Brit Method and Canuck Method REVIEW – Identical SCAMS

By | December 24, 2015

The Brit Method Scam Review

STOP! Thinking about the trading with Read our honest and factual assessment within our Brit Method Review

Traders be Warned!!! There’s another binary options scamming software that has crept into the trading industry where everyone must be made aware. The Brit Method Scam is an exact replica of the originally  reviewed money-making scheme known as the Aussie Method. We previously exposed the dangerous site earlier this year, but as the months passed on, they scammed more traders through other platform names such as Saffa Method (Review) and Canuck Method. Now these crooks are relentlessly returning to steal your money with a whole new dubious program called the Brit Method scam software. Whether or not you’ve heard of these shady publications before, we have provided for you our Brit Method review so visitors can fully understand the dangers of trading with related types of binary systems. Tread carefully with them!

Brit Method Review – Exactly identical to Canuck Method & Saffa Method SCAMS

As the story goes, Jason Taylor is a self-made millionaire product from the Brit Method software guaranteeing a solid six figure income within thirty days of registering with website. By watching their presentation videos, many traders will be misguided into believing they’ve stumbled upon an opportunity to achieve residual income and financial freedom. Jason Taylor typically exploits these bountiful possibilities with photographs of exotic cars and extravagant vacations for further enticement. But probably the worst aspect about this whole scamming production is that Jason is so “confident” in his Brit Method Trading system, that he promises he’ll personally give you $10,000 if you don’t reach up to 6 figures by months end. Be advised this is nothing more than a big fat lie to convince traders into investing with their faulty software. 

Brit Method Scam Exposed – Busted!!!

Brit Method Review Please note the same presentation clip viewed on is exactly the same as the ones found on,, & All containing fake actors and bogus user feedback. There are way too many ‘Red Flags’ that predominantly prove this trading system untrustworthy. Of course the crooked developers don’t want you to know the damming truth which is why they continually repeat how “100% of their clients have succeeded” with these debatable ‘Methods’. But can you trust any company who favors promoting their products through testimonials from favored actors/actresses who’ve been spotted in various proven binary scams in the past? Check out the pretty girl who swears she’s made over $600000 in a few weeks with the Saffa Method, Canuck Method, & Brit Method Trading System.

Brit Method ScamUnfortunately for her, PrestigeBinaryOptions is continuously reviewing numerous questionable softwares every week and have witnessed this particular woman endorsing other scamming programs like Binary BackDoor, Millionaires Maker, & Flip My Binary Account. All of which traders have filed complaints against for failing to produce their promised results, loss of funds, and multiple charges of illegal activities. In addition, you’ll notice from the descriptive picture above our alleged developer in our Brit Method Review who calls himself “Jason Taylor”. Doesn’t it seem oddly suspicious that he’s also seen with other aliases like “Jake Pertu” from the AussieMethod webpage? With falsified identities and unreliable promoters, its clear evidence ensuring us the Brit Method Software is nothing more than a get-rich-quick gimmick.

Brit Method Scam Doesn’t Quit

If you think lying about their member reviews and phony testimonials are bad enough, trust me it gets worse. The webpage takes its marketing methods a step further by implying there are only “20 spots” remaining for this “life-changing” opportunity. Of course these are common deceptive tricks utilized by most scam-artists to persuade newcomers to “act fast” in depositing with failing trading solutions before the truth of their real intentions are exposed.

Brit Method Review – Final Word

Our conclusion is obvious enough – DONT trust the Brit Method Scam

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New to binary options trading? Familiarize yourself with our Blacklist of worthless scummy systems to save yourself from certain investment mistakes. Identifying the “bad apples” like the Brit Method from the bunch is important in order to recognized credible services. Most of these questionable productions are partnered with binary brokerages holding reputations that give the industry a bad name. Registering with a Regulated Broker is the first step in assuring your funds are kept safe & secure. There are methods to maximize loss prevention through proper trading techniques, Reliable AutoTraders & Signal Services that have been deemed trustworthy by online investors in the industry. I understand automatic systems are most favorable among traders but it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of broker management & simple strategies while making money. If you want to learn from real live professionals while following profitable trading signals in our private group, click the banner below to watch a quick video & learn how to join the best growing trading community. Thank you for reading my Brit Method review scam. Any feedback regarding Comment Below!

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  1. Bob

    Totally agree with prestigebinaryoptions! ALL these programs are total frauds who dont care if their scams cost
    traders money loss. The Brit Method, Canuck Method, Safa Method and too many others are complete bogus!
    Thanks Much!


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