Trade Tracker Pro is a SCAM! Exposing Review

Attention traders! Trade Tracker Pro is a poor trading Scam with many misleading features. In today’s short review, well discuss various scamming attributes we found during our investigation, alerting why everyone should refrain from making any deposits. Just by judging their website on appearances alone, by Josh Foreman doesn’t offer much information. Evidently this newly developed auto-trader was constructed for targeting rookie traders as Derek Stone conveys several deceptive features to lure day-traders into registering with the Trade Tracker Pro scam. Information within their presentation videos suggests traders will bank loads of money on complete autopilot using complex coding algorithms which analyze market trades for binary options. Furthermore we’re told this exact software is currently used by Wall Street stock investors, which is absolutely ridiculous and false. 

On the contrary, while conducting our Trade Tracker Pro review, Josh Foreman and his app is simply a turn-key profiting scam with capabilities towards totally depleting your funded account. Leaving hopeful traders disappointed and empty-handed. As you browse through our informative review, Ive provided distinctive clues hidden within this questionable trading software these crooked developers don’t want you to know.

Trade Tracker Pro Review: Informative SCAM Exposure

trade tracker proFor a brief few seconds, the alleged CEO and Producer Josh Foreman introduces himself to further implicate is software is your ticket to financial freedom. We searched for any verifiable proof regarding Josh Foreman and his involvements in binary options or corporate positions through online search engines, but came up with zero matches. Not even a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profile could match his identity and visual face, concluding the man depicted as supposed creator of Trade Tracker Pro scam is a paid actor. The same can also be said about Derek Stone. A small detail, but keep in mind nowadays people and corporations are all connected through social media in some manner. Not finding any conclusive profiles for someone claiming to created an automated binary software capable of generating five figures every week is extremely suspicious. Anyone completing such accomplishments would be well-known in this industry.

Scamming Agendas Revealed

If you carefully pay attention, you’ll find numerous Scamming Attributes & Lies which can help distinguish a scam software without finding out at your own expense:

  • Viewers are “guaranteed” (term widely used by scams) a “Risk Free” trading experience with the Trade Tracker Pro app by processing millions of trades and configuring only the most profitable investments. They literally tell you “Losing money is seriously impossible” with Josh’s App. A wonderful fairy-tale we’d all wish could be true, but in reality online investments always come with risks. There are plenty of Reliable Trading Services suited for maximizing potential and minimizing loss. However is NOT considered among them. Whenever you encounter binary programs claiming to be “perfect”, consider it a Warning!
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantees are additionally implied for proposing this questionable scam software of being a safe solution. Convoluted lies state within your first sixty days, traders who are unsatisfied by not receiving the advertised twenty thousand weekly income are subject to a full refund for their investment. NOTE: There’s no such thing as a refund for your losses! Many scam softwares we review offer similar misguided incentives to suck you in. Truth be told, once you’ve lost a trade, brokers do NOT extend any refunds. Simply put, Trade Tracker Pro app is full of crap!
  • Pushy tactics are commonly indicated throughout corrupt websites insinuating newcomers register quickly before certain countdowns have expired. proclaims limited availability of 300 spots are allowed to limit saturation in order to preserve performance levels. Dependence on how many people using a specific software have nothing to do with a software’s abilities for accurately scanning economic markets. Scammers simply encourage newbies to deposit fast before realizing there getting scammed by bogus applications.

Trade Tracker Pro Review – Final Words

Before concluding this review, I’d like to add I submitted numerous emails addresses to enter their members/registration pages in hopes to find anymore damaging incentives. Unfortunately nothing but error messages kept popping up after submitting each email, preventing me from moving further. Clearly there are some issues with platform, proving its not as sophisticated as advertised. Hopefully by now readers can agree with us we’re dealing with a poorly developed money-making scheme.

Verdict: Stay Clear from Josh Foreman’s Trade Tracker Pro Scam! A busted software we don’t recommend for testing!

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