Wall Street LifeStyle is a shady SCAM! Fake Software Review!

By | March 22, 2016

Its no secret the best investors from Wall Street are making serious profits from stock market actions. But don’t think for a moment the automated Wall Street Lifestyle software for binary options is you shortcut ticket to the big leagues. Pay close attention to my warnings regarding some incriminating facts I’ll expose in this review, as there’s plenty of conclusive evidence pointing towards a money-stealing Fraud! The website under investigation, TheWallStreetLifestyle.com by James Taylor is a fictitious trading Scam promising day-traders equal advantages utilized by professionals through alerting signal services from IMA Signals App.

I’ve easily categorized the Wall Street Lifestyle Scam as your typical software advertising newcomers will instantly generate thousands of dollars directly into their accounts upon activation. But with contradicting information, misguiding facts and false testimonials, how can you place your trust (or money) into a questionable trading app? Simply put, you cant & you shouldn’t! Its imperative for any potential traders considering this possibility, first pay attention to my Wall Street Lifestyle Review and refrain from depositing any funds with James’ phony gimmick.

The Wall Street LifeStyle Review – Busted IMA Signals App Scam Exposed!

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James Taylor presents himself as a top graduate student from Columbia University who supposedly continues working there with his research team. This is where he lies to Thewallstreetlifestyle.com viewers by stating they’ve been creating stock trade softwares (aka IMAsignals.com) for futures, swaps and options capable of profiting yearly million-dollar incomes. Both The Wall Street Lifestyle and IMA signals app are two separate trading programs combined together for deceiving visitors with false implications of ‘powerful combination’. What’s bothering me (hopefully you too) are conflicting statements where the presentation video states the IMA system was developed in Columbia laboratories, yet the homepage displays “Designed at Harvard Business School”. So which is it?? Are they seriously insinuating Ivy League Universities are now in business of producing binary scam softwares?

Note: For review purposes, checking Harvard & Columbia webpages were more than enough to prove James Taylor was NOT a top alumni. More importantly no current employee fits his description, identity or field of expertise. Proving Mr Taylor is a fictional character concocted by scammers behind TheWallStreetLifeStyle.com and IMA Signals App scam.

Fake “LifeStyle’ Reviews

You’ll find two testimonial recordings by supposed members claiming the Wall Street Lifestyle app has changed their lives in dramatic ways. With full confidence I can state these individuals are paid actors hired by scam-artists for promoting Thewallstreetlifestyle.com and IMAsignals.com combo. The man depicted above stands out the most because we’ve spotted this two-faced liar in multiple scam productions over the years that we’ve lost count on exactly how many. His most recent performances appeared in malicious scams like Gold Trade MicroSystem and 1K Daily Profits,where countless traders suffered severe losses hoping these systems would produce positive outcomes. You can view his acting profile on Fiverr.com where his cheap promotional services cost little as $5. For five bucks, this man will record a falsified scripted testimony about anything you want. No wonder corrupt binary companies favor their services.

Additional Misleading Incentives

The IMA Signals App in combination with TheWallStreetLifestyle.com is displayed as the most “technologically advanced & innovative Forex / Binary signals platform available”. And for over a year, these combined software apps have banked “millions in profits”. Allow me to clarify some factual notes for the record! With a quick reference check from Who.Is, the IMAsignals.com domain is barely 11 months old, and within their short lifespan, the IMA Signals App scam has failed to uphold its advertised expectations. Only negative reviews are resulting from this failed trading application. TheWallStreetLifestyle.com software in reality was recently updated within a week before writing this review.

Of course James Taylor doesn’t want you to know all this. Instead rookie traders are forced to believe using his software can turn your $250 deposit into $1000 in 5 short trades. This risky “strategy” (term used loosely) is a recipe for financial disasters. In order to accomplish this, you’d need to risk your entire investment repeatedly and cross your fingers you don’t lose. But after everything discussed within today’s review, do you want to take that bet? I didn’t think so!

Wall Street Lifestyle Review – Conclusion

Before concluding our review, I’m sure by now readers agree TheWallStreetLifeStyle.com (hosted by IMAsignals.com) is a dangerous trading scam not deserving of any consideration. IMA Signals App is allegedly guaranteed by world’s most reliable “certification center”, but refuses to reveal who they are for us to verify. Nothing found withing this trading software is authentic or legitimate, which supports my final judgement:

Avoid Wall Street Lifestyle Scam!

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Acquiring a lifestyle of financial independence from online investments is possible with binary options, and have been made possible through several auto-trading & signal alerting services utilized by trade community. James’ Wall Street App is not worthy among reputable systems, therefore will join the growing ranks of scams in our blacklist section. Thank you for reading my honest Wall Street Lifestyle Review & update in regards to IMA signals app scam. Your feedback is always welcomed so feel free to comment below.

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