The Money Glitch Review – Dangerous Trading SCAM Exposed!

The Money Glitch is a lousy trading Scam no trader should ever trust with their money, and Im here to expose this fraudulent app to the fullest extent. Banking thousands of dollars within minor minutes sounds appealing to everyone, but rest assured its not happening with this particular “glitch”. by David Matthews is exactly the type of autotrader created for targeting rookie traders with unrealistic earnings and broken promises. The amount of scamming qualities we found during our investigation saturate their platform which simply cannot be ignored. If there’s a slight chance you’re hoping Money Glitch Scam could pass as a legitimate auto-pilot solution, read our review to understand the truth before funding an account with this money-stealing scheme.

Before we begin, here’s something every trader should know! Upon entering, the overall website appearance module is exactly identical to two previous trading scams we debunked a few months ago. MockingBird Method was the first installment, followed by Zulander Hack, both reeked havoc among day-traders with faulty performances and failure to deliver their advertised results. Similar layouts cause suspicions implying all three systems were developed by the same scammers. Continue examining our Money Glitch review holding incriminating evidence! 

The Money Glitch Scam Review – Losing Automated Software!

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Their presentation videos are presented by an attractive woman named “Selena Fairbrother”, however the alleged mastermind & founder of is “David Matthews”. Oddly enough David never reveals himself live to visitors, except for a screenshot photograph, amplifying my initial feelings that something’s not right here. What is he hiding from?? The reality is Mr Matthew’s depicted picture is a stock-photo used in various other sites unrelated to binary options, applied by crooked creators for advertising the Money Glitch scam app. Verifying its supposed CEO is non-existing already disavows all hopes of authenticity this software attempted to gain. If traders are being lied about the origins of Money Glitch app, makes you wonder what else they’re lying about, right??

Origin of Stolen Image

The amount of fake incentives and scam characteristics Ive identified for this Money Glitch review are unbelievable! Whenever encountering any automatic trading application promising great amounts of wealth, its necessary to apply a little common sense. The developers themselves are completely aware their trading software is utterly worthless, therefore certain deceptive measures are embedded for captivating newcomers. The following list are common misleading maneuvers most fraudulent applications adopt for added persuasion. Although their tactics are overused by phony gimmicks, the amount of damage they’ve caused for rookie investors is sadly disturbing.

  • Only 20 free licenses available in your designated country. In reality the Glitch scam software is being advertised worldwide. A desperate attempt for posing as a localized opportunity forcing potential traders into believing they’ve been “chosen” for beta-testing this ‘sophisticated’ software.
  • Scarcity Counters are too cliche, in this case insinuating 2 memberships left are implemented to persuade newbies into depositing money quickly before realizing they’re getting scammed. Interesting no matter how many times you visit, these numbers never change.

money glitch review

Fake ‘Glitch’ Reviews!

So far nothing within this corrupt auto-trader is classified authentic nor trustworthy. Remember the older man (displayed top) claiming every online system he’s tried failed him, until he came across the Money Glitch App? Quite honestly I grow tired of seeing this person’s face because we’ve lost count regarding the amount of bogus scams he’s promoted in recent past, stretching far back over a year. Always portraying himself with multiple names & backgrounds, proving his testimonials aren’t real. His services are purchased from the notorious Fiverr marketplace for a little as $20. That’s right ladies & gentlemen! For twenty bucks worth of lies, scam-artists are able to profit hundred of thousands in undeserved profits at the expense of trader losses.

View his Active Acting Profile hosted here

Hopefully at this point of today’s Money Glitch Review, readers are becoming aware how dangerous and unethical this trading system really is. Ridiculous statements such as “exploiting legal controversial glitches” for manipulating financial markets are false attributes that don’t exist. The mere fact a hefty $50,000 price tag will be attached to future memberships after the beta phase is completed is without a doubt a pathetic lie concocted by sleazy marketers. Who in their right state of mind would pay five figures for a losing scam? Apparently has never lost a single trade in 78 weeks, yet history has taught many useful lessons. More specifically all trading programs boasting about perfection have failed to deliver profitable outcomes for their clients, thereby losing credibility by being harmful scams.

The Money Glitch Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Verdict – Avoid the Money Glitch Scam system & don’t believe the conniving words from Selena Fairbrother! Do yourself a favor by ignoring all “special invitations” derived from

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Deciding which correct direction to take wihtin the binary options industry can sometimes be overwhelming for newcoming traders unaware of the underground garbage. A great way for figuring out which services are harmful is by visiting our daily updated Blacklist containing numerous autotraders & brokers deemed unsafe for traders around. Each attached to their own review for supportive evidence. As a friendly recommendation, opening a free demo account is very useful whenever testing out new softwares or strategies until you’re prepared to invest your own funds. In efforts to spread awareness & prevention of future victims, I encourage everyone to share our review wherever you wish. Thank you for taking time in reading our informative Money Glitch Review post. Feel free to comment below with any feedback or experiences you have.

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