Golden Paradigm is a SCAM!! Important Review on Dangerous Program!

By | March 25, 2016

Couple weeks have gone by since the official release of the Golden Paradigm Scam and it’s imperative we review this ridiculous fraud. Unfortunately many traders have been messaging me recently regarding the legitimacy of this automated trading software, which indicates these scam-artists are heavily marketing Golden Paradigm app through email blasting and other media portals. I myself have received several “invitations” for making over $900 per hour along with fake reviews endorsing this scam. Nathan Weiss and his platform follow the exact criteria we lookout for when determining a positive or scam review, and rest assured people, that Nathan has produced a dangerous program where he pockets his profits through trader losses.

Along with curious inquiries from interested traders, sadly it’s been brought to my attention various investors have lost significant amounts or entire deposits after hoping to achieve advertised $30000 weekly income. In hopes to prevent anyone else  from being scammed by these criminals, hopefully my Golden Paradigm Review will serve as useful warnings. Ive laid out some important factors within the following review exposing several key points which will change your mind about registering with this money making scheme.

Golden Paradigm Review – Trading Scam Program Exposed

golden paradigm review

Nathan Weiss, supposed CEO of (aka G.P. Technology), is a binary predator without remorse or regard to inevitable negative impacts produced from his phony trading program. Not once are visitors given any facial recognition of who or what he looks like, which further enhances my initial suspicions of fraudulent activity. Ive attempted to verify Mr Weiss through Google and social medias, only to find zero matching results supporting his existence within the industry. Trust me, if someone developed a software capable of generating six figures every month, he’d be very popular. Clearly whoever is responsible for creating the Golden Paradigm scam is hiding behind false identities to avoid the repercussions as traders lose money with this worthless program. The same can be said about G.P. Technology company, a fabricated establishment for making his software appear more reputable to rookie traders.

Here are some fake incentives & abilities marketed within their introduction videos for portraying Golden Paradigm program “unique”. Careful! Don’t believe these Lies!

  • Capitalize huge profits on world wide stock markets using trading softwares operating on ‘top secret’ algorithms“. – Real trader review & feedback prove the opposite and zero profitability. 
  • Compiled with decades of historical data statistics for discovering and predicting future patterns“. What Nathan Weiss refers as his ‘5 Point Pattern“.  – Food for Thought: why not just focus on current market movements like today’s successful traders?

Basically what you’re deceived in believing is instead of waiting for signal alerts, Golden Paradigm program ‘legally beats’ ordinary market analysis through documented insider information. Dont be fooled by such bogus implications of newly radical discoveries. Protect your money and don’t let if fall into the hands of corrupt scammers.

The Golden Paradigm Scam utilizes Fake Reviews

golden paradigm

You’ll find a plethora of displayed “fellow golden members” below the homepage who’ve apparently gone through life-changing experiences shortly after registering with By clicking each photo, newcomers are made to believe these “members” have bought luxurious homes, exotic cars, motorcycles & lavishing vacations, representing anything you want can be achieved through this trading software, and have posted their updates through Facebook accounts. However browsing throughout social media, “Barbara Wixon, Lena Silva, Kiley Perkins, Eva Moss, Dylan Francis & George Harper” did NOT correlate with any active account or match the pictures depicted in the Golden Paradigm Scam. Therefore it’s easy to assume their photos were either purchased or stolen from stock websites.

Truthfully I’m not surprised and neither should you. With a misleading trading software containing non-existing CEOs and fake beta-testers, its no wonder some unfortunate traders have suffered severe loss using this binary application. This is why its important to perform due diligence whenever you encounter any profit maker app. Not to mention the added countdown disclaimer insinuating Time & Spots are limited to 30 applicants, so registrations must be completed quickly: “Warning 15 minutes left until the next invitee takes your spot…“. 

OH! whatever happened to “Live Proof” suppose to be shown at the commencement of their presentation clips? Was it that lame recording from that paid actor who shows us numbers on a screen? Notice how he doesn’t reveal the entire computer display. Come on! Nice try you crooks!

Golden Paradigm Review – Conclusion & Alternatives

History Repeats Itself” is the only statement within the Golden Paradigm scam Ive agreed upon because is a great example of scam systems repeating identical tactics for luring potential traders with exaggerated dreams of becoming rich. Similarly dangerous programs like Virtual Income, My First Online PayDay, & TrainaSoft are perfect examples of recent frauds I’ve exposed and debunked into my growing Blacklisted Section. You can bet every penny GoldenParadigm has joined the ranks. 

Along with partnerships with shady brokers like GTOptions who’s grown a reputation of illegal and manipulative practices, my Final Judgement is evidently clear: Golden Paradigm program is a SCAM! Avoid trusting anything Mr Weiss says, he’s a two-face liar!

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I encourage traders to share my review or leave any input concerning personal experience with by commenting below. Whether be good or bad, help us inform visiting readers so they can understand first hand the dangers lurking beneath this terrible trading software. Thank you for taking time in reading my honest Golden Paradigm review post. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming updates.

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