The Infinity App SCAM Warning – Serious Review!

By | April 10, 2017

The Infinity App Scam Review (Must Read)

The Infinity App, also referred as “the unlimited system” is a losing Scam and we’re here to prove it! Everything traders need to know about this questionable trading software has been provided for our readers within the following review detailing why the Infinity app trading system is dangerous for its users. Though we wish their allegations were true, this push-button application will not only never bring massive profits as they claim, but mainly lose your entire account. Use caution!

While examining by Mark Stevenson, Ill admit their website and production values are far better than most cheap scams we constantly review, but dont be deceived. We found numerous scamming variables throughout their website which makes us doubt their legitimacy, but also verifies we’re dealing with a get-rich quick scheme. If you’re thinking the Infinity app scam is something you’re willing to invest with, read our Infinity App review before becoming their next victim.

The Infinity App Review – Revealing Sloppy Trading Scam

the infinity app

There are a lot of lies embedded within for misleading newcoming traders into believing Infinity App program is the key to financial freedom. These scammers make outrageous statements describing Infinity App as an elite profit making software, powered by “NASA approved prediction technology” along with newly discovered lines of coding & algorithms for profiting through the financial markets.

Of course these claims are unverified and completely false for completing their own shady agendas. Do you honestly think a software capable of generating massive profits accumulating thousands everyday would be handed for free? What about this alleged NASA Technology? You really believe NASA would subjugate their own tech for a simple online trading scam? Absolutely not! Lets further review why Mark’s autotrader is a complete bust.

Infinity App Enterprises” = Fake Company

Beginning with its origins is critical for understanding how deceitful and dishonest this entire program truly is. According to Mr Stevenson and his introductory videos, the Infinity App was headed and funded by his own company, Infinity App Enterprises, a startup corporation supposedly successful in creating the worlds only fail-safe autotrading system. Interestingly enough zero evidence was found confirming this company’s existence anywhere.

The terminology “Infinity” is widely used by numerous organizations, apps, & other productions, however none correlated to binary trading systems. This could certainly complicate & hide search results. But the mere fact Google doesn’t recognize Infinity App Enterprises as a registered establishment proves this ‘enterprise’ is purely fabricated. Now imagine what other aspects they’re lying regarding the Infinity App software if these scam-artists are not being honest about its development?

The Infinity App Scam uses Imposters

After confirming this trading app is fronted by a bogus corporation, then we can easily solidify the fact Mark Stevenson is a two faced liar hired for promoting the Infinity App scam. But even if traders weren’t aware about their companies non-existence, we can also verify Mark being a phony & his authority compromised since zero credible evidence could validate his existence. Represented as the sole creator for such a ‘powerful’ trading venture strong enough to produce massive results, his absence of zero matching profiles nor professional resumes on social medias & Google is very suspicious.

Think for a moment if Infinity App were truly capable of massing thousand dollar daily profits, or millionaires within a year as he says, wouldn’t Stevenson be well recognized within the binary industry? His level of mysteriousness & lack of transparency is highly suspect & warrants further suspicions.

Fake Infinity App Trading Results

Sometimes paying attention to the small details can really pay off. In this case, certain screenshots were shown within their footage displayed as ‘documented’ payouts from traders using The Infinity App autotraader, but here’s where things fall apart yet again. You’ll notice from the picture above these results are outdated a year ago, insinuating this software has been around all this time.

However our investigation ensures this is NOT true because our lookup through Who.Is proves was developed barely one month prior to posting this review. Although this is a minor detail, its one these scammers clearly overlooked, incriminating their position as liars and thieves. A cheap method for appearing as a long-lasting trading app.

Additional Dirty Tricks

As you’re beginning to realize, this scam is becoming evident & obvious as we discussed their many faults. Other typical scammy qualities were also found such as “limited availability”, insinuating only 35 spots remain for joining the Infinity App and bank $50,000 your first 24 hours. This psychological trick is overused my countless scams, favored for manipulating potential customers into depositing money quickly before realizing their being scammed.

Mark Stevenson has also insisted the possibilities of completing ‘same day’ withdrawals, which is contrary to binary option broker standards. The default withdrawal period normally takes between 5-7 business days, and any software stating same day withdrawing capabilities have always been fraudulent.

The Infinity App Review – Final Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Is their any doubt left? The Infinity App is a certified SCAM designed with one solitary purpose; making empty promises while failing to produce any profitable outcomes. Those who’ve already registered with this deplorable software have regretted it. Hopefully our review has prevented you from committing a regrettable mistake!

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I thank our readers for taking time in reading our unbiased The Infinity App Review posting. Should you have any feedback or input, we welcome you to comment below for future discussions. Cheers to your success.

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18 thoughts on “The Infinity App SCAM Warning – Serious Review!

  1. Lesli

    Can’t these dangerous scam trading software’s be taken down or stopped by a regulatory body? It’s a shame. So grateful for what you do. I will begin trading soon with an opening amount of 1,000 dollars. Want to start with the right software.

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi lesli
      yes most of these scams have a short life expectancy, which is why they are constantly creating new ones all the time. We do our best to stay on top of harmful trading apps like the infinity app, but it is a constant battle. im happy to hear you found our review helpful.
      Keep in mind you dont need to begin trading with such a high amount as $1000. A smaller standard $250 deposit is more than enough to begin. If youre interested, check out the pro binary bot, its a fully automated trading app connected with regulated brokers & free demos to test the software out. You can learn more here –

      1. Lesli

        Thanks for the response. I will start with 250.00 Dollars. Great idea.

  2. Enda

    Hi Paul,
    I’m thinking of trading in UK and Oceania in a turn about fashion.
    Any tips, comments ,things to learn ,watch out for etc?

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Enda
      trading has certainly become one of the most popular & easier way to supplement your income, or even turn trading into a full time venture. There are many things you can learn for binary trading and ill be happy to assist you.
      Email me directly anytime at and ill gladly send you some information to help you get started. Cheers!

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi pedro,
      no problem, ill be happy to help.
      If youre looking for safer & reliable apps for beginners, i also recommend the Tai Robotic App and the Management Software. Both of these apps are fully autotrading system which makes them very easy to use for beginners. Plus they provide settings which allow traders full control over these apps. They are easy trading softwares for making money online.
      Tai Robotic App –
      Management Software –

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi Tayo
      are you trying to join the infinity app? Be careful, the infinity app is a Scam and it will lose your money.
      Are you looking for safe trading apps? Fee free to email me directly at and ill be happy to help


    very best. i want to know more to join infinity app.

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi Bhabani
      WHY do you want to join the infinity app?
      Did you read my review? The Infinity App is a Scam, it will lose your money!
      Be careful.

  4. rené schàllebaum

    hi there , i payd in the amount of eur. 250.- for opening the infinity app by the because the infinity app told me that the account hase to by popened via oxmarkets .com. what you think about them? have acc. N°. etc.
    i read your documents.i just asking you now, what is the best autotrade company, where i will not lusing money?thank you .

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hi rene
      if you deposited with the broker connected with the infinity app scam, i suggest you withdraw your money back immediately.
      If youre looking for a safer autotrading app, i suggest the Epix Trader or the Pro binary Bot. They’re both easy to use for beginners &
      perform very well with accurate trading signals.
      You can learn more here:
      Epix Trader –
      Pro Binary Bot –

  5. Grace

    Hello. I am grace from philippines. They just called me geeting the card number and the cvv code. Here ia their number +442030268740

    1. Prestige Post author

      hi grace
      do NOT submit any payments or banking details to these people. The infinity app is a big scam causing a lot of issues with traders.
      If you keep getting their calls, just ignore them and they will stop calling.


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