Wall Street Trading Software is a SCAM! Important Review!

Wall Street Trading Software is a lousy autotrader Scam for binary options that cant be trusted! Withing the following review, together we shall discus various aspects and concerns about this automated system so traders can understand full well exactly why its cautioned to protect yourselves from this fraudulent application. First off, the fact this trading application is described as exactly the same used by professionals on Wall Street for banking $100 every hour is utterly RIDICULOUS! While investigating the WallStreetTradingSoftware.com platform, its was too obvious this programs holds zero credibility, but worst of all are particular scamming qualities we identified during our investigation. If you’ve come across the Wall Street Trading Software scam app and you’re contemplating in registering, please read our review to its end and protect yourself from this money-losing scheme!

Wall Street Trading Software Review – Failed Trading Scam

Traders entering the WallStreetTradingSoftware.com website are persuaded to believe this binary system is a legitimate solution for autotrading the financial markets. However that simply is NOT the case! The unidentified man representing this faulty trading app covers his lies with unconfirmed statements implying this software is based on the science of global market trends which he refers as the “Charlie Algorithm” which apparently gets upgraded at a continuous pace for predicting price shifts, trends and economic behaviors. These vague explanations without any confirming proof is supposedly how this program operates for swiping the biggest assets and allowing users to make thousands everyday. Unfortunately, there are some scammer traits traders need to ponder about before depositing a single penny.

My first red flag found within the Wall Street Trading Software system is against the individual used for promoting this questionable application. Notice how he NEVER discloses his name or identity, instead introduces himself as “Hi I’m the spokesperson for the developers of Wall Street Trading Software“. Lets be clear this man is a well known Fiverr actor who doesn’t work for any financial companies. You can view his profile by clicking the link provided below which will redirect you to his active gig. Generally speaking, actors alone isn’t the sole reason to cause panic in regards to a possible scam, especially since most advertisements we see everywhere are performed by actors/actresses. What traders need to take into consideration is their reputation. For instance, this imposter is constantly endorsing the use of dangerous scams while giving rookie investors false hopes and empty promises.  Hes also witnessed promoting the High Frequency Trader Scam (review) which also cost traders sever investment losses.


When it comes down to your money, traders must be fully confident with whom they’re investing with. Its unsettling this wall street app hasn’t been transparent regarding who the real creators are or their actions in hiring a known scam-artist for advertising their product. In other words, this trading system is following the path taken by typical scams.

Terrible Customer Service

One of the things Wall Street Trading Software scam proclaims to pride itself is its customer support, which they state is the their number one priority for ensuring users are carefully spoken with individually for optimal service. Sadly a few traders have reported to our Prestige Binary Options blog the complete opposite. More specifically, those unfortunate traders who’ve mistakenly joined this scam system have received an application that doesn’t remotely operate in accordance to their introduction videos. In efforts to come up with some sort of resolution, emails have been sent to their support teams, which in turn are left unanswered or replied with vague responses that aren’t beneficial or addressing these costly issues. Thereby leaving traders stranded with a software that cannot perform properly while these scammers profits from your losses. 

The amount of victims who’ve fallen for this fraud app is minimal since this system clearly doesn’t offer much appeal nor authenticity to its visitors. For the most part, Im confident many traders will be able to distinguish for themselves something’s not quite right, but its still imperative to address theses situations, no matter their appearance to prevent further newbies from falling into these traps. Hopefully today’s Wall Street Trading Software Review has made you aware about some critical problems to think about before making your next moves. Clearly there are too many disturbing variables which doesn’t leave me with confidence in recommending this shady development. I hope this assessment has also saved you from committing decision you would certainly regret.

Wall Street Trading Software Scam Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoid the Wall Street Trading Software Scam by all means! A corrupt autotrader undoubtedly constructed by scammers and crooked programmers for stealing your money!

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Finding a reliable autotrading service can be confusing sometimes, but its not impossible. In fact there are plenty of effective & trusting services available for traders around the globe to take advantage of for minimizing risk factors while maximizing profitability. No matter if your searching for an easy autotrader like Codefibo, signal alerting provider or educational materials, there something for everyone. Be sure to visit our daily updated blacklist containing harmful scams and brokers just in case you’re unsure about a system of interest. Thank you for reading our unbiased Wall Street Trading Software Review warning, I welcome anyone with added feedback or input to please share it with us by commenting below. Cheers to your success!

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