Safeguard Trader Review – Prove SCAM Software Exposed!!!

Safeguard Trader Review – Critical SCAM Alert (Must Read)

Traders be warned! Safeguard Trader is a new trading Scam developed by filthy scammers whose sole agenda in geared towards pocketing your money with misconstrued attributes and misleading information. My main concern are the empty promises advertised telling visitors they’ll not only ‘never lose’ a single trade, but also guaranteeing millions in profits after thirty-one days. For newcomers unaware the levels of dishonesty portrayed throughout and similarly outrageous trading applications, they might consider the Safeguard Trader scam by David Hefner an exciting venture for online investments. Before depositing a solitary dollar into this automated fraud app, examine our Safeguard Trader review to its end where we’ve outlined critical facts exposing their money-stealing schemes.

Warning Update: While investigating the platform, we immediately recognized the man posing as Mr Hefner. But more importantly , the narrative described within the introductory videos are exactly identical from two previous scams we recently exposed as dangerous get-rich-quick gimmicks. Although a few phrases, names and numerical structures were switched around, its obvious we’re dealing with lazy scammers launching the one scam on multiple fronts. The following Safeguard Trader review contains all the evidence needed!

Safeguard Trader Review – Busted SCAM Software (Complete Forgery)

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You’ll notice the story repeats itself constantly for a half hour, insisting rookie investors will be banking thirty-three thousand dollars by tomorrow, and everyday followed for life. Described as the most powerful  trading software in the industry, David Hefner claims to have generated over 1.2 million in net profits and invites trader to share in his wealth. Dont be fooled by his Lies! Here’s where this scam review forces the Safeguard App to completely come undone….

Just over a month ago, we witnessed David pretending to be CEO and Founder of GPS Trader (Review), a temporarily viral trading scam that reeked havoc among the investing community, causing traders to lose nearly all deposits without any profitable results to show for. Fast-forward a couple weeks later, a second counterfeit program known as NavStar Trader was released, delivering similar messages of acquiring grandiose riches and financial independence. Both of which have proven themselves consequentially harmful to all it users. We advise readers to confirm for yourselves by entering both sites so you can verify our assumptions are undeniably correct. Now the latest installment in this corrupt trilogy is Safeguard Trader software, where crooked developers have neglected all sense of originality, basically duplicating their initial scamming program and pasting it on their domain. A triple threat approach in seizing potential clients into registering with an already disposed sham!

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Now that we understand its originating background and damaged history, assuming everything else embedded on their webpage are fabricated loads of BS is surely justifiable. Numerous errors were clearly overlooked by these scam-artist, whose laziness makes it that much easier for full review exposure. For starters, the marketing footage identifies their paid actor as “David Hefner”. However a section depicting their Safeguard team illustrates his first name is ‘Richard’. So which one is it. Incorrectly identifying your alleged autotrading creator is not a good sign! As for his brother & co-Founder named “Josh”, his image was actually purchased from ShutterStock, a marketplace for purchasing stock photos. Absolutely pathetic!

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Proof of Josh’s Origins –

Any auto pilot binary system presenting itself as a zero-risk or no-loss solution have always failed in delivering its exaggerated results while depleting your funds. Elaborate synopsis regarding its method of operations or its mathematically engineered equations for winning perfection are ultimately a cluster of fancy words bunched together for appearing like a sophisticated software you can trust. Quite the Contrary! A short ‘live’ demonstration shows viewers a misguided perception on how effective Safeguard Trader software is, showing a miraculous $500 profit within sixty seconds with a mere $300 starting balance. Not only is this impossible, it doesn’t mathematically add up even if you were foolish enough to risk the whole $300 balance. Not very convincing for something were suppose to believe is “cutting edge” or “conjoined with super computers for analyzing economic data”. This trading app is failing at ever direction possible.

The list of scammy attributes goes on a longer list, but I’m sure anyone reading today’s Safeguard Trader review is beginning to see this horrible auto-trading app through a clearer perspective. These con-artist are desperate in capturing new victims, by implementing fake timers insinuating on twenty spots remain for joining, declaring today being the last day before closing closing registrations. There’s also intentions of placing a hefty charge $10,000 for future memberships, with additional $2000 monthly charges. We can all agree these statements are totally outrageous and unrealistic. Our main objective is to prevent further traders from being enthralled by any of these three scams, produced by heartless criminals without regard to the consequences produced by unethical softwares.

Safeguard Trader Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Final Judgement: Avoid Davids Safeguard Trader Scam! is a certified recycled fraudulent hoax formulated by crooks in stealing your money! Don’t grant them the satisfaction!

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Its understandable the process of determining a reliable software from useless scams is daunting for newbie traders, especially when they’re blinded by false rhetoric of never losing or fantasies of receiving millions in short periods of time. Fortunately there are plenty resourceful & reputable autotraders & signal service providers deemed safe and supported by Binary/Forex authorities. Not positive if a particular application you’re interested in is trustworthy? Visit our daily updated blacklist containing a multiple scams and lousy brokers reviewed and blacklisted for being unsafe for online consumers. Any feedback or first-handed experience with Safeguard are greatly welcomed by commenting below so others may see what real users are saying. I thank you for reading our thorough and informative Safeguard Trader review post.

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