Safe Cash System is a SCAM! Real REVIEW on Rotten Trading Software!

Labeling Safe Cash System as a Scam would be a total understatement. The truth is this automated trading software is utterly worthless, poorly constructed and highly misguided for targeting rookie investors. Together we’ll review how damaging these sleazy developers actually are by incorporating malicious traps for holding onto your deposits behind their operations. by Dr Richard Carrier should not be trusted, where any investment deposited will surely fail in returning without profitable results. Exposing this binary option hoax to its fullest will certainly help traders reconsider wasting their money, by examining several incriminating factors Ive outlined completely discrediting this Safe Cash scam.

Safe Cash Review: Trading SCAM Goes from Bad to Worst!!

safe cash review

Photograph Evidence & Origins

Probably the most defining portion of our scam review proving the lack of authenticity within Safe Cash system is the supposed creator himself. “Dr Richard Carrier”, alleged producer of portrays himself as an honest individual looking out for trader’s interests and safety by offering the solution to online scams, capable of generating six figures per month. Other than a still-shot photo, not once does Richard reveal any facial recognition live on camera. The photograph depicted above is actually a stock-photo used within a couple other sites unrelated to binary options while containing different aliases. Establishing pictures being stolen for covering false identities is no surprise when dealing with scamming programs. Their main objective is to profit from newbie trader losses through advertising broken softwares, while evading the consequences caused from faulty applications.

Fake Reviews!

After realizing the crooked developers are absolute phonies, rest assured the customer reviews within are equally corrupted. By submitting your name and emailing details, a series of counterfeit Safe Cash system members providing recorded reviews and testimonials are exploited to make appear legitimate. Remember the older gentleman from the beginning claiming how he’s “debt-free”? Debunking numerous trading scams have made our team quite familiar with faces belonging to paid actors. Gerald Jason aka “The Banjo Man” from keeps busy promoting countless fraudulent apps throughout the years with falsified testimonies exuding lucrative gains that never existed. Everyday traders are deceived by such lies causing them to fall victim towards endless disappointment. After witnessing the conniving character encouraging newcomers to join the Safe Cash Scam, we’re imploring visitors think twice by taking a different route by saving your money.

Active Fiverr Acting Profile

safe cash system review

$250 Giveaway Downfall!

As if lying to daily clients weren’t enough, added entanglements are embedded within this “safe” trading software for securing cash profits in the hands of greedy online schemers. Described as a ‘safety measure’, Dr Richard entices potential consumers with an additional $250 gift should the his Safe Cash system app fail to deliver positive outcomes. Whats not disclosed to traders is this $250 incentive in reality comes from your designated broker in the form of a bonus. Now here’s where your situation escalates into a financial nightmare. Bonuses are legit features all brokers offer to clients, however combined with a scam software serves catastrophic. Bonus attributes contain strict trading volume contingencies attached which limit access to withdrawals until specific requirements are completed. Therefore bonuses are preferred for being accepted by experienced traders. Basically speaking, once you’ve realized you’re being scammed, any attempts to withdraw whatever’s left in your funds will be denied upon request until you fulfill their stipulations. Definitely a terrible predicament you don’t need to be involved with.

What a Joke!

With the amount of questionable proof stacked against, there’s really no point in divulging further into a cliche software dedicated to taking advantage of rookie traders searching for an honest profit-making service. There’s even a poor demonstration showing the Safe Cash trading app converting a mere $250 deposit into a few hundred thousand within a short period of time. Such turnouts are realistically impossible, proving their footage was obviously edited for luring new customers into a regrettable mistake. As for the hefty $150 monthly charge supposedly taking affect for each subscription, understand this misguided tactic is favored by multiple frauds in efforts to persuade traders into rushing wasted transactions on faulty apps. Are you willing to place your faith (more importantly money) into a dubious software with various faults? I didn’t think so!

Safe Cash Review Scam – Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Review Verdict: Avoid the Safe Cash Scam and don’t fall for any fake Safe Cash Reviews you come across endorsing their platform! Do yourself a favor by ignoring all invitations for joining!

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New to binary option trading? Open a free demo account whenever practicing with unfamiliar autotraders or strategies until you’re ready to trade with real funds. Not all services are deceptive like, but its important to keep aware which systems are dangerous. Visiting our Blacklist provides a full comprehensive list with attached reviews exposing each money-making scheme for trader protection. Feel free to share our Safe Cash review on social media to prevent others from becoming victimized and spread awareness! Scammers are continuously lurking beneath empty guarantees and broken promises, but with your help we can put these tricksters out of business! Have some suggestions or feedback, comment below and we’ll be happy to assist.

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