Virtual Income Review: is a Scam!

Virtual Income Scam Review – Danger

Ever stumble across something sounding too good to be true? Well the Virtual Income App definitely falls under such categories offering traders false hopes of cashing in big money. As a new automated binary options trading software, an unidentified spokesperson from invites viewers to become beta-testers for a system claiming can generate up to $10,000 per day automatically and guarantees it. For rookie traders, this seemingly lucrative opportunity may appear exciting at first, but don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the misleading messages and falsified information within Virtual Income Scam. Ive laid out some important facts in this review proving traders should exercise caution and avoid depositing any money with this questionable auto-trader. I’m sure by the time you’ve reached the end of my Virtual Income review, you’ll understand why.

virtual incomeSuspiciously enough, the actor portraying as a representative from Virtual Income Incorporated remains anonymous throughout the entirety of presentation clips. This doesn’t settle well with me while I’m attempting to provide an informative review. Not being able to verify the identification for whoever is behind this scam isn’t surprising because clearly whoever’s really responsible for this awful fraudulent software is hiding to avoid further damaging repercussions. Advertising his trading system as “nearly perfect” or “virtually never loses” are dangerous incentives several beginners tend to fall for. Resulting in disappointing results as customer accounts are depleted by poor signals providers. Keep in mind no software is perfect, where even the best trade apps can sometimes have bad days. Whenever you find a software stating “perfection”, consider that a huge Reg Flag Warning!

Virtual Income Incorporated is a non-existent company fabricated by scammers for introducing worthless trading systems allegedly effective at identifying profitable trades. Look for yourself and find no supportive online search results can verify the existence of Virtual Inc., nor its alleged future scheduled release of IPOs into the New York Stock Exchange. These bogus statements were elaborated for deceiving traders into believing they’re dealing with a reputable establishment.

Visitors are suppose to be shown “audited & verifiable proof” within their videos “confirmed by independently certified auditors”. I’m still waiting to see these income results. Unfortunately additional lies continue piling up by the handfuls as potential day-traders resume examining the entirety of the platform. The following is a summarized scam review containing additional fabrications for luring traders into registering with this Virtual Income scam:

  • Guarantee you’ll receive a minimum $2,500 daily income consistently, systematically, & automatically
  • Master global market investments in Stocks, Forex, and Commodities without experience or knowledge required
  • Highly-guarded proprietary sets of trading mechanisms for executing trades with blazing fast speeds & accuracy
  • Engineers & financial specialist teamed together in creating Virtual Income App which successfully automates analysis of billions of data bytes. Pin-pointing probable positions using unbelievably powerful algorithmic equations.
  • Strategies within Virtual Income App were only accessible by big corporate banks, Hedge Funds, & secretive billionaire investors.  (Total Bullsh*t)

Several other contradicting scam factors saturate this dubious trading software which cannot be ignored. For instance there’s much talk from this unknown scam-artist about investing in stocks or Forex, yet the Virtual App is referred as trading tool for binary options. Binary investments are completely different playing fields in comparison to Forex. A vital detail you’d assume these professionals would understand. Overlooked details will hopefully save traders from considering funding an account with

Busted SCAM Exposed!

virtual income appThe best portion of today’s Virtual Income Review has yet been revealed purposely to save the best for last. At PrestigeBinaryOptions, exposing worthless softwares through detailed reviews have forced me to become familiar with multiple systems and their methods. Fortunately for our readers, we noticed the exact boardroom filmed for the Virtual Income Scam was previously used within a recent dangerous software known as the Amissio Formula (Review). A system that went viral for weeks and cost unexpected newcomers severe loss. Im sure as days progress, other reputable blogs will also expose this fraud app by indicating this detrimental detail, thus proving everything we’ve established in this review. Its safe to assume both scams were developed by the same scammers as they’re equally deceiving by stating they’re both “no loss trading robots”. 

Virtual Income Review – ‘Virtual’ App Conclusion

As we conclude our Virtual Income review, remember to remain cautious and refrain from autotrading systems proclaiming they are “perfect”. With bogus companies, unidentified crooked programmers, conflicting information and extravagantly impossible attributes, recommending the Virtual Income Scam would be ill-advised. Earning an income is easily attained with binary options as thousands of traders around the globe are supplementing household income through online investments. is not considered a reliable solution if you’re interested in applying a signal service for trading assistance.

Final Judgement: Virtual Income is a SCAM! will steal your money & leave you empty-handed.

(Prestige’s Recommendation for Safer Alternative)

copy buffett bannerWe encourage readers to visit our updated Blacklist of avoidable scams and brokers deemed unworthy by trader communities for additional protection from making regrettable financial mistakes. You can expect to see has earned its place among this list too. Subscribe to our newsletters because I’m constantly posting new updates on binary related topics regarding new services & scam review updates so you can stay informed immediately. Thank you for reading my Virtual Income Review.

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  • Marvin Gonzales


    I have been following you now for a few weeks in your YouTube Channel and I enjoy watching your reviews and best practices.

    I wish I had come across your Channel before I lost my initial investment of $250.00 with a non performing Binary Option Robot. Anyhow I have been following your success with CopyBuffet Software and I would like to confirm if you would support that I invest $250.00 or recommend putting a bit more. I would also appreciate if you can send me the settings that you have that in your view will be good starting point for my initial investment.

    I am sure my appreciation of you doing the videos and reviews are shared by the general community.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Marvin,

      Thank you for following my channel and i greatly appreciate your feedback and support! Im still currently using the Buffett software and its still holding steady. You dont need to deposit anymore than the necessary minimum amount. The minimum $250 is more than plenty. Keep you signal strength at 75% so so the software is capable of producing more signals. Stop trading for the day after you’ve lost upto 2 trades to preserve your account. Be sure to turn off the system when done with your trading session. you can also refer to my channel where ive recorded some tips if you need a reference Cheers!

      Visit their Website –


  • Hi Prestige,
    Thanks for your very informative site. WishI had come across it earlier. I’ve been getting a lot of mails from IM recommending the following brokers:,,, and Please will like to know your thoughts regarding them.

    • Hi Eli,
      Out of those brokers you’ve provided, the only reliable broker in that group is 24options because they’re fully regulated. Im surprised trade rush is still around because they are horrible!


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