The Millionaires Club is a HUGE SCAM! Review on Fraud!

Encountering ‘Millionaires’ trading softwares “guaranteeing” millions of dollars without effort or experience just by joining their “club” is becoming an exhausting venture. As it stands, lets review the Millionaires Club Scam, newest installment in automated binary option programs scamming newcoming traders into believing such dreams are accomplished through their false guidance. On the contrary, by Richard Brown is a dangerous application never yielding profitable results to its members, whose main purpose is depleting funded trader accounts. Take warning from the following review as we have no doubt Millionaires Club is a money-making scheme orchestrated to profit at the expense of losing investments.

It feels as though were constantly being caught in a time loop, where various versions of secret societies & clubs operated by underground millionaires are providing day-traders with their own perceptions of acquiring life-changing opportunities. Richard and his scam platform promises traders millions within three months time by lying to everyday viewers with false hopes. In addition with misleading information also proving contradicting, some traders have already fallen victim by registering with the Millionaires Club software. Its time to review another fraudulent app and send them to our blacklist where it belongs.

The Millionaires Club Review: Busted Automatic Trading App Scam!

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A critical aspect to consider which we identified during the review process is the fact that Richard Brown is NOT a genuine person whom we deem trustworthy. As a paid actor hired by scam programmers, we’ve seen his recorded productions within several fraud systems offering similar incentives to rookie traders, and have continuously exposed his crooked practices in past review articles. Needless to say this two-face individual invites potential customers to waste money into a system he claims is “legal & ethical”, while hiding his true identity in order to avoid the damaging repercussions resulting from failing trading softwares he promotes. After realizing the alleged Richard Brown isnt being honest with us, makes you wonder what else is hiding from….

Fake Millionaires Club Reviews!

What about the supposed members who volunteered to “beta-test” the Millionaires Club Software, claiming to have profited big returns? Since we’ve already established Mr Brown is a phony without a moral compass, rest assured the photos depicted as happy traders were either purchased or stolen from stock photo medias and other webpages unrelated to binary option trading.

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  • Australian native Jason P is actually Frank Walter from different sports sites and technology forums.
  • Geoff H is a face I’m too familiar with as his photograph is used in multiple trading scams, including the most recent TrianaSoft (review). A popular software we also debunked on our YouTube page.
  • Mary J, aka Wendy, or Mary M is recognized with more names within live updates changing ever few seconds. How can one person have so many identities within one website??
  • Virahn P’s picture was purchased by plumbing & Forex companies, which happens to belong to Wade Domingo from SoundCloud.

Another key point throwing Richard’s trading software off track is their Live Personal accounts within the member’s area showing winning trade updates on weekends when markets are closed. A small detail these crooked developers clearly overlooked. Visit during a Saturday or Sunday to see for yourself just how misguided their advertisements truly are. 

Corrupt Partners

Its come to our attention the presentation videos within are categorized under the same producers who developed the 7 Figure Challenge, a viral fraudulent app released a couple months before this review. Apparently there’s a significant connection between The Millionaires Club Scam & 7FigureChallenge, which only further supports our suspicions of malicious intent. In combinations with dangerous partnerships, you can verify from their footage certain questionable brokers are synchronized with this trading software. Brokerage firms like GTOptions who’ve recently be found guilty of illegal transactions, trade manipulations and refusal to pay traders they’re deserved winnings. Its no surprise many investors are filing complaints since trading with corrupt brokers and garbage autotraders are recipes for financial disaster. 

Millionaires Club Scam Review Conclusion

Although publicized as a “risk free” trading software, hopefully readers will understand from all the evidence we’ve pieced together in today’s The Millionaires Club review exploiting the opposite. With fake reviews and even an pathetic demonstration from Richard Brown turning $250 into $5000 within minutes is absolutely impossible. is a scammers dream containing all variations of cliche characteristics including bogus countdown indicators implying traders act quickly before all 1o available spots are taken. A cheap trick for luring newbies into registering with a binary software incapable of generating a single profit.

Final Judgement Review: The Millionaires Club is a dirty SCAM! Ignore all “exclusive invitations” from this non-existing club of unrealistic millionaires.

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