The Bitcoin Trader Review – PATHETIC SCAM Exposed!

The Bitcoin Trader App has quickly become very popular throughout the industry and many traders are eager to invest their money. But is BitcoinTrader safe? Can we trust this automated software? Unfortunately our review is to warn trader the dangers about Bitcoin Trader, another cheap Scam to avoid.

While investigating website by Gary Roberts, I wasn’t impressed with anything they’re offering. One of the first things you’ll see is “…AND YOU CAN BECOME THE MILLIONAIRE”.

But I highly doubt their bold claims due to the fact several scamming qualities are found throughout this entire Bitcoin Trader Software. Similar characteristics commonly seen among scams, doubting their legitimacy.

So we encourage anyone interested in joining with this questionable app first read our review. New evidence found exposes falsified facts to manipulate newcoming traders. Learn the secrets these scammers don’t want you knowing about this money-losing Bitcoin Trader gimmick.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Cheap SCAM Revealed

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Bitcoin & other forms of cryptocurrencies are becoming all the rage. With its popularity rising everyday, mining bitcoin provides numerous lucrative opportunities for traders to make money online.

Unfortunately we cannot consider The Bitcoin Trader as a reliable source. Quite honestly, their website is pretty pathetic. Unable to provide any credible evidence or proof about its success. Video is pointless. Never giving any helpful information about what Bitcoin Trader is, how it operates, how to use it,….NOTHING!

Traders are simply forced to blindly believe this trading software is capable of making you rich without much work on your part.

But its important for traders to understand why we’re calling Bitcoin Trader a Scam, so lets review critical components of what making this CryptoCurrency program a BAD investment.

Who Created The Bitcoin Trader App?

Finding out who’s responsible for the development of this app was very difficult. To be honest, does NOT divulge these details.

But during my research we found a common name associated with Bitcoin Trader constantly popping up: Gary Roberts. Not really sure who he is since no Profiles on Google of social media could confirm his identity or involvement. But we can safely assume his identity is fake.

However another thing I found interesting (and suspicious) is the name Gary Roberts is also associated with other scamming productions such as Ice 9 Tech, Orion Code & Quantum Code.

These are current active Scams within the binary inudusty still causing problems and severe investment losses for thousands of traders worldwide. Whether or not Gary Roberts is real is irrelevant because the possibility Bitcoin Trader could be associated with previously exposed scams isn’t a good sign.

False Bitcoin Trader Results / Awards

Like most fraudulent systems, Bitcoin Trader exploits an unrealistic scenario of becoming a millionaire without any effort. To be more specific, BitcoinTrader guarantees users at least $13000 in daily profits.

That is a lot of money to make in one day, yet these scammers say we can make this everyday with this app. Im sure we can all agree these results would be awesome to achieve. Unfortunately these are big fat LIES.

Think about it! If the Bitcoin Trader software could really generate that kind of results on a daily basis, and make you a millionaire just like that, you seriously believe this trading software would be given away for free?! Absolutely NOT!

These idiots have also added fake rewards to represent false acknowledgements that have never happened, and from organizations that don’t exist. That’s right, the USA Trading Association isn’t real.

Bitcoin Trader Exploits 99% Accuracy Lies!

I guess this can be tied to my previous point about BitcoinTrader being full of BS in regards to their $13,000 paydays. These scammers are desperate and will try anything to make themselves appear “successful”.

By stating an app reaches 99% win rates is basically saying a software almost never loses. Ive lost count the amount of bogus scams who’ve used the same lie. BitcoinTrader Scam is simply another added to that list.

Lets be perfectly clear here and now there’s no such thing a “perfect” strategy or software capable of winning all the time. Even though 99% is technically 1% shy from perfection, these statistics are sadly outrageous.

Don’t believe us? Join Bitcoin Trader and see what happens. (We hope you don’t)

Fake Bitcoin Trader Reviews

Ive tried finding any feedback from members who are using Bitcoin Trader, or anyone making these $13,000 profits. Its no surprise that only positive reviews anyone will find are within their website.

There a small section dedicated to “members” who rely on BitcoinTrader to “fund their luxurious lifestyles”.

Whats funny is all these photos are stock photos not belonging to any user at all.

Fore example, take a look at Jenner A from California.  Her image is used throughout hundreds of websites and can be purchased from DepositPhotos.


If Bitcoin Trader really works, and can make your risk with its automated features, wheres the proof? Why are these crooks using fake profiles for non-existing members? Why not use testimonials from actual traders?

Bitcoin Trader Review – Summary & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid the Bitcoin Trader Scam. For your safety, also avoid similar CryptoCurrency scams like Bitcoin Millionaire, Bitcoin Code, Auto Crypto 247, and Crypto Robot 365.

(Safest Crypto Autotrading App! Winning Results! Easy for Beginners!)

Theres no doubt bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies will continue to hold many prosperous ventures for everyone. Don’t think for a moment BitcoinTrader is one of them. Nothing more than a cheaply constructed Scam that will be added to our blacklist. For safer automated bitcoin app, check our video below for live results.

Im always grateful for our readers who take time in reading our reviews. We hope todays Bitcoin Trader Review was helpful and transparent. But most importantly helpful in preventing you from making a regrettable mistake.

Have and questions, feedback or personal experiences you’d like to share? Please feel free to do so by committing below. Cheers to you  and your Success!

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