The MockingBird Method Review – Another SCAM Software!

The MockingBird Method Scam Review

The MockingBird Method is among many online trading softwares guaranteeing a fast, money generating fantasy for binary option traders. We advise everyone to read our MockingBird Method Review before making a regrettable mistake in registering with this auto-trading program. Throughout our investigation of, we uncovered many questionable scamming traits within their parameters which raise many questions and doubts concerning their integrity and authenticity. Continue to review the evidence we’ve revealed which moves us to believe the MockingBird Method Software is a Scam.

What claims to offer:

Steven Wilson and his U.K. business partner Daniel Marland will force you to believe their MockingBird Method System is a ‘proprietary’ automated trading system that exploits a secret ‘gap’ in a $3.1 trillion financial market. Their narrative already sounds like many previous binary scams we’ve reviewed proclaiming to find secret loopholes, improved algorithms, and formulas for making big money with online investments. Anyway, Daniel continues by explaining how the MockingBird Method trading software has successfully performed at a 92% success rate over 8,791 trades and will easily make its members $1034 every 7 minutes, every day. But before you get excited and imagine the possibilities in using the Mocking Bird Method software, the probability of actually reaching such large sums of money within seconds by using their bogus auto-trader is remotely ZERO. Lets examine the proof which incriminates the MockingBird Method System of being another fraudulent money-making scheme.

↓Proof of MockingBird Method Trader being Fake↓

Minutes into watching the Mocking Bird Method review video on their website, we immediately recognized a well-known Fiverr actor favored by many deceptive trading services like the First Class Profits App (Review) and countless others. The developers behind these get-rich-quick gimmicks like the MockingBird Method Scam utilize these actors for displaying scripted testimonies in order to promote their worthless trading systems in hopes of attracting traders into making a financial mistake. Because the creators of are fully aware of their auto trading production’s inability to achieve any profitable results, they must resort to misleading and unethical measures in hopes of brainwashing the public with lavishing dreams of financial freedom. If you scroll down their MockingBird Method platform below the registration area, you’ll find a “Newest Members Area” filled with fake customer experiences testifying how their lives have changed. With a quick Google search, we even found all six of the member’s pictures with word-for-word plagiarized texts on a different webpage called  which evidently seems to be unmanaged and abandoned. This is a clear indication that everything in is fabricated to look authentic but in reality there’s nothing but lies. 

dAccording to a WhoIs.Net lookup, MockingBirdMethod’s domain has only been around for 2 months but Steven Wilson insists this will be their third time releasing their software for beta-testing in the past year. In addition, Daniel Marland attempts to persuade traders to “act now” in signing up for free before jacking up the price to $1000 per license. We assure this is all misleading marketing tactics to look as if the crooks behind the MockingBird Method Software are doing you a favor by offering you an exclusive chance for financial independence at no cost. Steven and Daniel give us their “cast-iron guarantee”of achieving vast economical advances in their MockingBird Method Review. An interesting choice of words considering cast iron is a blended combination of fragmented metals and is known to be very weak.

Verdict: The Mocking Bird Method is a SCAM!

Daniel Marland and Steven Wilson do not offer a legitimate trading application and furthermore we couldn’t even find any persons with their given names in the binary option industry. With falsified identities and fake customer feedback, there’s no doubt left of this automatic trading software being 100% worthless and will be added among the ranks of harmful scams in our Blacklist.

If you’re new to binary option trading, familiarize yourself with our BlackLists of frauds to protect yourself and your money from thieving traps. Investing with Binary Options is a quick way make substantial amounts of money but its important you join Reputable Trading Services with a solid reputation. Using a Free Broker Demo Account is suggested when starting a new strategy or service. Thank you for reading our MockingBird Method review.

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  • Very good job Prestige Binary Options. The MockingBird Method is definitely another scam. I love how you guys pointed out their emblem of a bird on fire looking like the Mocking Jay movie.
    Great points and you pointed very nice job!

  • Really great review on the mockingbird method. Some funny points made as well! Thanks, I won’t be signing up to this now 🙂

    MockingBird Method Scam is absolutely worthless!

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