TradeNet Review – Beginners Learn to Trade like Pros!

By | August 18, 2017

TradeNet has been making a positive impact throughout the trading industry for quite some time. Providing beginner traders with fast, simple & easy-to-follow courses which you can attend. Tradenet teaches ordinary people without any knowledge about trading how to invest independently and make profits from home. offers several key benefits where you can learn from a professional trader like Meir Barak. And the best part is you can actually mirror (copy his moves) to make money online.

So, do you want to learn how to trade stocks? Looking for a REAL & Legitimate way to make money from home? Tradenet is a great option to practice & learn these skills. You’ll be guided by the man himself, Meir Barak, and hell teach you his methods. Plus you can follow his moves and copy his strategies. 

Don’t have any money to start? Thats okay, Tradenet offers funded account programs you can use. More details down below in the following Tradenet review!

TradeNet Review – Where Rookies Learn & Trade like Pros!


Allow me to be real for a moment. Trading is not for everyone. Most people just think about it and automatically think its too hard or impossible to learn. But just like anything else in this world, it all starts from learning from the beginning. The basics. That is what Tradenet specializes in!

If you’re familiar with our Prestige Binary Options blog and YT Channel, you’re aware the amount of garbage programs and services proven to be scams. Fraudulent softwares and/or gurus scamming innocent traders who’re simply eager to just learn & make money.

But TradeNet by Meir isn’t some crappy “become a millionaire” type system we hate. Its more, much more than that. Tradenet is very straight forward, honest and legit. A trading program where members can learn the bare minimum basics, attend 1 on 1 community webinars, copy live trading positions, and learn from the best.

Education is key to any success (along with determination), but sadly there aren’t too many options available. Most of these teaching courses are either a scam or simply to expensive to join.

So whats to great about TradeNet? What separates TradeNet from all other systems out there? Good Question!

Who is Meir Barak from TradeNet?

Lets be honest, Cheap actors & schemers are everywhere trying to steal your hard earned money. Is Meir Barak another scammer? Absolutely not! Thats the exciting part about TradeNet, it’s run & operated by a real time professional who’s willing to teach you everting & guide you.

Meir Barak has been stock trading for the past 17 years and has made it a lucrative venture for himself. He trades only 1 hour or 2 per day and that’s it. But the best part is he doesn’t trade alone. He trades with people from all around the world and teaches beginner traders to become successful independent traders.

Yes, Meir Barak is a real person. (I know this is shocking because we’re constantly fighting with phony scams and fake actors.) Meir also has his own active & Live YouTube channel with 24K Followers & growing everyday.

His channel alone contains hundreds of public videos, tutorials, lessons, live streaming events, webinars for TradeNet Members, and many more uploads for tips on making hundreds or thousands in profits per day!

He’ also written a book called “The Market Whisperer”. As you can see, his credentials are verified, his success can be followed, and YES you can learn from him, copy his moves and MAKE MONEY from home!

TradeNet Benefits

I wasn’t joking when I said Tradenet offers mentorships, day-trading courses, and even 1 on 1 interactions with members even the man himself, Mr Barak.

Don’t forget, every single professional began exactly where you are right now; from the Beginning. When traders join Tradenet, you gain access to Meir’s 5 Day Trading Course where you learn important basics and principles.

The following step is applying what you’ve learned into practice. At the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”. Once you complete the 5 Day Course, you’re free to attend Live webinars where TradeNet users join within a trading room (along with Mr Barak) and apply what you’ve learned, practice your skills, and yes make money from home copying and following Meir’s own trades.

TradeNet is available for most countries around the globe. So when you attend their webinars & trading rooms, you trading alongside other day-traders worldwide, learning from the master.

No Money? TradeNet Funded Accounts Program

Of course, with any type of trading or investment ventures, you have to start with capital (money). Otherwise, how else will make money, right?

But Meir Barak and Tradenet completely understand not everyone can afford spending the little money they may have. Therefore, TradeNet also gives out funded accounts for you start with. provides “Funded Account Programs”, where investment firms will gladly provide you with starting capital for you to trade. (NO this is NOT one of those awful bonus packages you hear from shady brokers).

Positive TradeNet Reviews

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! And TradeNet certainly paves the way for beginners and rookie investors to step up to the next level. Learn & Evolve into successfully independent traders.

Another amazing feature about TradeNet is the fact this can all be done from Home! If you have a busy schedule, have another job, a parent with 1 or more kids, thats okay. Most TradeNet members only trade an average of 1-3 hours per day. Which is more than plenty to profit & bring in extra money full or part time.

Barak’s success and credentials speak for themselves. No only that, TradeNet Reviews from actual members and traders benefiting from his services and daily teachings is evident throughout his Channel. Over 24,000 members and more love his work.

Better yet, their positive feedback can be found everywhere through comments on his videos and the entire website. See why thousands of traders world wide are loving TradeNet.

TradeNet Review – Summary & Additional Tips

Final Review Verdict: Is Tradenet another lousy Scam? Absolutely not! is a transparent learning program and legitimate trading community available for anyone who wants to learn a new skill and improve their own lives. Click the banner below, learn more information & make money from your own home today!

Thank you for reading hour updated & transparent TradeNet Review. We’re very happy to finally review something or worth. A safe and reliable opportunity I can happily say many traders can benefit from and learn.

Have any experiences with TradeNet? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below with any feedback, input or questions you might have. Cheers to your Success!

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2 thoughts on “TradeNet Review – Beginners Learn to Trade like Pros!

  1. Kendrick

    Its great to see educating resources for us newbies. I think its important for all us.
    Thank you PBO for exposing scams and showing us great programs like Tradenet.

  2. Chris S

    Great review guys!

    I like the fact theres a program here that actually teaches people how to do things.
    Most trading systems out there don’t teach you anything and leave you alone to figure it out without help. But Tradenet is much better if you want to learn and become more independent.

    Cheers Prestige


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