Trading Compass is a SCAM! Sir William Bot software Review

You will not find our article remotely promoting the new Trading Compass System, we’re hear clarify for the record it is indeed another binary options SCAM! The following is a thorough Assessment containing evidence supporting our initial judgement on this faulty automated trader. The Trading Compass , aka Sir William Bot, is set to be released within a few days and our goal here is to inform our readers and understand solidified facts before depositing their money with these scams.

“Sir William” is a self-proclaimed highly sophisticated mathematical algorithm within the Trading Compass Software. The crooks behind SirWilliamBot.Info collect their profits from the losses of others by encouraging its viewers to what John Burley (the video narrator) has identified as “Compound Interest” for “improved performance”. In other words, the more trades and fundsΒ  invested, the more profits the Trading Compass System generates. The Sir William Bot, created by Colin (no Sir-Name), was produced with the intent of appearing as a legitimate trading software, when in fact its just as useless as its identical Millionaire Shield Scam. The Millionaire Shield (Review) is a recent fraudulent platform containing similarities with its twin, SirWillaimBot software. But enough with the speculations and lets examine the FACTS.

trading compassWe could begin with the sporadic “Spots Left” Widget indicator which is used as a psychological tool in order to persuade newcoming spectators into joining the bogus Trading Compass. Available spots starting from 9, then drop down to 3, then spike up to 23 spots?! Maybe its traders who are signing-up with SirWilliamBot.Info who are quickly backing-out because the system sucks! πŸ™‚Β  Or the annoying “create a free account” pop-up appearing every few seconds. But our favorite is identifying the origins of fabricated reviews and photos like the ones provided in the Trading Compass Testimonials. Our history of exposing falsified identities from money-making schemes for their own deceitful gains has aided us in debunking many binary trading scams.

Scrolling through the Trading Compass Platform, there aren’t any videos from actors endorsing this phony AutoTrader. Paid actors/actresses are commonly utilized, but in this case, you’ll find a variety of photographic “verified success stories”. One in particular was Chang Teng from Hong Kong who was “blown away” by Sir William Bot’s successful performance. Unfortunately for the deceitful developers, Chang Teng’s photograph was downloaded from, his testimony isn’t from a real or ‘verified’ TradingCompass user, which implies his success story is VOID.Β 

Trading Compass SCAM Evidence:Β trading compass 1As we compared earlier, both Trading Compass and Millionaire Shield are similarly operated. They are one of the top, well-designed investing platforms we’ve come across. With its alluring appearance and captivating glamour, we’re positive their campaigns are targeted on newbies within the binary option industry. We hope this review will reach our readers in time before making a drastic decision. Regardless of its flashy presentation, its integrity doesn’t mean its a legitimate solution. Ask yourself why a company would need to falsify an identity of an individual if its performance in generating significant profits is true as they claim. Reliable trading programs allow their results to speak for themselves without deception.

Our Conclusion on Sir William Bot is obvious: Trading Compass is a SCAM!

Trading Binary Options is an exciting & lucrative industry providing massive opportunities for all experience levels in educating and making huge amounts of money through online investing, but must be taken seriously. Learn by joining a Respectable Trading Community and remember to practice with a Free Demo Broker Account first. Thank you for reading our Trading Compass Review!


  • Thank you for your review. There is one less scam in binary options market.

  • Thank you for doing a review on these guys. To be honest I wasn’t sure about them as I am really new to the industry. Really happy I came across your blog!

  • Thank you for letting us know! I havent seen the Millionaire Shield Scam yet but when i was on the trading compass site (, every time you try to leave theres a message that pops up. SO Annoying! i just left the site because i couldnt stand it

    thank you prestige!

  • Wow you guys were right! i just read you Millionaire Shield Review and now the Trading Compass. Both of them looked really interesting at because their platforms alone look professional. Most systems only have a dumb video and a place to put you name and email which is rather sketchy.
    But now i understand they are not to be trusted PrestigeBinary, you guys did a good job

  • You really make it seem so easy with your presentation to figure out the difference between a scam or reliable trading software. Im new to binary options so there are many programs out there that look legit but im realizing most are pretty much useless. Im glad you PrestigeBinaryOptions is around to help people like me understand the difference
    I’ll try to get the hang of it! πŸ™‚

    • Thank Jude, believe me its not always easy. Sometime the Fake trading softwares like The Trading Compass can prove more difficult at times without the commonly used scamming features found on other sites. Some actually work really hard in hiding the lies within their system and place its appearance of a legitimate trading program. But as you can see, Trading Compass is a SCAM

  • The Trading Compass scam will soon bite the Dust Great Review PrestigeBinary!

  • Clearly thier objective is to promise you abundant wealth and steal you money. What about World WIde Domination? Its a new Binary Options Trading APplication. any news on them??

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