Traders Revenge is a Rotten SCAM – Critical Software Review!

Traders Revenge Review (Must Read Scam Alert)

Traders Revenge disguises itself as a safe-haven for victims of fraudulent activities, but rest assured this automated trading software is just another Scam on its own which must be destroyed. In this review, together well discuss concrete specifics proving why this trading application is not to be underestimated since it’s equally manipulative as most scams we’re constantly battling against. After checking out by Ryan Jackson for myself, the evidence was clear as these how misleading and ridiculously fraud this entire production was orchestrated. For those just entering the industry, we understand not all scamming qualities are laid out black and white. Therefore within the following Trader Revenge review, Ive taken the liberty in highlighting some critical aspects Ive encountered for giving readers a better understanding regarding the lack of legitimacy in this online scheme.

Traders Revenge Software Review – Lousy Trading SCAM Unveiled

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The entirety of Traders Revenge scam is one giant Fiverr production (ill explain what i mean) by deceiving traders into believing this autotrading source is the solution for beating online scams. Ryan Jackson explains how the whole systems is rigged for newcomers to lose or barely generate a single profit. Yet somehow he and his “partner” have supposedly “cracked the code” by hacking trading algorithms, forcing competitors to lose while allowing member gain access to exclusive winning trades. Described as a “super-sophisticated binary options software” fighting back against losing robots. Furthermore visitors are offered an opportunity to use the same program Mr Jackson has used to accumulate millions within 2 years, staring with upto $26,000 your first month. Sadly the foundation of this system is based on fabricated lies, where there are disturbing facts everyone must know regarding the alleged developers.

Ryan briefly explains his past employment working as a store manager for Starbucks, struggling to make ends meet until his life changed when meeting a Russian programmer who helped created this Traders Revenge software app. However this imposter is famously known as Sean (aka ‘simplysoccerpro’) from, with a solid reputation for promoting recent scam applications throughout the industry like Fintech LTD, Cobalt Code, & Make Money Robot. All dangerous frauds currently costing traders severe losses. The list of scamming systems stretches long enough, to the point I’m getting tired of seeing this young man on a regular basis. But then again his appearance alone makes it that much easier in spotting a probable threat. This paid performer is quite frankly one of the biggest supporting advocates for the exact scams Traders Revenge Software is apparently “protecting” us from. traders revenge software

During these months, hes forged separate identities while claiming of banking hundreds of thousands, or even millions with various promotional gigs, yet in this case, his stories are contradicting as he pretends to be a victim. He is NOT a binary trader nor developer of any trading software. Simply a hired actor paid by the real crooks responsible for creating this misguided auto-trader. 

Additional Traders Revenge Scam Tricks

Being dishonest in regards to development teams is a disgusting quality exercised by any corrupt system. Hiding beneath falsified identities gives us an idea what measures these scammers will take for appearing legitimate. Such findings should make any curious investor rethink their next move, by asking what other aspects are they lying to viewers about. As for Ryan’s proposed Russian partner who helped him ‘tweak and perfect’ their final stages, yet again were faced with fictitious profiles for individuals who dont exist. Truth be told the image depicted as “Vladimir” was stolen a Facebook profile belonging to “John Razmus”, Tech Officer of a company called Smart Member LLC. I’m sure John wouldn’t appreciate his photo being exploited for false advertisements within a trading software constructed to lose client’s funds.

Originating Profile –

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Still feeling comfortable in registering with Traders Revenge software? I would think so, especially after everything we’ve discussed entailing how ridiculous this app truly is. Hopefully our review has brought forth some impeccable factors to your attention and prevented you from wasting money with a money-losing trap. Despite what rookie investors are told from their introductory videos, is your typical “loophole” with overused scamming traits from “guaranteed” notions of banking thousands each day, limited availability indicators for added persuasion in depositing quickly, and lets not forget famous scam-artists. 

Traders Revenge Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid the Traders Revenge Scam App at all costs! If you received an “invitation”, do yourself a favor by ignoring or discarding their pathetic attempts in joining their busted software.

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  • Agreed- This is a scam and I regret putting US$300 in it. Almost lost is all.
    The positions disappear randomly – I had 5 trades which I couldnt track

    • Hello Taf,

      thank you for sharing youre experience. This scam is going viral because of its mixed messages and sleazy marketing. Unfortunately man other traders are falling for this but hopefully more traders will read this traders revenge review before wasting their money.

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