Thousand Dollar Days is a SCAM – Exposed Review!

By | February 25, 2016

This is an important review informing about a damaging binary scam known as Thousand Dollar Days. David Sampson, creator of, is causing havoc among novice traders by luring them into depositing with his bogus trading software combined with fabricated gestures of economic independence. You can forget about making a thousand in revenues each day as we have found evidence describing everything about this app is guaranteed fake! Unfortunately there have been a series of reported traders who’ve fallen for this Thousand Dollar Days scam, and lost most or all invested funds. There are a few misleading reviews scattered around promoting David’s faulty program, but rest assured they’re not to be trusted. and several other reputable blogs have gathered together to expose these crooks. Read our unbiased Thousand Dollar Days review in order to save yourself from being scammed.

Food for Thought: Take a look at their website and ask yourself, “wouldn’t a software that could generate thousands everyday possibly afford a more professional looking page?” Their platform looks too childish to be take seriously. The mere fact they “guarantee” (term widely used by scam softwares) you’ll profit without fail is NOT a good sign. Tread carefully and fully examine our scam review. Full Review – SCAM Exposure

Lest begin with the exaggerated claims viewers are told while watching their introduction videos. According to their narrative theory, ThousandDollarDays app is unlike other binary trading systems we’re accustom for reviewing. Rather than being equipped with some glorified algorithm for executing profitable trades, supposedly newcomers registering with will obtain a broker connected to a “master account”. Binary trades are allegedly done by a team consisting of 25 professionals, where their transactions are replicated directly onto your brokerage account. But here’s why we at Prestige DON’T entrust Mr Sampson with our money.

David Sampson is the self-proclaimed “head investor” & co-founder of Thousand Dollar Days scam, assuring rookies his fraudulent application is supported by “professionally & regulation licensed” experts “guaranteeing” a minimum $30,000 income per month. You’ll find his brief profile in the members area after submitting your name and email details.

Plagiarized Proof

thousand dollar daysWhile thoroughly conducting our Thousand Dollar Days review, we found the photo depicted as David Sampson from Bristol UK actually belongs to a famous Lithuanian businessman named Gediminas Ziemelis. Ive provided a Wikipedia Link above so you can verify for yourself. This strong piece of evidenced completely overthrows all allegations regarding any promises within By verifying their developer was falsely fabricated proves nothing within the bogus trading app is deemed trustworthy. I don’t believe Mr Ziemelis would appreciate his picture being exploited by scamming programs costing traders sever losses.

Questionable Partnerships

Visitors are deceived with bogus stories how Thousand Dollar Day is a “regulated” establishment invented during a Financial Investors Convention & Exhibition in Hong Kong during the recession 8 years ago. However their recorded testimonials within their introductory videos showed screenshots of specific unregulated brokerage firms like VX Market and 500 Option. Both holding terrible reputations as they have consistently cheated numerous clients from their withdrawals in the past. They have also been associate with similarly dangerous trading scams which can be found within our Black List. We’ve already established earlier within this Thousand Dollar Days scam review they clearly have zero shame in exploiting someone’s profile for their own selfish gains. Therefore its no surprise these frauds are associated with equally crooked partners for profiting from your losses. 

Another falsified piece of information we found was their statement indicating David Sampson and his worthless ThousandDollarDays App has been in business for five years running. In reality, we concluded through Who.Is the domain was only created at the commencement of this month. Surprise Ladies and Gentlemen! This trading software is filled with Liars and Deceptions!

Thousand Dollar Days Review – Conclusion

There’s not much else to discuss regarding its legitimacy. Our goal today is to deter traders from depositing money with such a deplorable trading solution as, and hope our provided summary has convinced you to agree. Our final review verdict has been solidified: Avoid the Thousand Dollar Days SCAM! It will totally deplete your funds!

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Copy Buffett SoftwareNew to binary options? Generating thousands of dollar amounts is possible with days practicing & diligence. We recommend you open a free demo account whenever you’re testing out new autotrading tools, signals services or strategies. Demos are risk-free without any hidden deposits required. Be sure to visit our daily updated BlackList Section of avoidable scam apps and brokers to protect yourself from future aggravation. Thank you for reading our honest Thousand Dollar Days review warning. Any feedback is always appreciated by commenting below.

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