The Bonus Busters is a Deceptive SCAM!!!

Please read our Bonus Busters SCAM Review. They are another binary options trading bot promising to continually double your profits on a continual basis. We’ve found alarming irregularities and deceptive agendas within the BonusBusters system that need to be addressed, so traders will not fall into their traps when its released to the public tomorrow, October 5, 2015. They claim to have found an ‘ambiguous’ oversight many  binary brokers and auto-traders have overseen, which will allow any subscriber to The Bonus Busters System continually deposit funds, have funds doubled with broker bonuses, and quickly withdrawal money without any broker contingencies, or strings attached. This process can be executed over and over.  ……SO THEY SAY

FullSizeRender(8)Alex Goldman literally proposes a new way to “profit” with binary options trading. More so within the brokers themselves. With The Bonus Busters Bot, he claims to have found the loophole around doubling your deposits by utilizing a binary broker’s matching bonus offer, and withdrawing full funds in 30 days. In case you not familiar, a matching (or welcoming bonus) is when a broker deposits the same amount of money in your account. In simpler terms: You deposit $200, the brokers matches your deposit with $200 (welcoming bonus), & now you have $400. But the issues with these bonuses come with heavy contingencies. In some cases, you will need to trade a proper trading volume requirement in order to even request a withdrawal. You can learn more about a broker’s criteria involved with bonuses in our Broker Complaints Review.

Compared to most fraudulent binary auto-traders with a 90%+ performance, website “Only needs a 58% win ratio to succeed even though it wont win every single trade”. Alex Goldman at least has the balls to stand by his “magical” binary options system with a “realistic win rate of 58%…”. The ‘goal’ for The Bonus Busters software is to “preserve & protect” your capital by performing the proper amount of trades within a month, (with a 58% win ratio) to meet the required protocols of your broker bonus policies. Please people, do not fall for this. Think about, with TheBonusBusters 58% accuracy, who long do you think you $250 deposit is going to last for thirty days? IT WONT!  Judging by their pathetic win ratio, you would need to deposit a larger sum of money so your funds aren’t depleted before months end. Why do you think there’s a notice below The Bonus Busters Introduction video saying: “Works with ANY amount up to $10,000 USD”

FullSizeRender(12)I hope by now my readers can fully understand how ridiculous an deceiving this new binary options software really is. Buy just to be sure, take a look further below TheBonusBusters site. Alex will gladly show you a screen-shot of positive reviews from traders using his phony program. What boggles are minds, and yours should too, is the fact The Bonus Busters Trading App wont be release until tomorrow (October 5th 2015), and yet we see “reviews” dated ‘6 Months Ago’, ‘1 Day Ago’, ‘3 Months Ago’, and so on. Its evident these are nothing more than fabricated customer reviews.

FullSizeRender(9)As ideas come, this is an original direction Alex Goldman took. An “A” for effort, but a failure as a human being and a disgrace for the binary options industry. In our FaceBook Group, there are many traders who post signals with an 80% ITM win rate, or higher. I spit on The Bonus Busters “necessary” 58% rate and their malicious SCAMMING service. Its people like Alex and many others who tarnish binary options trading and lack respect for those who unknowingly join their faulty trading programs. PrestigeBinary strongly believes the best way to start your binary journey is to sign up with a Trusted Broker with a reliable reputation. If you’re new, you can always practice with a Free Demo Account before you trade with your money. And remember, there are plenty of great Trading Services and Communities our there in which many traders like yourself are learning and profiting from, unlike TheBonusBusters.


PrestigeBinary Does Take This Seriously!! That’s why we will not stay quiet! Lets Ruin it for these money-making schemers and Spread the word!!!  Please Like, Share, Post, & Comment below with any feedback!

Thank you for reading The Bonus Busters Review and remember to STAY AWAY!!!


  • I actually began to think the bonusbusters would be a great opportunity, but the facts you’ve laid out are good points to consider.
    Thank you prestigebinary!!

  • Well we might have to take a second look at this one. Perhaps this is not going to fly……

  • Thank you for making some very good points, definitely made me think about this!

    • They are very sneaky. by taking a different approach for “making money” with binary options, im afraid many unknowing traders might fall for this bogus trick.

  • I was wondering about this bot, and have been a bit unsure. Think I will wait and see what happens before I take the step to sign up.

  • i decided to give the bonus busters a try yesterday. i deposited $500 and with the bonus i got $1,000 total. after one day i now have $1,208.
    i thought it would be better but at least im still making profits. hopefully this will last for 28 more days fingers crossed!

    • I must say im not surprised. Were getting the sense that in order to produce any profits with such a low percentage win 58%, you must deposit a larger amount

  • That could suck people in with the more realistic win % but it looks like just another scam. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I was leaning for this App because it seems fair and has some logic… but now wondering again. I am going to try it in any case and let you know how it works..

  • I’d be really curious to hear how Andre does with this software. Please keep updating us here Andre. And I’d be interested to know what your success rate is in the Face Book group you mentioned in the article. Are you matching the traders at 80%?

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