Ethereum Code SCAM Warning – Serious Review!

Ethereum Code is a Scam. This is an important fact all traders need to understand. But most importantly, everyone needs to know why Ethereum Code cannot be trusted? What makes this automated trading software dangerous to its users. The following review provides all the evidence you need exposing this scam.

Im actually surprised how fast this trading app has grown in popularity. Many traders are wondering if by Mark Weston is safe to use. But my investigation proves otherwise.

While researching Mr Weston and his Ethereum Code App, I found several scamming qualities I don’t trust. Not only are traders being manipulated with ideas of becoming rich, Ive also found falsified information too.

Can this Ethereum Software really generate thousands of dollars in profits everyday as they claim? No!

If any day-trader is contemplating the idea of joining with the Ethereum Code Scam, I recommend you first read our review. Learn the truth these scammers don’t want you knowing about their money-losing scheme.

Ethereum Code Review – Busted SCAM Revealed!

ethereum code

Allow me to elaborate what it is traders are dealing with here. According to, Mark Weston is offering traders an opportunity to join the ‘beta-testing’ phase of Ethereum Code. An automated trading software supposedly capable of achieving the ‘millionaire lifestyle’.

Day-traders are literally guaranteed large profit sums of $4,000 – $7,000 daily just by clicking a few buttons through his trading system. Im sure anyone would love to make this much money everyday, but sadly these allegations are far from reality.

These lies are taken to a whole new level, as Mark says his software is fail-safe with revolutionary algorithms. Yeah Right! As a result, you can expect to generate millions very quickly. Or so he says without any evidence.

Honestly these are the same basic lies adopted by countless online scams everywhere which steal your money and pollute this industry. Frankly, we’re tired of them, and so are you.

Ask yourself this simple question; “if Ethereum Code can make you into a millionaire without any work, do you honestly believe this trading system would be give away for free?”. Absolutely not. This is ridiculous!

Ethereum Code Autotrader is a rotten Scam and its tricks are unethical. Lets blacklist this fraud once and for all!

 Ethereum Code Fraud Company

Its important for traders to know whom they’re dealing business with. Especially with programs requiring members to deposit money of their own. With Ehtereum Code, we confirmed these scammers are not be honest about their developments or who really created this bogus app.

According to their video, Mark proclaims himself as “CEO & Founder” of this system. By stating you’re CEO of something, this implies some sort of company in existence in order to this to even happen.

However we have confirmed no Ethereum Code company NOT exist! Thats right folks. There’s no evidence anywhere confirming the validity of this organization. The mere fact Google cannot verify this program with any registered establishment proves is fronted on fake credentials.

Who Created Ethereum Code Scam?

To be honest, we found zero information about these sleazy developers. To this day, we still have no idea who really responsible for the creating of Ethereum Code. Is this surprising when they’re using fake companies?

Their introductory videos shows a quick screen shot supposedly belong to Mark Weston. We’re also made to assume the voice narrating the videos are from him too. But is this true? Is Mark a real person? Um….No!

The images above and below proves these scammers either purchased or stole stock photos from places likes Shutter Stock. Proving this man doesn’t exist. 

As you can see, his image is widely used in other websites, unrelated to each other, including Ethereum Code.

This major red flag is a common trait seen within most scams. Almost all fraudulent trading programs use fake aliases, names or companies to hide their own identities. Allowing scam-artists to remain anonymous while they profit at your expense.

Clearly this scam is not being transparent about their developers. Are you willing to place your money in the hands of Ethereum Code? Hopefully not.

 Fake Ethereum Code Reviews

At this point, its not surprising to see fake reviews from paid actors pretending they’re making all this money with this bogus app. The images below are the scripted performers these sleazy programmers decided to hire for promoting their Ethereum Code Trading Scam.

If this trading system is real, then why don’t they show real reviews from actual members? Lets face it, almost all forms of advertisement use paid actors to promote various products, so what’s the big deal?

Actors alone doesn’t mean a trading app is fraudulent. But the point I want to make perfectly clear is for traders to understand their reputation. These people are famous for promoting countless dangerous scams such as Monaco Treasure and many other phony apps we’ve blacklisted.


The link I’ve provided will redirect you to their active gigs on Fiverr. Whether or not these people are aware Ethereum Code and the other apps they promoted are scams is unknown. But it shows they are NOT cryptocurrency traders nor members of EthereumCode.

Still Trust Ethereum Code?

Theres a lot of potential with cryptocurrencies. Traders from around the globe can successfully profit with Bitcoin or Ethereum, only with trusted applications. contains some general knowledge about Ethereum, Bitcoin & other cryptos, but twisted with a losing trading software incapable of delivering its promised results.

Unfortunately there just too much suspicious activity surround this entire software we cannot trust. There mere fact Ethereum Code isn’t honest about their developers, or the negative feedback from traders who already lost their investments due to poor trading performance, are you still willing to entrust your money with them?

 Ethereum Code Review – Final Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement: There’s no doubt about it, Ethereum Code Scam cannot be trusted. The only guarantee traders will receive are emptied accounts and zero profits. Never invest with

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Finding a reliable trading app can be very confusing. Especially when there’s so many scams everywhere waiting to steal your money. Luckily, traders can visit our recommend list of safe trading programs for beginners. Great opportunities for limiting risks while maximizing profits. 

Thank you for taking time in reading my honest & transparent Crypto Wealth Review. Feel free to comment below with any feedback, input or even first hand experiences you might have.

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