BannerBit is a Scam that won’t Die! (2019 Review)

Its amazing to see a Scam like BannerBit still in operation today. Over the course of these past couple years, Banner Bit has built a reputation as a verified fraud. And yet we still hear more and more people are falling for their lies and tricks.

Although we’ve never actually reviewed before, we feel it’s vital to address the seriousness of their program. A sort of ad-based company claiming you can make lots of money, but end up stealing your entire investment, and more.

The amount of complaints against BannerBit is staggering. So the following review will expelling everything you need to know about what makes this company so dangerous.

So before you throw your money away, take a few moments to read what we’ve found. Learn the truth these cambers don’t want you knowing about their BannerBit Scam program.

BannerBit Review – Scam Details Explained


Its one thing to throw scam labels on any system, but it’s another to actually understand HOW. Thats what we want to focus on today. The aspects of Banner Bit and reasons why we don’t trust it. (And neither should you).

They represent company based on advertisements. The idea is simple, you purchase ads through BannerBit, and your ads are publicly portrayed throughout the internet. As a results, you get paid for clicks.

Now this concept sounds very simple, which is why its so appealing for people looking for ways to make money online. The problem is most of these click-ad systems end of being scams. As of BannerBit, they seem to be one of the larger fraudulent ad companies in the market today.

But here are a couple things to think about, as we’ll be discussing them together in detail. Many complaints keeps piling up against BannerBit. Its unclear if they’re legally compliant (highly doubtful). And too many reports of client fund theft.


So lets direct these issues by exploring exactly why & how BannerBit is a damaging Scam.

Is Banner Bit Legal?

Let’s begin with the company itself. This entity, BannerBit, represents itself as a servicing front for advertising various other companies through banner ads. So if you want to join, you’re required to invest your money for a ‘returned profit’.

Therefore, by law they must operate under the conditions of proper Licenses and Regulations.

While trying to validate their operations, our team simply could not verify any certificates confirming any licenses in which BannerBit should be mandated to hold.

banner bit

Its clear they do not follow proper protocol mandated by Know Your Customer (KYC) Policies. However I did notice a couple contact phone numbers originating for the USA & UK regions. If this is true, Bannerbit is required to sustain required licenses in order to legally service these regions.

We’ve confirmed through the FCA & the FTC BannerBit isn’t licensed. This basically allows crooked companies to do whatever they want once they get a hold of your money.

BannerBit Traps

This issue will be tying into member complaints which we’ll cover shortly. BannerBit likes to exploit a common scam tactic we’ve commonly seen among older binary trading scams.

As you may know, you must invest “X” amount of money to get your purchased banner ads publicly seen. What many customers encountered were what we like to refer as ‘matching bonuses’. Meaning, if you invested/deposited $500, BannerBit would match that with an additional $500. Now you have $1000.

Sounds awesome, right? WRONG! These types of cash bonuses actually come with contingencies, preventing you from accessing withdrawals (another major complaint).

Many people who mistakenly accepted these bonuses also informed us about contracts which needed to be signed upon receiving that bonus. Contract containing fine print further ensnaring you into a deeper financial mess.

This basically allows Banner Bit to have more control over your investment, leaving you powerless.

User Complaints

Countless reviews from reputable sources have been posted to warn people. And there’s plenty of feedback from current/past members who’ve regretted ever joining BannerBit.

Although there are many complaints, these series of arguments tend to follow one common topic: DENIED RETURNS.

What this means in simplest terms is this BannerBit Scam deliberately refuses to pay people their dues. Whether people want to withdraw some of their profits, or withdraw their money back entirely, (especially after realizing it’s a scam) this crooked program locks you out!

The ironic part is, several members have reported their Banner Bit accounts actually growing with profits. So their ad services do actually work, but not in your favor.

You can find several scam-alerting forums containing alarming testimonials as you see from these images. A company constantly denying what rightfully belongs to their customers is serious offense. Again it’s a wonder how BannerBit is still operational.

Still Joining BannerBit?

E-Commerce and Ad-Placement programs are becoming more & more popular over the years. But its companies like BannerBit which add a sour taste in this industry.

I will say im very impressed to read several reviews from people who’ve reported investing a small few hundred dollars with this ad company, following large profit increases of up to $2000 – $3000 in one week!

Its results like these which draw much attention, perhaps causing several people to ignore the nay-sayers and scam warnings against BannerBit. All in hopes of making money online.

The problem is (and this is huge) clients never actually see those profits arrive in their personal accounts. All accumulated profits from these banner-ad accounts are collected by this horrible Scam. Illegally locking members out of their accounts, denying access to withdrawals.

Do we trust them? HELL NO! And we hope our latest BannerBit Review updated for 2019 will help you in your final decision. Hopefully preventing your from making a mistake you’ll later regret.

BannerBit Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Will this scam ever go away? Only time will tell. In the mean time, save your money for safer programs that actually work. Don’t give BannerBit the satisfaction of taking your money.

Normally at Prestige Options, we mainly focus on trading programs surrounding Forex, CFDs & Cryptocurrency. Personally ive never taken the plunge towards ads because of its still unsafe with too many scrupulous companies like bannerbit avoiding regulations. But if you’re interested in safer alternative, check our updated list of reliable trading systems ideal for beginners. You won’t be disappointed!

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Finding a safe trading app can be difficult for beginners. Especially if you don’t know where to look. At Prestige Options, we have you covered! Stay informed with our daily updated scam list. And don’t forget about our section of best trading apps containing various choices of autotraders & educational resources.

We like to thank our readers for taking time reading our transparent & honest BannerBit Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this Corrupt BannerBit system.

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