Samaritan System IS A SCAM!!! WARNING & PROOF

This is an important assessment concerning the Samaritan System Scam. If you are planning on signing up with this fake auto trading software, take a moment to read our Samaritan System Review. We’ve provided some informative evidence which lead us to believe Robin Castel and his “good intentions” are nothing more than misleading lies in attempt to appear as a ‘selfless Samaritan’.

First lets discuss Robin Castel. Hes the CEO and creator of the Samaritan System and self proclaimed multimillionaire hedge fund manager since 2-0-0-8. Like most binary option Scammers, representing as an individual providing a lucrative investment opportunity free of charge to the public is very cliche. Unfortunately for “Robin Castel”, hes nothing but a figment character and a phony. The picture of him within the Samaritan System smiling with two thumbs up was actually purchased from

Depicted Snapshot of Robin Castel’s photograph:

samaritan 2That’s Strike One for the Samaritan System auto trader. Any sign of deception serves indication to stay away. But it doesn’t end here. provides us with an introduction video containing a pathetic narrative with no substance, and fake customer testimonials. The attractive girl and old man proclaiming ‘success’ by making loads of money with the Samaritan Software are paid actors from, who have also been identified in other binary options scams. For Five Bucks, these people are paid and scripted to say anything, including lies from money-making scammers.

The Evidence Doesn’t LIE:

Experienced-Looking Older Man:

samaritanCute Female Actress

samaratinFortunately, by examining the Samaritan System integrity and their operations required very little effort. After a short investigation, we have found no authenticity within Mr Castel and his campaign. This new automated trading program seems to target ideally all newcomers within the binary option industry by email spamming, in hopes of tricking them into ‘investing’ with their fraudulent program. In conjunction with’s false reviews, fabricated identities, and annoying countdown timer widgets, their social media reviews were also found to be falsified.

Our conclusion is obvious and there is no need for further interrogation. Samaritan System is nothing more than another worthless, deceiving, get-rich-quick scheme which will surely deplete you from your money. Our hopes is that our review will reach many who have received any of their soliciting spam, and understand the true intentions behinds the Samaritan System Program. This is not a binary options trading solution worth placing faith into. If you happen to sign-up with the auto-trader, submit us you feedback and enlighten us with your experience. We will do our best to assist you, and by exposing these malicious propagandists, we can help warn others.

Proven and Recommended Alternative Auto Trading Services: FastCash.Biz  or Dow Jones Focus Group

Binary Options is a lucrative avenue and exciting form of investing financial markets. Unfortunately, its softwares like the Samaritan System who tarnish the binary options industry. But there are many traders around who are consistently profiting with binary options and acquiring a substantial income. Plenty of other Reliable Signal Services and Auto Trading Systems being utilized by thousands of traders that are effective and trustworthy. When testing a new strategy or trading service, be sure to use a Free Demo account before using real money.

STAND CLEAR FROM Samaritan System!!!


  • These people for are acting like Samaritans looking like they are doing the people a favor. when in reality they are just stealing money

  • Thank you guys for this informative Review. Theres too many website promoting this crappy trading softwares

  • Im trying to look for good trading signals or maybe an autotrader. clearly the Samaritan system is out of the question. Its hard to find one

  • Hey guys very interesting review. When i first went onto the Samaritan System website, i had no idea about these actors. its pretty scummy these people are advocating these scams

  • They stole over $56K from me. I can’t believe I fell for this scam. Thank you posting this review, I wish I knew beforehand it was a scam

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