The Referral Project is a SCAM: Honest REVIEW on Broken Software!

By | April 30, 2016

Read our review and don’t waste your money! The Referral Project is a faceless trading Scam directing a whole new avenue for scamming traders which must be stopped. Usually the majority of worthless binary systems we expose in our reviews are cut-and-dry “autotraders” enticing newcomers with false hopes and empty promises. However by Evan Baker is essentially another automated scam app combined with a referral program for capturing numerous victims. Judging by the masses of emailing inquiries we’re currently receiving from curious traders, apparently the Referral Project scam is a viral software heavily pushed by sleazy marketers.

For the most part, could easily be identified as a blown-out fraud. But it’s completely understandable for newcomers unaware of misguided tactics to confuse this trading application as legitimate. Pay close attention as we’ll discuss specific variables through the following review, in efforts to prevent traders from wasting funds with a questionable “project”.

The Referral Project Review: Ridiculous Trading SCAM Revealed!

the referral project

Both negative and positive results make or break the integrity of any binary service. But don’t be fooled by the Referral Project software fake performances. Upon entering the member’s area within website, a designated section of supposed “live trades” resulted by current users are displayed. To their dismay, after browsing through their records, I noticed interesting dates on numerous pages falling on weekends when financial markets are closed. So how is this possible?? Truth be told, all economic activities and global market movements are halted on Saturday and Sunday, preventing binary trading from happening until the upcoming week. Thereby establishing these trade “updates” were intentionally fabricated in giving false impressions of successful transactions.

Why is Evan Baker lying to us? Who is this imposter spreading his harmful software to newcoming traders? While conducting our Referral Project review, no concrete information supporting anyone named “Evan Baker” within the industry could be identified. Zero profiles or professional resumes on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter neither solidify his existence. Highly suspicious considering everything is tied together through quick online searches. Especially for someone who’s allegedly claiming responsibility for developing a trading app capable of generating six figures every month completely automatimated. Wouldn’t anyone with such achievements be world-renowned and widely popular within the binary niche? Plus the fact Evan never discloses facial recognition nor verifiable evidence concerning past credentials doesn’t settle well with me. Mr Baker is a shameful scam-artist hiding behind a bogus alias for avoiding the costly repercussions while profiting from rookie losses with his Referral Project scam. Listen carefully and you’ll notice the narrated introductory videos sound synthetic without human touch.

Cliche Scam Tricks

Under its influence, lies are piled sky high throughout platform, masking their true intentions from public eyes. For instance, banners displaying several undeserving honorary “awards” like Premium Supportive Team, Secured Trading, or 100% Guaranteed Profits serve as big red-flags. “Guarantees” are overused terms exploited countless times by scammers & faulty programs, producing a false sense of authenticity and recognition. Even statements referencing the Referral Project trading app has been servicing traders since last year are contradicting, since a background check from Who.Is proves this system was only launched few weeks prior to writing our review. 

the referral project review

Of course all this incriminating evidence stacked against is sensitive to their reputations, in which crooked creators do not want leaked to potential clients. Therefore familiar timers counting down as well as indicators showing how many spots are available are implemented to ensure a sense of urgency. Basically a scamming tactic to push newbie investors into investing funds into dangerous applications before realizing they’re getting scammed.

Before concluding today’s Referral Project Scam Review, hopefully readers will agree how ridiculous and potentially risky this software is. Honestly not all the detrimental traps were discussed, but I’m sure you’re understanding the whole picture. Additional bonus offers are implicated to newly registered traders upto one thousand dollars, complicating a serious situation even worse. The combination of bonus proposals and scams are twisted together for securing stolen profits. In other words, accepting bonuses from brokers partnered with phony trading apps is the worst decision, restricting access to withdrawals until strict requirements are completed.

The Referral Project Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Assessment Review – Avoid the corrupt Referral Project Scam! Any “invitations” for joining must be deleted or disregarded. Following the standards of all scams we’re constantly debunking!


For a Safer Alternative, visit Prestige’s review on Neo2 Squared App containing personal first-hand results and favored by everyday traders all around.

Remember not all trading services are created equally. While most are deemed unworthy for trader use and cased into our Blacklist, others were actually developed for improving harnessed skills. However, the Referral Project software is not among them. For protection and practice, open a free demo account whenever trying out trading systems or strategies until you’re ready to move forward by risking your funds. Be sure to share our Referral Project review to prevent future customers from falling victim and leave us your feedback regarding by commenting below.

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