Social Trader is a SCAM! SocialTrader App Exposed!

Social Trader software by Jonathan Cooper has quickly become a viral Scam causing traders to lose their entire investment by failing to produce profitable results. If you’ve been contemplating whether the SocialTrader software could possibly be a reliable avenue for automated applications, first read our full assessment where I’ve provided important information detailing why nobody should operate with this questionable auto-bot. Every aspect within the Social Trader Scam are typical scamming characteristics we normally encounter within worthless trading apps, all in efforts for deceiving newcomers searching for simplified methods of trading. Paid actors, phony countdown widgets, and falsified endorsements are just a portion of what awaits traders on the other side.

Its seems exploiting certain social media portals has become a trending approach in which scam-artists are targeting for promoting their faulty programs. Other than the newly developed Social Trader Software, recent platforms like Millionaire Replicator and Social Tech Trader are forcing day-traders to believe winning transactions are simply integrated onto your personal brokerage account by some ‘social’ professional from unknown locations. Before Jonathan’s program becomes anymore popular than already is, we encourage reading our Informative Social Trader review exposing the truth behind this scam!

Social Trader Review: Busted Scam Software

social traderStarting with the alleged Creator & CEO Jonathan Cooper, he’s no more than a mere fabrication derived by scammers who are hiding their real identities for avoiding responsibility of cheating traders with phony softwares. Other than a photograph and voice-over depicted as Jonathan Cooper, not much is left to configure a background check and authenticate his existence. In reality the photograph within presentation videos was purchased or stolen from Proving once and for all Jonathan Cooper does NOT exist. A vital factor where the Social Trader Scam has lost major credibility and makes you wonder what else they’re lying about.

Snapshot Origin

Ridiculous statements like, “Based on your financial history” you’ve been selected for an “exclusive invitation for downloading Jonathan’s groundbreaking Social Trader software”. What?? Are they implicating they have access to my financial records?! Are they spying on us?! Highly unlikely but still bizarre. Keep in mind words like “guarantee” are serious Red Flags often used by scam productions, and SocialTrader has guaranteed its viewers immediate four figure earnings in pure daily profits. How is this possible you might ask? Social Trader Scam “conquers economic markets by harnessing the immense power of social media, connecting you to 8.5 million experts and coping their trades”.

Traders must exude caution because nothing but lies have completely saturated the website. The ideology behind its methods of operation sound very appealing as novice traders are told no analyzing charting solutions or finance graphs are necessary. Instead you sit back and collect thousands in profits as professionals do all the work for you. The phrase “Too Good to be True” applies here 100%. Continue reading our SocialTrader review to uncover more deceptive traits.

Reviews & Dangerous Concerns

At least 4 Recorded testimonials from paid actors were found within, common tools adopted by most scam services. Because corrupt systems like Social Trader scam mainly target rookie traders with little knowledge, fake reviews portraying as supposed members are favored as additional selling points. By visiting our BlackList section containing avoidable trading solutions & brokers, vast majority of them are guilty of utilizing false recordings from people pretending to succeed with numerous scams. market place has been the number one resource for fake promotional videos acquired fby a mere five dollars fee. Don’t be fooled! Cheap service for cheaper products. 

A review earlier revealed alerting facts regarding pictures belonging to SocialTrader professionals, whom we’re suppose to follow from, were used in a previous scamming app from last year known as Copy the Pro! Makes us question whether both systems are connected?

Without verifiable proof indicating SocialTrader is capable of generating positive outcomes, desperate measures for appearing legitimate have been taken by malicious developers. By scrolling midway through Mr Cooper’s webpage, logos from multiple companies like NBC, CNN, Pepsi, Levis & Campbells, etc., are streamed under a banner titled, ” Companies using SocialTrader“. Nothing but random selections of non-related organizations to binary options or online trading. While conducting our review, I logged into these company websites and searched for legal agreements connected to “Social Trader”. Not surprising to find zero matching descriptions as such reputable companies would never associate themselves with fraudulent softwares. Endorsement badges are used as signs of authority and recognition. only deserves a Blacklisting badge.

Social Trader Review – Conclusion

Nothing within is deemed authentic or trustworthy. We hope at this junction of today’s review, readers finally understand why traders should stay clear of this dubious auto-trader and save yourselves from unnecessary headaches. By registering with, no doubt the only guaranteed outcome you’ll receive are empty accounts and regret.

Final Verdict: Avoid Social Trader Software. A dangerous Scam App full of justifiable suspicions!

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If you’ve fallen victim to their Social Trader Scam or other equally damaging signal providers, contact us anytime at Keep us informed so we can continue debunking phony money-making schemes for prevention of future traders falling for similar traps. Any feedback, questions or suggestions are always welcomed by commenting below. Thank you for taking time in reading Prestige’s honest Social Trader Review.

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