Tesler App is a BIG SCAM – Critical Trading Software Review!

Tesler App SCAM Review (Imperative Alert)

Pay close attention to the urgency of our Tesler App review before losing funds to thins money-losing gimmick. The Tesler trading system is a newly founded autotrader software and highly misleading Scam for binary option, and we’re hear to expose them to the fullest extent. Without a doubt this system follows the typical patterns of get rich quick schemes, promising traders they’ll become wealthy very quickly, with minimal work needed. Our investigation within TeslerApp.co by Steven Abrahams is filled with convoluted information and empty promises for deceiving traders into believing they can become millionaires withing 180 days. Whats even worse is the fact this entire Tesler app program is based off of fake companies which don’t exist and have zero credibility. Therefore if you’ve been contemplating in joining this questionable application, read our review to discover the various scamming variable we’ve uncovered.

Tesler App Trading System – Losing SCAM Unmasked


The scam-artist referred as Steven Abrahams is a conniving liar who claims to hold a personal net worth of $380 million, all thanks to his Tesler trading system. For newbie traders looking searching for an online source of income, we’re concerned that many will quickly jump into depositing with TeslerApp.co with wishful thoughts of financial freedom as they are brainwashed with scrupulous lies implying they’ll become millionaires in a matter of months.

With only 5 minutes of work per day, you honestly believe its that easy to gain massive wealth? These scammers want potential traders to believe these exaggerated stories as they embellish their stories, detailing how Tesler App is programmed to mathematically never lose while analyzing data at the “deepest level”, as it exploits hyper responsive data speeds for pinpoint accuracy”. What a load of rubbish! Don’t be fooled and lets review their faulty narrative!

Tesler Investments = FAKE Company

tesler app

This alleged corporation not only boasts of being responsible for developing the worlds “first no-loss” trading app known as the Tesler software, but also brags about containing a $670 million net worth, and will more than double when they go public. Therefore, Mr Abrahams invites investors to take a piece of the pie by encouraging everyone to deposit with his Tesler App. Lets be perfectly clear such statements regarding “zero loss capabilities” are common qualities among fraudulent trading systems. Through our research, we found no evidence supporting Tesler Investments ever existing around the globe. The mere fact Google doesn’t recognize this establishment as a registered corporation solidifies the fact its all fake! This is very discouraging and makes us wonder what other aspects of this binary trading program are they lying to us about. Be careful and don’t trust this scheme!

False Tesler Trading System Results

tesler trading system

Entering the TeslerApp.co member’s area, visitors are bombarded with more phony facts and critical errors these sleazy programmers have clearly overlooked, further proving their shady tactics. You’ll notice a series of ‘documented’ trading results supposedly produced by the Tesler software. But if you look at the details, you can tell they dont make sense. For instance, they display an investment transaction valued at $270, resulting in a small payout of only $173.4. From a mathematical standpoint, this is inaccurate since a winning payout would amount higher than the regular investment. As you can see from the description, this happens on more than one occasion, ensuring this Tesler Scam is full of errors and mistakes. Not an ideal quality you want within an autotrading program that involves your invested money.

Contradicting Tesler App Scam Facts

tesler software

The carelessness of these sloppy scam-artist is beyond ridiculous and highly unprofessional. The TeslerApp.co introductory videos are over half hour long and these crooks cant seem to keep their lies straight. At one point, the imposter known as Steven Abrahams is explaining how trader are becoming rich very quickly as Tesler app software places trades valuing over $200 a piece, in order to achieve the daily 5,000 minimum profits. A fabricated chart (displayed above) is shown to rectify his bogus statements. Yet minutes later, traders are informed completely different information regarding how Tesler App is a self improving trading system, with fail-safe methods by initiating traders no greater than $85 a piece depending on market variables. Are you confused as I am?? That’s the point Im trying to make! If these scammers are giving curious clients conflicting messages, how are we expected to trust our funds are kept safe?

tesler autotrader

At this junction of today’s Tesler Review, I’m hopping traders are asking themselves some serious questions about their lack of legitimacy, but most importantly reconsidering their decisions from investing with such a conflicted and obviously corrupted trading software. The mere fact these schemers aren’t being transparent about who exactly created Tesler app is discouraging to say the least. Heed our warning and protect yourselves by refraining from depositing with an dangerous Tesler app scam!

Tesler App Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: Avoid Steven’s Tesler App Scam at all costs! A worthless trading system that will lose!

(Trusted Binary Trading App – Approved for Beginners)


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Binary options is a fantastic opportunity for supplementing your household income, and yes financial freedom as well. However this can only be managed with the assistance of reputable solutions deemed safe and confirmed by its users. Although we’re consistently battling against cheesy scams that promote damage, there are plenty of trustworthy softwares rookie investors are suing all around the world for minimizing risks and maximizing profitability. Whether be educational materials or autotrader / signal alerting services, there’s something for everyone’s needs. Be sure to practice with demos whenever possible when testing out new strategies or methods before risking your own funds. Whenever doubting a particular software of interest, visit Prestige’s Blacklist containing avoidable scams and broker as well. Thank you for reading or thorough Tesler App Trading System review, feel free to share any input or concerns by commenting below. Cheers to your success!

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    Hello friend.
    It seems you are promoting Lexginton Code Software,i followed the link from this post to the YouTube review,but when I clicked on the site link on YouTube it takes me to Google search engine,
    Does it mean that you are not promoting Lexginton Code Software again.
    Can you let me know about it.
    Because an looking for a legitimate automated trading software that can stand the taste if time.

    • Hi Onyekachi
      unfortunately the Lexington Code is Completely SOLD OUT and unavailable for new members.
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  • Hello! Yesterday, I put 850 euros there. Is that mean I will never see this money again? I will be scammed for 1244525345453452 time and perform a suicide.

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