Secret To Success App is a SCAM – Full REVIEW

By | December 26, 2015

Secret to Success Scam Review

ALERT! Dont deposit is single dollar into the Secret To Success App until you’ve fully understood the problems we’ve uncovered in our Secret To Success review post.

Be Careful Traders! Don’t be fooled by the fake screenshots of large bank statements or brokerage accounts containing millions of dollars. Secret To Success App is a new automatic trading system for 2016 pretending to provide a new method of simplifying binary options. Timothy Galvaki presents us with a questionable trading scam where winning ratios nor experiences are necessary to succeed. Too many red flags caught our attention and we have reasonable evidence against their Secret To Success Scam that strongly exposes them for being a fraudulent trading software. As you continue reading this Secret To Success review, Im certain you’ll be convinced this auto trader is nothing more than another money-making scheme.

Secret To Success App Review – We don’t Trust It! was developed by Timothy Galvaki, posing as a “self-made billionaire” who convinces newcomers entering the industry of his autotrading system being ‘unique’ and ‘revolutionary’. According to the narrative in their introductory videos on their website, Timothy claims to have established special “connections” with partnered brokers guaranteeing traders who use the Secret To Success trading app will never lose money ever again, even if they lose a single trade. More specifically, certain “agreements” were made where if anyone loses a trade, the broker will cover your losses and refund your account. A “fool proof” method ensuring accounts are never depleted and only grow. Although he never discloses exactly how this automated trader works, Timothy Galvaki is absolutely positive his new trading app is different from all other scams. But with the promises of refunding losing trades and “zero risks”, we’re quickly reminded of an previous scamming service we recently exposed earlier this month called Greg Insider Method (Review). These features may sound very promising and exciting, but rest assured these are lies constructed by scam-artists to deceive traders into depositing with scamming softwares. Enough speculations and lets review the facts.

Secret To Success Scam – Proof Revealed

Photo Origin Evidence –

secret to successFor newbies, Secret To Success may seem reasonable and perhaps you could pass off unorthodox methods of being a ‘newer’ or ‘legitimate’ form of profiting with binary options. But consider this. When we gathered information for our current Secret To Success review, no such info regarding Timothy Galvaki was ever found confirming his existence or involvements with any brokers at all. It didn’t take long to realize the photograph depicted above used to portray our alleged creator of is nothing more than a stock photo purchased from, which proves Mr Galvaki is NOT real. You’ll also notice multiple endorsement badges from numerous financial establishments like Forbes, New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many more. Evidently no concrete proof was uncovered in proving any partnership or endorsements were made by either institution, which further indicates these badges were purely used for authoritative appearances. If these deceiving liars falsify information about who created this bogus automatic trading program, what else have they lied about? Well guys, let me show you.

Secret To Success Scam – The lies don’t stop!

If we’ve been misinformed in regards to its alleged development teams, you can most certainly expect to find their testimonial reviews of being equally misleading. Fraudulent companies with no credibility or conclusive statistics supporting its legitimacy must rely on scamming tactics to entrap as many traders as possible. By watching their Secret to Success review videos on their site, they imply only “50 spots” are available so action must be taken quickly. Be advised many trading scams insist that time is short to persuade newcomers into wasting money with such debatable programs before reviews are posted informing readers of their malicious intents. The picture below is a screen shot of one of their “beta-testers” who supposedly uses the secret to success app and states how she’s never lost any money even with losing trades. This individual has been witnessed promoting several binary trading scams in recent past which proves unsettling and doesn’t grant me much confidence in this particular system. NICE TRY but you’ve been exposed and now traders know the TRUTH!

View her acting Profile –

secret to success reviewSecret To Success Review – “Busted” Conclusion!

 Our final verdict on this matter is straightforward and evident: Avoid investing with their dangerous Secret To Success Scam.

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