United Trading Network Review – Trade Like a Pro!

By | February 22, 2017

United Trading Network Review – NO SCAM – NO BS!

United Trading Network is revolutionizing the field of online trading in a manner like not other binary software has ever dont before, not only providing quality features for for Auto & Manual signals, but also extremely easy to use for beginners without trading experience. If binary/forex investments has become and interest you’re curious about, the following review is a detailed listing describing how United Trading Network software can simplify the entire process, making it easier than ever before for profiting through the financial markets. While most reliable programs rely on minimal indicators, UnitedTrading.cc by Professor Anthony Grecko operates on various strategic analysis & strategies for pinpointing winning trades.  Newcoming traders all around are very pleased about its simplicity & versatility, but most importantly how profitable this Scam-Free app has proven to become!

United Trading Network Software Review – Insider Look

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Two Minds is Greater than One” is the ideology incorporated behind United Trading, where traders never trade alone again! A unique platform connecting users around the globe so you can get advice from the best of the best. At Prestige Binary Options, we’re relieved & excited to be apart of something worthwhile and reliable, especially since our main practices involve warning the trading trading community about dangerous scams. However, from this positive development, United Trading Network has accomplished something no other auto bot has ever achieved, yet so simple its surprising no one else had thought of this concept before.

United Trading Network App began as a culminated team effort between a group of students who basically wanted to create the “Facebook” of online trading, building a social trading platform of successful traders, giving power back to the community. Their UTN project manager, Adam Fletcher specializes in Technical Analysis, understood the benefit of Team-work, and recruited 3 other members. Jaleel Bashir is an experience trader of financial assets fundamental analyzer. Matt Kirby is educated in Investment Banking & Commodity trading expert. Lydia Williamson is a statistics & computer programming wiz who developed the trading algorithms incorporating their strategies into on system. In order to market their software for all traders & gain exposure, Adam, Julile, Matt and Lydia Entered a startup business competition at the International Investing & Entrepreneurial Symposium for millennials, winning first prize.

Genius United Trading Network App Methods

Ultimately this United Trading application relies on a combination of professional trading analysis and user sentiment. As we mentioned earlier, the United Trading software is configured to analyze the markets while using multiple indicators and techniques, which is ideal since market conditions are constantly changing in behaviors. Just like Adam and his team put all their minds & skills together for programming their autotrader, United Trading Network focuses on more than one strategy suitable for pinpointing profitable trades.

Ever heard of the terminology Trader Sentiment? If you’ve browsed any brokerage firm platform, most likely you’ve seen it without even realizing. Trader sentiment is the general opinion from investors foreshadowing which direction an asset’s price will move, Up or Down. Believe it or not, these opinions have direct chain effects which contribute to the influence of pushing market movements towards that prediction.

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United Trading Network app applies these exact principles, but more concentrated for analyzing proper trade entries, including optimal exit rates by incorporating several key supporting factors; Mechanical, Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

  • Mechanical Analysis: Based on validating parameters & ratified in comprehensive backtesting of historical market data. In other words, analyzing recorded behavioral histories for calculating upcoming trends. Removing emotional / psychological impact of human error.
  • Technical / Fundamental Analysis: encompassing everything concerning the use of graphs and charting solutions for applying various strategies & indicators from Support & Resistance, Fibonacci, Candle Stick Patterns, Oscillators & Moving Averages.

Referred with a “United” concept, combining multiple forms & strategies improve your chances significantly for accuracy and winning trading positions. Think of it as a team effort, where working together helps  filling the missing gaps other variations or “opinions” might overlook, allowing United Trading Network software to accumulate an average winning ITM rate of 83% accuracy. 

Amazing United Trading Network Features

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The prize money for winning the symposium was re-invested for improving the software, along with adding some helpful features you’ll find quite useful. Keep in mind United Trading Network is primarily an Autotrader, but also provides Semi-Auto trading & Manual signals for catering all types of trader preferences. 

For the first time EVER, users will also be able to vote & record your opinion on potential trades. But its also important to never neglect the basics, which is why the creators have also implemented the following for keeping everything Simple & User-Friendly:

  1. Educational Tools: How-To Tutorial for using the software effectively. Discover little secrets & Avoid any costly mistakes.
  2. Trading Rooms Tab: Conveniently navigate between different trading methods of your choice.
  3. Social Trader: Vote your relevant opinions regarding certain trading positions for the entire Network.
  4. News Tab: Stay updated with current global financial news releases without leaving the social platform.

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United Trading Network App Review – Additional Tips

Final Review Judgement: As a Binary trader for 5 years, any trading system incorporation legitimate strategies used worldwide by investors, its encouraging & refreshing to see these principles applied to such a useful software many traders will enjoy. United Trading Network is NOT a Scam, but a beneficial trading solution everyone can use!

Visit their Official Social Website & Join Today!

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Stay tuned as I too have joined the United Trading Network movement and will be posting future updates along the way through our blog and YouTube Channel. Moving forward, together we’ll be reviewing trading Results, Updates, Tips, and Strategies for using the United Trading app’s many features correctly. If you haven’t already, seize your own copy & start earning impressive results today! I welcome everyone to share their own feedback, concerns or input by commenting below for further discussions. Thank you for reading my conclusive United Trading Network Review. Cheers to your Success!

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