Second Investment Review – Shady Scam Broker!

Second Investment offers tons of lucrative promises to rookie traders with zero evidence supporting their claims. In a nutshell, we strongly believe this questionable broker is a dirty Scam all traders should exude caution with. The following review reveals several alarming facts & hidden tricks for manipulating its customers.

During our investigation throughout, we weren’t happy with the amount of scamming factors & misleading information embedded throughout their site. These common denominators scattered within Second Investment are usually identified inside fraudulent trading softwares and brokers. Well review in details new evidence supporting our suspicions.

For day-traders contemplating the idea of joining with the Second Investment Scam, or wondering if this trading programs is legit, read our review. Learn some hidden truths these scammers don’t want public traders knowing. Its quite possible Second Investment is the newest addition in a long line of money-stealing schemes.

Second Investment Review – Shady Broker or Worse?

Its actually not quite clear as to what is all about. Is it a trading app or binary broker? To be honest, i first thought this website was for another trading software. But apparently after carefully reading, Second Investment is a broker offering traders unrealistic promotions of making $10,000 or more per week.

We can finally say for sure this app is a binary broker where traders make deposits for online trading. However traders are unaware whats actually be offered here. Putting it bluntly, Second Investment is exploiting a dangerous feature commonly referred as “managed accounts”. 

Again, Ill explain in full detail what these managed account offers entail of, and why they’re dangerous. But we’re also exploring its methods of deception such as fake reviews & paid actors for deceiving beginner traders into thinking this broker is a money-making solution. Time to unmask the lies and expose this fraud trading system.

Second Investment is NOT Regulated

Brokers are required by law to make known their locations & companies of operation for legal contact purposes. Although they are technically a broker, Second Investment doesn’t make it obvious. Nor do these crooks give traders the required documentations to verify their credibility.

second investment

Zero Company or Developer Names given. Remember transparency is important when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable & safe in their decisions. Yet their level of mysteriousness surrounding Second Investment simply beckons more concerns than approval.

Oh, lets not forget Second Investment isn’t regulated by any law-making committees. Meaning this broker is unsafe!

Fake Second Investment Reviews

Apparently Second Investment is performing very well, making traders all over the world very rich. Or so these scammers say. Visiting traders will see a series of recorded testimonials from ‘members’ stating impressive results. Some even make bold claims of baking $40,000 per month through Second Investment.

Sounds great right? Don’t be fooled. Every single one of these people are paid actors hired by scamming companies for creating fake review. Even worse, we’ve actually seen these scam-artists within countless other fraudulent trading systems and making false claims of non-existent riches.

Evidence: 1 –  2 –  3 –  4 –  5 –

From the links we’ve provided, readers will be redirected to their active gigs from Fiverr. Proving these persons are not real traders or members of Second Investment. Why use phony reviews if is real & legitimate? Where are the real stories from actual traders?

Second Investment Loses Money with Risky Traps!

Similar to a bonus (something we’re constantly warning traders to avoid), managed accounts are tied together with contingencies that will complicate your account and put you at risk of losing everything.

What are managed accounts? These are offers provided by most brokers where they offer to “trade” for you. If you watch the introductory videos from, this is precisely what these crooks are offering. This is how they’ll supposedly turn your small investment into six figures. Yeah Right!

The problem with these ‘special offers’ is the brokers like Second Investment trade too aggressively. They place big trades which could potentially provide bigger payouts. However the risks are far greater, where 9/10 these idiots blow away your funds without profitable results. 

Once you’ve realized something like Second Investment broker is a scam, any attempts to withdrawing your money back is denied due to hidden ‘strings attached. This is unsafe for any trading venture.

Can you Trust Second Investment Broker?

Gathering from what we know already, the answer is obviously NO. This broker is un-monitored nor regulated by current standards. Falsified reviews by paid actors are used to make themselves look successful. And we cannot ignore the fact this investing program is surrounded by tricky offers which prevent you from withdrawing. 

It’s safe to say no trader should ever invest a single penny with Second Investment Scam.

Second Investment Review – Summary & Safer Suggestions

Trading online with the right broker and/or tested trading app are crucial to ensure your success for online trading. For beginners, there are plenty of simple & easy softwares you can use. And Plenty of trusted brokers are available.

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  • I started at 21/07/2017 an account with 250$.
    the account was traded to a point that the value was 1k.
    than one of the so called “Brokers” called me and said that there is a promotion and if I will add another 3k we will potentially make 30% growth.
    so i took his advise. we did make money on this event.
    than when i asked to withdraw all the money in the account to pay for my daughters medicines they just ignored my calls and traded the account down to 0 in less than an hour.
    I highly recommend everyone to check the ability and the liquidity of their account with this company.

    • hi jon
      thank you for sharing and im sorry to hear about your terrible experiences with the Second Investment Scam.
      I hope other traders will read my review and also see your experience you had to further prevent others from falling for this dangerous broker.

  • Great review, yea I remember seeing these scammer before emailing me to join with second investment, but felt like theres something not right with them. Thank you for exposing this scam guys!

  • Second Investment is a scam. Got talked into joining from my account manager at Magnum Options which also crashed/disappeared last year. I paid $US5000 for a managed account. It rose very quickly with the trades they did for me hardly ever losing. I made a withdrawal application for $US5000 then it all changed. Suddenly my account went down from $US23000 to just over $US5000. They now could not win a trade and lost all the time(very suspicious). I ended up getting $US500.00 back from them. They said it was a bank error 3 months ago and I would have the missing $US4500 by Christmas. Not to be and now they will not answer my emails to Support nor will my account manager contact me. They are a scam. Do not have anything to do with them

  • Thank you for the warning prestige, great working exposing the second investment scam

    much appreciated!

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