Secret Algo Bot is a SCAM!!! Stay Away!!

We have an important announcement concerning a new binary options trading software. The Secret Algo Bot is another trading Scam scheduled for release in October 2015. When we first caught wind of this program, deep concerns were soon developed by a number of “user reviews” prematurely exposed before set launch for the SecreAlgoBot. Supposedly this auto-trader is very precise and will make you a millionaire in a short matter of days. It is imperative that we explain the “red-flags” concerning this trading software before it’s circulation within the binary industry and warn unaware traders of guaranteed money loss with use of this worthless tool.

When you first check out the website, you will be brought to a generic looking platform of which could be easily assumed had been created by a child. With just a Title, Introduction video with a registration form, and pictures of phony customer testimonials, it is clear the Secret Algo Bot webpage is not very promising. The two videos themselves will take you no more than 8 minutes to complete. The production is terrible, consisting of a male voice-over accompanied by visual text. That’s it!! No information is given about the company itself. No name of the creator or CEO of is given, or how exactly the trading software actually works. The “Terms & Conditions” tab located at the bottom of SecretAlgoBot isn’t even Active. No effort or thought is projected. Only a bold statement from the Secret Algo Bot with capabilities of “94.3% success rates”, and will make you a millionaire in no time at all. No professional presentation is presented by this so-called million dollar company.  Millions of dollars in “profits” and this is their best idea of a marketing campaign? COME ON!! You would think any lucrative business would invest some money into a compelling propaganda to attract attention.

FullSizeRender(49)Aside from its appearance, our major concern with the Secret Algo Bot software are the “positive” reviews found in our Google searches before its dated release. More specifically, where these evaluations were coming from. Blogging websites like and are regularly found promoting almost every single binary options hoax released in the industry. published a review on September 24th, 2015 stating: “Hundreds of new members have flooded into the Secret Algo Bot members area due to the successful trade ratio that the software is currently reaching…” How can this be when the SecretAlgoBot system hasn’t been released until October 2015?? is known for advocating anything related to binary options, even if the trading software is Fraudulent. Another site we found assisting this useless program is  We found out this site was specifically made to advertise the secret Algo Bot with terrible grammatical errors and sentence structures that make no sense. No reputable company would ever be supported by such awful endorsements. These issues prove evident we are dealing with another SCAM!

There isn’t much else for pointing out but in case you need further convincing, here you go. The majority of these deceiving companies are partnered with Phony Brokers with bad reputations like the ones found in our BlackList. Black-listed binary brokers are known for many illegal actions like receiving deposits from traders but later blocking out access to accounts. Whenever you hear someone claim that knowledge of financial markets and Economic News isn’t a requirement for being successful in binary options trading, like what you hear from the Secret Algo Bot video presentation, RUN the other way!!! We are not saying you need to be a total genius, but you must at least understand some basic, simple Trading Fundamentals. If finding an auto-trader is the route you want to take, that’s okay! There are plenty RELIABLE trading systems available for all leveled traders. AutoTraders like the FastCash.BIZ has become a Reputable and Professional trading application in which thousands of traders are utilizing. Along with 24/7 support its no surprise its popular among all skilled levels.

Trading Binary options is a very lucrative form of investing. If you serious about making money in this industry, it is very important to familiarize yourself with our BlackList. Deceiving products like the system have earned a spot in our wall of SHAME. Joining organizations like these is not an ideal beginning in your binary trading journey. One should always look for a Trusted Broker with a solid reputation, and possibly offers a free Demo Account to further understand the feel of trading. We hope you have found our Secret Algo Bot Scam Review before you make any regrettable decisions. Please help us spread the word and warn others by commenting below, like, and/or sharing this post.

Stay Away from SECRET ALGO BOT!!!

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