the fact that even though WealthCrew.co by Nathan Schmidt is presented as an automated app that can generate thousands per week, we’ve spotted numerous scamming variables throughout their campaign which are normally found among harmful scams. Everything from bogus timers to empty promises of financial freedom have been implemented to persuade newcoming traders into wasting their money.  If you’re contemplating your chances of success with the Wealth Crew scam, please read our undeniable review and learn some hidden truths these scammers dont want you knowing about their money-stealing scheme.

Wealth Crew System Review – Busted Trading SCAM Exposed

wealth crew

Beginning with the alleged creator was a complete dead end. Nathan Schmidt is the self-proclaimed inventor of Wealth Crew system, and described as a professional of financial matters. According to their video presentations, apparently this individual is also founder of a “world renown” binary software referred as the Robin Hood Trading App. However, there’s no evidence of such a program ever being released within the binary industry. I decided to investigate further into Mr Schmidt himself, of which zero matching profiles or professional resumes confirming these stated contributions were never established on any Google searches. Rather strange wouldn’t you say? Notice how were not shown any live footage of Nathan, except for a quick glimpse of some random guy outside a building. For all we know, the voice-over narrating their introduction clips could belong to anyone. With lack of verifiable information nor credentials, its justified to assume Nathan’s identity was fabricated.

Cover-up Lies From Wealth Crew Scam

Naturally this is exactly what these crooked developers dont want traders knowing. Instead they want traders to believe Wealth Crew software is capable of banking users a minimum $4,500 weekly basis. This failing trading system is masked with a bunch of lies, insinuating wealthcrew.co is the latest foreign exchange application ever created with a one-click function. We’re told that traders using this program are granted access to the most updated computers as the Wealth Crew system operates on integrated servers and databases only accessible by big corporations and high investment firms. Traders be warned, this is total BS! Don’t be fooled as these allegations are contradicted by the same frauds who made up this entire scam.

How Wealth Crew Software Works? (Error)

Its seems there’s a bit of confusion as to how exactly their software actually operates since these sleazy scam-artists have no idea either. At one point viewers are explained how the trading algorithms and mathematical formulas are continuously being ungraded and improved for maximum accuracy for analyzing economic markets while delivering around 91% winning ratios. However, their own words are contradicted by claiming WealthCrew.co is NOT an autotrader or “push-button” software. Its later stated how Nathan Schmidt has various experienced traders located around the globe, where whatever trades they place are replicated directly into your own personal account. During our time exposing numerous scams, I’ve come across a few offering similar methods of operation in attempts to make their software seem different from all others. In reality, we’ve seen similar systems before which were complete failures. The fact these lousy programmers cant keep their story aligned is alarming itself. Especially after establishing this Schmidt character is an imposter, how can we trust anything about the Wealth Crew scam?

Dirty Tricks

Just to prove how fake and misguided this whole trading software truly is, here’s another critical detail. Entering their member’s area, traders will find a series of trade histories displayed for tricking potential customers into believe this app is resourceful. But after looking at some of their trades, I found that many transactions and returned profits fall on a Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind global markets are closed on weekends, meaning binary trading is virtually available only between Monday – Friday. Thereby proving these trading charts are NOT real. Obviously these statistics are fake for deceiving rookie investors, yet this oversight by forgetting this very small yet vital detail further proves our standing in determining that Wealth Crew software is a fraudulent application without any merit or positive support.

wealth crew software

At this junction of today’s Wealth Crew review, ask yourself if you’re still feeling confident towards investing a single dollar with these scum bags? Of course these shady developers are fully aware their system is rendered utterly useless form the start, therefore added measures of deception are implemented in forms of “limited availability” and “free trials” in order to force traders into thinking they have nothing to lose. But anyone who registers with this dangerous scam will surely know firsthand they’ll be losing more than they can afford. Even fake endorsements from the Wall Street Journal we’re plagiarized quoting the “biggest financial innovation”. WOW! Clearly these scammers are desperate! Hopefully my assessment has been helpful in clarifying any doubts, but most importantly prevented you from wasting funds with a proven ponzi gimmick.

Wealth Crew Software Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

 Final Review Verdict: Avoid this pathetic Wealth Crew Scam by all means! Even the criminals behind this bogus app cant keep their lies straight. A sloppy production that will definitely leave you penniless.

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For novice traders, its understandable the confusion and frustration that comes with searching for a reputable trading system that’s beneficial for assisting your journey. However there are numerous assortments of trusted solutions available for everyone which can help limit risk factors while amplifying profitability in the form of autotraders, signal alerting programs and even educational materials for learning basics. In case you’re unfamiliar with a specified software and wonder if its trusted, visit my daily updated blacklist containing harmful scams and brokers to stay away from. As a friendly reminder, us a demo account whenever testing out new methods or strategies before risking your own funds. Thank you for reading my informative Wealth Crew review. Feel free to leave any input or feedback by commenting below. Cheers!

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