The Currency Code Counter is a Creepy SCAM

Have you guys seen The Currency Code Counter? Its a new binary options trading system most likely brought to your attention through a “special invitation”, AKA email spam. If you’re even slightly contemplating in joining with the Currency Code Counter, we suggest you quickly read through our following review. This is by far one of the creepiest trading softwares we’ve yet encountered, and some questionable characteristics have been identified which forces us to believe they are could be another binary options SCAM.

Mr. X is our scary host of honor and creator of the website. With a dark and ‘apocalyptic’ approach, he states that “time is ticking” and “within 1-2 months, Binary Options as you know it Could be DEAD”. He further rambles on about about the demise of online trading due to billions of dollars the United States has spent in binary lawsuits. However, Mr X’s ‘winning formula’ and ‘notification system’ within the Currency Code Counter is the only resolution available to generate $50,000 a month in profits.

This is our first issue with Mr X and his bogus Currency Code Counter software. Binary Option Trading is not ending anytime soon, and definitely not in a couple months. By taking a moment to read and follow up with current google trends, you’ll notice binary options is evidently soaring higher than ever in popularity. Scare tactics are commonly used by many scam-artist to inflict a sense of urgency to its viewers. By setting a ‘mental clock’, many potential traders will believe there’s only a short time available before they miss some grand opportunity. But in reality, the Currency Code Counter is just a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

currency code counter - anneka fiverr actress aka- Valeriya

Fake Testimony – Valeriya’s Fiverr link:

We were surprised at the beginning when we didn’t find any fabricated testimonials from paid actors. But as we submitted our information to with a fake email, we stumbled upon a section of “Current Currency Code Counter Members”. It didn’t take long to find a familiar face by the name of Anneka A., whose real name is Valeriya. Valeriya is one of many actresses who gets paid five bucks to promote and say anything you dictate. Currency Code Counter and other Binary Option SCAMS regularly utilize the services of Fiverr actors (Pretty Actresses Especially) to captivate their audiences. After all, the majority of online traders are male. Remember “Anneka’s” cute face, we’re positive to see her soon endorsing other phony gimmicks in the future.

currency code counterIf PrestigeBinary hasn’t convinced you by now about the Currency Code Counter System’s hidden  indications of malicious intent, ask yourself a few questions. Why do you need to pay someone $5 to advocate your software if its “successful” as you say? Whats with the ‘doomsday’ effect and scary scenery? Your video presentations are like those you find on documentaries about prisoners and crooks. Are you a crook?? Why are you wearing a mask? What are you really hiding? Why are you holding a Cigar?? Do you plan on smoking with a mask on?? OH, By the way the proper abbreviation is CFTC, not ‘CTFC’ like Mr X said. A detrimental mistake for a million dollar CEO of Currency Code Counter.

Carefully contemplate the points we’ve laid down in our Currency Code Counter Review. Mr X has fed us nothing but lies and deception in order to get his hands on your money. There are many Binary Signal Services & Auto-Traders Available that really hold true merit and favored by binary investors around. Thank you for reading our review and be sure to post any comments of feedback below.

STAY AWAY from The Currency Code Counter SCAM

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