TrendTraderApp is a Joke – Total Scam

The new TrendTraderApp is a new app and computer software scheduled to release in just a few days. Let of review together to see what this phony scheme is all about. It claims to be integrated with multiple financial databases throughout the world and has full access to all financial records since 1959. This is yet another another steaming pile of dog crap and PrestigeBianry will be more than happy to wrap up this scam and flush them down the toilet.

The first review that we found on this trend trader was on a website called This site is specifically designed to promote every scam product that comes out. Our attention was later diverted to this so called Johnathan Miller, the CEO of TrendTraderApp since 2010. In the presentation video, Jonathan Miller, or some paid actor in a cheap looking suit, claims to have tried every binary options trading software around and none of them worked. But don’t worry people!!! This Guy has cracked the code for trading the markets!!


The Self-Proclaimed CEO of TrendTrader – Jonathan Miller

This scam artist says that he spent the last 3 years picking up all the top market analysts from Wallstreet and best programmers in the world in order to create the most “powerful” trading bot around. UMM….No im going to call BULLSHIT on that!!!!

Lets do some thinking here people. You mean to tell me that our top binary options market analysts decided to leave WallStreet for a few years to create a robot app that “cracks the code” in trading and makes people thousands of dollars a day?? I wonder how wall street survived without them during those years. They must have brought in a few substitutes to fill in their spots.   COME ON!! There is an old saying in the stock-market world; “there are no friends in wallstreet”.

Hey Jonathan ma' man! Its David Bro!! Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

“Hey Jonathan ma’ man! Its David Bro!!” Im sorry but since when does a guy looking like this speak in this manner. The best part is that when he speaks, he sounds like he reading from a text. Terrible actor!!

As a professional, when we see such claims that a software can operate at 93% minimum accuracy rate, that is a red flag for us. Even the most experienced traders out there can have a tough time maintaining an 80%+ success rate, and that’s really profitable. Another problem we found was there “no risk” claim”. This is a common statement that we hear from many scams and fraud services out there. When you are trading the market, there is Never any guarantee. You can always educate yourself and learn strategies to have the upper hand, but there are always risks. Unfortunately for many others, the risks aren’t derived mainly from the trade itself, but from corrupt scam companies such as TrendTrader.

These claims made by TrendTrader really grind our gears because it is misleading campaigns like these that give binary options trading a bad reputation. Many people fall into these traps, loose money and are left with the impression that the binary option business is corrupt and an overall scam. On the contrary, binary trading is very rewarding if you are led on the right path and educated properly. There are thousands of traders out there who make a lot of money trading binary options the right way. IF you are interested in trading, the most important step is to find a broker that is reputable and reliable. Feel free to look at some of PretigeBinary’s Top Trusted Brokers. You might also want to consider joining a signal service or community full of professional traders from around the world that you can follow. To help you get some ideas check out our Recommended Services and groups.

**If you have tried the TrendTraderApp (or any other Scam), or know someone who has. Please leave a comment below. Let us know your experience with them – Good or Bad.

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