The Banker Profit System – Another SCAM???

The Banker Profit System is an automated binary options trading software due to be released by October 12th 2015. We have some concerns regarding this new trading app because we’re already finding fabricated customer reviews, claiming premature profitable conclusions. As a result, we are receiving some inquiries from our followers. So we’ve decided to investigate the matter ourselves, and we suggest you take the time to read our Banker Profit System SCAM Review. Anytime we see websites promoting positive assessments about any trading program before it’s even released, is an indication of a possible warning.

FullSizeRender(2)Andrew Teegan presents his new auto-trader with a starting win rate of 61%. As a trader in the business for a few years, we found Andrew’s approach for publicizing The Banker Profit System App with the attempt of sounding honest. The BankerProfitSystem doesn’t place hundreds of trades all day long like most questionable binary trading softwares. Instead, he claims that his revolutionary system searches for the best opportunities to execute trades with a higher possibility of profitable outcomes, while measuring market volatility for 30 minute trades. Andrew continues to state how most binary options trading scams operate by performing 60 second trades (Turbo Trades) which are a total scam! In some areas hes right, but not all.

Yes, the majority of most fraudulent trading robots target turbo trades for a “Fast Money” appeal. However, we don’t like how Andrew generalized Turbo Trading as a Scam itself. The truth is, Longer Term investments like 15min, 30min, or 1hour trades  are more profitable because its easier to distinguish trend directions. On the other hand, 30 or 60 second trades prove to be more difficult to predict market fluctuations. For many novice traders, they will conceive as source of helpful information and believe Mr. Teegan is showing them a trustworthy auto-trader. By this, the crooks behind The Banker Profit System are deceiving binary option traders and those who are interested in investing, with misconstrued knowledge and twisted facts. The fact of the matter is, there are actual technical trading strategies for profitable short-term trading, like the ones found in our Trading Strategy Section, but The Banker Profit System would have you believe their lies.

The Banker Profit Trader practices a deceptive and unorthodox form of trading seen by others fools within the industry. For example, lets say you have $1,000 in your broker account. As designed, the app from will place a trade. But what happens if the trading bot loses? The following trade will consist of a higher value. Now, lets say the trading bot looses the third trade, and your starting capital was $1000, that final trade could be as high as $675. That’s more than half your initial deposit. The Banker Profit System goal by continually increasing the value of perpetual trades, is to recover the previous loss investments, while breaking even or gaining a little profit. This “strategy” form is highly frowned upon because its the fastest way of draining your entire account and doomed to failure. If the creators of The Banker Profits system build a binary options trading software on the foundations of such a ridiculous form of investing, this shows the true integrity of the villains behind this fake software.

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fastcashbiz bannerTrading binary options itself is among the best forms of investing with financial markets. Everyday there are thousands of people who regain large profitable amounts do to proper money management and reliable binary trading softwares. If your interested in binary options, The Banker Profit System is not the way to go, unless you’re looking to lose your money very quickly. Whether you’re searching for a broker and/or binary options signal service, be sure your selection has not been BlackListed. Its important that you sign yourself a Reputable Broker with genuine attributes and a solid customer service. Real working Auto traders and Signal Services are available for those who need a little edge, as well as education. We thank you for reading The Banker Profit System Review and hope you understand why their practices are very shady. Feel Free to post any feedback, comments or questions below!

We don’t trust Andrew Teegan, nor his general overview on his version of ‘prosperous investing’.

STAY AWAY from the BankerProfitSystem!!!

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  • Hey Prestige! i like what youve revealed about Bankers Profit. Youve made some valid points! It seems you will need to deposit a little more than the minimum required for this system to work. I may give it a try but for now im happy with the FastCashBiz youve recommended. Better than what i thought it would be.

    Thank you

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