Ultimate4Trading is a SCAM! Honest REVIEW

Ultimate4Trading Scam Review

Ultimate4Trading is a well developed trading scam that’s been infesting the binary industry with its presence for some time. Although Ultimate4Trading by John Cross was released over eight months ago back in 2015, I was not aware of its existence until recent developments with a new relaunch have caught our subscribers attention and beckoned our advise concerning the legitimacy of Ultimate4Trading.net.  Whether or not these relentless crooks failed in their first attempts, they’re back again with heavy email advertisements and various other medial portals to snatch the attention of rookie traders into wasting money with the Ultimate4Trading Scam. Too many reviews are found promoting Ultimate 4 Trading with too few websites exposing the real truth. Today we have revealed the lies embedded behind this scamming software and present it to you in our Ultimate4Trading review.

Important Notice: Many traders have fallen for the Ultimate 4 Trading scam software resulting from misleading tactics. This deplorable ‘auto-trader’ has covered their tracks by purchasing multiple domain names for promoting their garbage and fronting several fake Ultimate4Trading review sites. By simply Googling any key word searches like “ultimate4trading”, “ultimate4trading review”, “ultimate 4 trading”, “ultimate4trading scam”, and so on… , the first few Google pages are flooded with controversial Ultimate4Trading review posts. Don’t believe the following websites endorsing Ultimate 4 Trading Scam: Ultimate4Trading.com / Ultimate-4Trading.com / Ultimate4TradingBlog.com / Ultimate4Trading-System.com / Ultimate4Trading.com.uk / Ultimate4Trading-Scam.com / Forex-Trader-Center.com/Ultimate-4-Trading-Scam / Ultimate4TradingDemo.com     These phony sites and countless more are responsible for losing traders huge amounts of money.

Ultimate4Trading Review – Lies under the Microscope

Its no surprise to see the attraction traders feel toward Ultimate4Trading.net due to its professional appearance and sleek presentation within their homepage. The crooks behind Ultmate4Trading software are named John Cross & Abbey Walker-Jones, who suggest they’ve provided a unique algorithm for improving chances of securing lucrative trades, minimize loss, and maximize binary profits. According to the fairy-tale, John Cross and Abbey Walker-Jones accidentally developed this software as part of a final year uni-project to predict stock market behaviors, before graduation from the University of Birmingham, and were ‘shocked’ at how successful Ultimate 4 Trading turned out. As the lies continue, traders are made to believe the sophistication was perfected over a series of grueling trials, supposedly allowing software capabilities of “analyzing and sorting terabytes of real-time data in nanoseconds for detecting trends”. 

Ultimate4TradingAlthough there’s very little scam notations at first glance, while researching deeper for our Ultimate4Trading scam review mission, no credible evidence pertaining to Ultimate 4 Trading success was ever verified. Their misleading intentions are well concealed with a sense of professionalism. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by theses scammers as we’ve found proof supporting everything about Ultimate4Trading is FAKE!

Ultimate4Trading Scam uses Stolen Photos

Before trusting any advertised service you may encounter, its important to verify its potential by researching reviews from traders who’ve used a specific software in question. Even though Ultimate4Trading scam was first launched months prior, the only input we’ve come across from real traders are those revealing negative results and lost deposits. However that wont stop Ultimate 4 Trading as they must rely on purchased or stolen stock photos to emulate happy members generating substantial earnings using their Ultimate4Trading App. As you browse through the provided links below which proves these photographs were taken from Shutterstock and Dreamstime, ask yourself why these scams felt a need to buy pictures if their application is so amazing? Any reputable company that can perform to its spoken ability would allow results to speak for themselves and not need to divulge into vindictive maneuvers.



Ultimate4TradingUltimate4Trading SCAM is a Smart – Demo Trap!

In addition to falsified content, Ultimate4Trading.net offers a free demonstration of its app which visitors can register first hand before making any deposits. A smart factor no other scam services offer which would probably explain how they manage to stay afloat all this time, continuing to manipulate newcomers into being scammed. We tested their free demo, although convincing, we found a problem many traders might have overlooked. First off, Ultimate4Trading is NOT an auto trader like the vast majority. Instead its a Semi-Auto trading tool where you wait for a signal alert to appear. By selecting their alerted trade through their platform, the trade is synchronized and executed into your brokerage account. We received a signal alert to “BUY or Call” on USD/JPY pair with a 60 second (Turbo) option. But that signal was shown for almost 45 minutes. How can this be accurate?? Either way we decided to place the CALL on their selected pair and the entire 60 second transaction showed we were losing big time! But once it had expired, it somehow became a “winner”. After further investigation, we compare both the signals from Ultimate4Trading and the value on a live charting platform to find the prices were not correlating to each other. Its obvious enough this demo has been created to manipulate traders into thinking the Ultiamate4Trading scam is some “revolutionary” software as they claim when in fact it’s the complete opposite.

PrestigeBinaryOptions YouTube Channel Ultimate4Trading Scam Review – Ultimate 4 Trading Demo SCAM Revealed

Ultimate4Trading Review Conclusion

We hope our synopsis has clarified any questions or doubts with this informative Ultimate4Trading review. The final verdict is unanimous on our end: Avoid the Ultimate4Trading Scam.

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If you can provide us any additional information or personal experience with the Ultimate4Trading App, please share with us by commenting below. Many are still wondering and your feedback will help deter traders from getting involved with this SemiAuto Scam. Whether or not you’re new to binary trading, visit our updated BlackList of dangerous Brokers & AutoTrading services you should avoid on a regular basis for protection. Semi auto tools can be extremely helpful as long as you’re associated with one that’s reliable because it gives the user full control, compared to automated programs that limit your selections. Click the banner below to learn how to join the BEST trading service & community available that’s been around over a year and continues to grow every day. Traders of all levels have learned so much from this group and Im sure you’ll appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for reading our Ultimate4Trading review.

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  • I’ve heard a lot about Ultimate4Trading because many traders are talking about it. I believe there are too many people promoting this software but after your review I think it’s a scam. I tried their free demo account they offer and it does make much sense, yet this is why i believe many traders are falling for the Ultimate4Tarding Scam. Nice work in showing us the truth about Ultimate4Trading ? I was wondering if you can do a video review on your youtube channel as well 🙂

  • After going into this Ultimate 4 Trading in more depth, I realized just how much deep they are in scam. they have bought so many names and domains, which all belong to them so that they dominate all the google pages, and people will just keep thinking that they are good. Very smart, but it hurts when you loose money as I did to Ultimate4Trading before reading the real reviews. See all the complaints boards. Thank you and a few others who had the decency to expose them.

  • I cant believe how scamming these ultimate 4 trading people are. I lost my entire $500 deposit. i was using their demo account and i was winning like all the time but when i opened a real account and deposited my money, i lost all of it in 2 days. These guys suck.
    PrestigeBinaryOptions is one of few websites telling the real truth behind the ultimate4trading scam

  • i have tested it an got out for myself because theyre were many positive review byt this is definitley SCAM. I called my broker for help and they gave me back my little money left in account. I put in 500usd and lost more than 320 so more than half my money. Thanks for warning!


  • 23% the real rate to me. loose 225$

  • Gracias por contarnos de esta estafa. De hecho pensaba invertir, pero me parecía un poco extraño esto, yo de hecho he usado IQoption y es bueno me ha ido bien y he ganado como he perdido, en el tiempo que perdí perdí porque tenía mala net y la compañía nunca me hizo caso y luego de varias peleas y reclamos con la compañía me solucionaron el problema, luego de eso empezó a irme mejor y ganaba más de lo que perdí, pero nuevamente volvió a ocurrir un daño de red y hasta la fecha no lo han solucionado por eso no lo volví a usar. Empecé la primera vez con 20 US y los perdí, pero llegué a 60 esa vez, en la otra vez empecé con 10 us y llegé a 300 y los retiré. Igual no sé si IQoption sea bueno o malo, es solo que al tomarme el tiempo y días a investigar y leer sus políticas no vi problemas o malos comentarios de varias personas. Si me equivoco agradecería la información.

  • Please can you tell everyone of another scam binary trader called Teramusu. The scam trader trades on skype and made a quick profit and then loses it immediately with the deposit.

    thank you

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