Social Tech Trader SCAM! Honest REVIEW!

Social Tech Trader Review (Scam Alert!)

Traders be warned! Social Tech Trader is a typical “not trying to sell you anything” Scam and we don’t trust it! Many of our subscribers have requested we review this new software and it’s time we expose the truth. Although by Albert (no surname) appears a legitimate solution for binary options, we have concluded beyond reasonable doubt we’re dealing with an elaborate fraud for deceiving traders who are simply searching for further assistance or guidance. The Social Technical Trader scam doesn’t announce you’ll make grandiose earnings like most scamming productions, rather advertise members will make a modest $900 – $1000 per day. A believable achievement, but highly doubtful in this case as we found plagiarized profiles and oddly construed stories within their website. Lets discuss the troubling issues as you continue reading our informative Social Tech Trader review.

tauri botWhat is Social Tech Trader? Why a Scam?

First off allow me to clarify the simple fact Albert doesn’t reveal his full name causes sever suspicions towards their legitimacy. Its an important factor to consider when researching his alleged background for any review and scam monitoring. Albert’s description of his Social Technology Trader app, methods of operation and how it was incorporated is a tad bizarre and tech trader

According to their introduction videos on, Albert and a group of colleges copied bits of financial code within bank infrastructures in efforts to create and automated trading software capable of analyzing global markets and financial data. (In other words, they stole encrypted information). By implementing social media, they hope to expand its potential. The story goes off track as Albert clams he constructed Social Tech Trader along with social arbitrage strategies similar to what he states are utilized by several banks for pumping enormous wealth.

Since when do banks depend on any social media integration for making money? They only make money from thier client’s money. Simply stated, the narrative behind Social Tech Trader Scam is flawed and makes no sense.

Fake Endorsements? Come On!

You may have noticed a Fox Business banner located directly above presentation footage. We had no idea Fox had commented on this binary system as we’re familiar with their network and watch their segments on a weekly basis. Truth be told we review many scams and are not strangers to fraudulent programs who place falsified endorsements badges to implicate a sense of authority & recognition. A well-known scamming tactic to deceive rookie day-traders into believing their integrity is more than fake. However there’s zero verifiable proof insinuating any support from any television networks or foundations for Social Technical Trader and its capabilities. You can visit and search yourselves to find the same results as us. If they’re lying to newcomers regarding reviews from other establishments, what other lies are they hiding from us?

False Testimonials & Supportive Reviews

Feedback from real investors using certain trading systems are crucial aspects for determining a scam. proclaims “full transparency” yet our review findings conclude the complete opposite. Anyone visiting their platform will encounter their version of Social Tech Trader member’s testimonies with descriptions related to each of their experiences with the social app. With profits ranging between five and six figures in addition to advertised assistance from supposed ‘tech teams’, its no surprise traders will be attracted to register with this questionable scam. The screenshot depicted below was take from their webpage, along with separate links proving these profiles we fabricated by crooked developers. Photos taken from other sites is not a good sign! If Social Tech Trader scam were successful as they state, they’d be able to provide concrete evidence from authentic users rather than resort to deceptive maneuvers to deceive newcomers. Corrupt softwares are notorious for exploiting falsified accounts, which is why we at do NOT acknowledge Social Technical Trader as a reliable resource.

social tech traderInconclusive “Live” Results

Before we conclude our Social Tech Trader review, I’d like to address their real-time “Verified” accounts and payouts. There are some irregularities they refuse to explain which must be understood in case you believe they’re authentic. We hate seeing terms like “Verified” as there’s no way to accurately verify these earnings. The assets & entry / expiration times are not disclosed which are vital pieces of information. Not to mention the steep amounts per individual trade are displayed to show high payouts. Another misleading characteristic to attract newbies, insinuating they too will receive such extensive returns.  In order to achieve these profits, one must deposit large amounts into their broker exceeding the minimum requirements. Overall, the Social Tech Trader scam is dangerously deceptive. 

Social Tech Trader Review: Conclusion

As promising as they appear, we don’t recommend anyone waste money into a trading software with numerous scamming attributes and questionable history. Insisting that bringing in more traders “optimizes the trading software’s performance levels and increases its power” is a ridiculous notion which doesn’t effect ones ability to properly analyze financial markets.

Final Verdict: Social Tech Trader is a SCAM!

The aspect of Social Technical Trader is not far off. The idea comes from an already flourishing trading group on Facebook with over 4000 members and continues to grow everyday. Assistance on binary basics and learning new strategies are at your disposal. Not to mention traders follow profitable signals posted by professional binary option investors all day throughout the trading week. No matter your level of experience, this a great opportunity you’ll want to be part of. Thank you for reading our honest Social Tech Trader review & click the banner below for more information on joining the best trading community available. 

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  • Let me just say thank you fr your review. I was really interested in registering with Social Tech Trader because i thought it would be a great software to use. I even submitted my information but the broker Social Tech Trader chose for me was saying i needed to make a $500 deposit when most deposits are only $250. That’s way too high for me to spend so i started looking for any reviews to see if its Social Tech Trader was really good as they say. Im glad i found your site and didnt waste money with these fools Thank you!

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