Safe Zone Strategy is a SCAM!!! WARNING REVIEW!!!

Can you Trust Safe Zone Strategy? Is Safe Zone Strategy Scam or Legitimate trading software?

The following is a warning and full assessment on the Safe Zone Strategy system by Tony Flanagan. Please read carefully and understand what we’ve found within their trading platform which forces us to believe this is another binary trading scam. During our investigation, certain irregularities have caught our attention and feel it necessary to alert everyone who’s contemplating on joining Safe Zone Strategy.

The CEO and creator of SafeZoneStrategy.Com, Tony Flanagan, “has ‘miraculously’ created the worlds first binary system that can trade and adjust on the fly”. His ‘autodidact’, or self-improved automated trader supposedly generates profits of up to $5,800 a day. Tony explains how SZS operates by finding “safe zones” within High or Low Market Peaks by calculating averages and price histories from the past 200 days. With a starting 76.3% success win rate, the performance of Safe Zone Strategy Software ‘evolves’ & increases as it gradually places trades automatically.’s capabilities in adaptation quickly reminded us of a previous binary options scam we recently debunked known as Banker Profit System.

safe zone strategyWe could’ve given Safe Zone Strategy the benefit of the doubt and hope their trading system is as profitable as Flanagan claims. But the most alarming RED FLAG we found was within SafeZoneStrategy’s introductory video. After submitting our email information to learn more about SZS’s potential, we hear, “If somehow your failing in creating your Safe Zone Strategy Trading Account, just send me an e-mail with your information and I’ll be happy to create the accounts on your behalf”. Remember, setting up broker and auto-trading accounts require providing sensitive information like bank-account / credit card info, and personal numbers. Recently, a malicious scam-artist, known as the Michael Freeman Nigerian Scam, impersonated and proposed similar offers by requesting such information and robbed over 60,000 Euros from a woman in Ireland. If anyone suggests they set-up any binary brokers, automated trading services, or even invest on your behalf, RUN! These deceptive activities are highly illegal and immoral.

If you think Tony Flanagan and his Safe Zone Strategy system will stop there with their phony escapades, think again. As usual, many fraudulent trading solutions provide fabricated testimonials and customer reviews in order to appear legit & successful. It was no surprise for PrestigeBinaryOptions.Com to acquire the true identity of “Samira Smith”. Her real name is Jessica, but Safe Zone Strategy decided to steal her picture from, a website of collective pictures from her wedding day.

Evidence of Samira’s picture origin:

safe zone strategy 2At we have a zero-tolerance for Scamming systems and their illegitimate activities. We 100% do not find the Safe Zone Strategy Program trustworthy by any means. There are too many indications pointing towards the direction of a pure money-making scheme. Are you willing to freely give a questionable trading service and Tony Flanagan your personal information? That is if Tony even exists. Can you truly put your confidence where a company has to steal photos from other sites to fuel their lies and crooked gains?

STAY AWAY from Safe Zone Strategy SCAM!!!

Safer, Proven, & Tested Alternative: Dow Jones Focus Group Review

Don’t be dismayed by individuals like Mr Flanagan and his bogus SafeZoneStrategy Software. Binary Option Trading is a lucrative business that offers countless opportunities for newcomers and professionals. If you’re interested in online investing, familiarize yourself with our BLACKLIST section of all binary signal services and auto traders to avoid. Remember to fund an account with a Regulated Broker and open a Free DEMO Account for practice.

Watch PrestigeBinary’s YouTube Video to Learn More:


  • Thank you so much for this article and you are correct in saying do not get involved with the Safe Zone Strategy, both Tony Flanagan and his system are a scam.

  • Thank you for the review. I was looking into this when I came across your article. Really glad I did!

  • Appreciate your very informative review. Great information, thanks.

  • Can’t believe this scammer is actually telling people he will set up the account on your behalf! That’s soooo not how it’s done! Thank you for warning people!

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