Cobalt Code SCAM Exposed! Imperial Trading Software REVIEW!

Cobalt Code Scam Review – (Imperative Warning)

The is an important review regarding the Cobalt Code software, a new trading Scam for binary options littered with misleading information and falsified incentives for deceiving newcoming traders. To make matters even worse, much of what visitors are being told is extremely manipulative while also contradicting, adding further confusion to an already dangerous dilemma. While investigating platform by Grant Stone, the amount of scamming variables identified is overwhelming, which makes it critical we exposed these traits with undeniable evidence outlined and clarified. If you manage to waste an hour of your time watching their long advertisement clips, a $27000 giveaway is exploited for further enticement. Use caution by pausing momentarily and read our Cobalt Code review before joining what could be one of the worst online money-stealing gimmicks we’ve come across. Learn the facts and save your money!

The Cobalt Code Review – New SCAM, Same Old Tricks!

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Everyone visiting website are forced to believe a number of unrealistic characteristics. According to Grant Stone, alleged developer of Cobalt Code software, he’s exposing the ‘illegal’ insider trading secrets forged by corporations while providing day-traders with the only ‘legal’ method for becoming rich. With supposed working history as a cobalt miner, he claims of obtaining extensive knowledge on cobalt asset prices, and how massive hedge fund companies manipulate it for making billions in yearly profits. Furthermore he acts like the good Samaritan by letting traders in on his secret that’s banking him millions himself by creating a trading software that’s never lost a single cobalt trade in 2 years. With a “guaranteed” winning streak of 98.79%, supposedly we can generate a minimum $12,000 per day. Unfortunately not one shred of honesty has been stated thus far. Lets review these lies to its fullest degree.

For someone claiming a self made multi-million dollar status and experienced entrepreneur, Grant Stone doesn’t seem to understand what hes talking about. He contradicts himself several times, indicating he has no idea which direction he taking. For instance his Cobalt Code scam app is identified as an automated trading software, yet briefly states how his application has nothing to do with binary trading whatsoever. WHAT?? In addition to his apparent confusion, this questionable system surrounds it operations by targeting cobalt trades and other commodities, yet Cobalt is NOT even a tradable asset. At least not in most brokers which beckons more inquiries as to how this program truly operates. As you can see there’s already some inconclusiveness pertaining to its capabilities and legitimacy.

Plagiarized Cobalt Code Reviews

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As lies progress, you can expect the integrity of their reviews of being far less credible. Supposedly Mr Stone has already created 23 millionaires through his “flawless” Cobalt Code software, accumulating total profits massing in the billions as displayed on their home page. In support of these allegations, various testimonials from supposed traders are embedded within their introductory clips for added persuasion, including this individual depicted above. What concerns me is the proven fact this person is a well known fiverr actor without any trading experience, hired by scams for promoting countless damaging softwares. Why are they using famous scam-artists if there are twenty three happy users? If Cobalt Code software is so successful as advertised, then why not present authentic testimonies from actual users? Even though most rookie investors wont know these performances were scripted, clicking the provided link will redirect you to his active gig on, supporting our stand which should cause you to speculate their integrity. Truth is most crooks are fully aware their trading systems are rendered useless the moment they’re produced. In efforts for appearing like a worthy solution, certain measures are implemented like fabricated profiles & unauthorized Cobalt reviews. A commonly overused scam quality!

$27,000 Trap!

As for Grant’s showmanship of “generosity”, the first 27 who take action quickly in registering with will receive a hefty cash prize. Cobalt Code Scam is not the first fraudulent app advertising huge money giveaways. Unfortunately these ‘deal sweeteners’ have proven two negative outcomes. The first scenario is you simply never receive your promised money, which leaves you stuck with a worthless software. The other alternative is this lump sum is delivered in a broker bonus form. Bonuses are normally encouraged for experienced traders as they come with stipulations that must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. The problem in combining a bonus offers and scam applications is they prevent traders from withdrawing whatever remains in their account after realizing they’re being scammed. Turning a nightmarish situation into a financial disaster. Either turnout, this is one auto trading system no trader should underestimate.

Hopefully today’s Cobalt code review has served some insightful purpose in revealing just how misguided and potentially damaging this autotrader truly is. Don’t allow yourself in being persuaded into depositing money in hopes that your economic dreams are limited and achievable through this corrupt trade app. With everything discussed within our assessment, our main goal is for traders to reconsider their next move. Its also been brought to our attention the trading interface is identical to previous scams we’ve reviewed like Insure Outcome, 7 Figure Months, and Navstar Trader. All get-rich-quick schemes producing negative results.

Cobalt Code Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Verdict: Avoid the Cobalt Code Scam at all costs! Grant is a two-faced liar whose intentions are for benefiting his own greedy needs at the expense of newbie traders.

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I wont deny most “millionaire-making” softwares are undoubtedly frauds. However that doesn’t negate the reality you can still generate a sizable income through online trading with the assistance of reputable auto-traders & signal services. Remember whenever encountering an auto-bot throwing words like “guarantee” or “risk free”, be warned as these are terminologies utilized continuously by scammers. Only through proper education or help from reliable apps can you limit risk and maximize profitability. If you’re unsure about a certain software of interest, visit our growing blacklist consisting of daily/weekly updates regarding avoidable scams and shady brokers. I greatly appreciate readers taking time to read our thorough Cobalt Code review. As always, feel free to share with us any concerns or feedback by commenting below! Cheers to Success!

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  • Thank you very much for your honest review… it’s very helpful for newbie like me… After 3 times I failed ITM with the software , I must extra careful to chose the really work software. .. that is way since I subcrib your channel I always follow your update reviews. .. Well done .. thank you. . For your dedication to make Us aware from the scams software ..

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