Sleeping Money Machine is a Junky SCAM! Unbiased Review!

By | April 2, 2016

Sleeping Money Machine Review: Scam Warning on Busted Trading App!

Sleeping Money Machine is a half-ass automated trading Scam I wouldn’t wast a single dollar on, so it’s imperative for traders to read this informative review and understand its inevitable dangers. Quite honestly the overall appearance of was poorly constructed without any touches of professionalism, consisting of childish hand-drawing displays within their presentation video. Robert Benjamin, assuming that’s his voice narrating, is a scam-artist who created a binary “machine” capable of generating tons of money while your sleeping. Regardless of this pathetic excuse for a trading application, unfortunately some traders have reported severe money loss as the Sleeping Money Machine Scam has failed to uphold its advertised performance levels in banking thousands overnight with winning ratios reaching 50% or less. At this rate, no wonder why day-traders are losing their money, so if you have any inclinations in registering, please read our Sleeping Money Machine Review to prevent yourself from a making financial mistake.

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Nothing about should be considered legitimate or true as Ive found nothing within their software holding any creditably supporting its supposed capabilities. Zero evidence in reference to the alleged CEO & Founder, ‘Robert Benjamin’ cannot be found anywhere on Google to verify his existence. The mere fact he refuses to show his real face further enhances my suspicions towards this con-artist. What’s he hiding from? Surely anyone who creates a trading software capable of profiting $4-5 Million per year as he claims would be famously renowned and much appreciated within the trade community. However not even social media profiles from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter can authenticate this person. Whoever Mr Benjamin really is, clearly he’s hiding from the repercussions caused by his Sleeping Money Machine Scam App.

Fake Testimonials

Falsified Review Evidence

Do you recall the black guy named ‘Bradley Jenkins’ claiming he made a hefty $7,000 withdrawal a couple days after activating the SleepingMoneyMachine Software? And how he met up with Robert Benjamin to personally thank him for such success? Interestingly enough the photo pertaining to Bradley (depicted above this review) looking like he’s on safari was actually purchased by stock websites. Since scam services are unable to provide real reviews from anyone profiting from their systems, programs like fabricated their testimonies in order to deceive newcomers. Think about it for a moment, wouldn’t traders gladly come forward by posting their personal reviews if they were truly receiving thousands in daily earnings? However, only negative remarks have been unraveled exposing the fact we’re dealing with another money-making scheme. Don’t be fooled by any endorsements or positive Sleeping Money Machine review found online.

Continued “Sleeping” Lies

Not much else can be said since doesn’t provide much information about its services. But there are some other factors indicating this trading scam is completely misleading & rendered worthless. Certain statements from Robert Benjamin insinuating he’s been helping traders for over 6 years are untrue since investigating their domain registration indicates this automated scam was developed less than a month from writing this review. After reviewing how others are not making any money while sleeping or awake evidently proves his trading software does not operate through “magic formulas” analyzing global economic data. Even if it attempts to analyze any financial structure, clearly its doing a terrible job. 

Conclusion / Verdicts / Alternatives

Before we conclude today’s Sleeping Money Machine review, allow me to remind you how important it is to conduct your own research for authentic trader review whenever encountering new profit-making applications. Some you’ll find can obviously be spotted as scams, while others are more convincing with high-quality productions & professional footage. At, updating our Blacklist of avoidable scam softwares & dangerous brokers on updated constantly.

Final Judgement: Avoid Sleeping Money Machine Scam. is a FRAUD!

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