Real Profits is a Lame SCAM!!!

If you’ve heard of the Real Profits Trading Software and are contemplating on signing-up with them, take a moment to read our Real Profits Review. This new Auto-Trader is very half-ass, full of contradictions and inaccurate information. Already we are seeing blogging sites such as and endorsing the Real Profits System. These two particular websites are notorious for promoting every single binary options trading scam that has been released. But we cant just judge a program by the people who advocate them. We’ve dug a bit deeper into this automated trader and found no supporting ground in which we would place our confidence in.

Real Profits Video Clip Shot:

Real ProfitsAnthony DiFranco is our alleged CEO of and one of the most successful online traders within the industry….Supposedly. He claims to hold over 20 years experience as a profitable trader and made millions with Stocks, Forex, and Binary Options. And now he’s come to save us all with his automatic trading solution within Real Profits, containing 97% accuracy.

In the website, you’ll encounter an introduction video by Anthony with a terribly formulated narrative. This short clip contains some false information of on how Binary Options Trading has only been around for a couple years. On the contrary, online traders have been investing with binary options for almost 10 years, since early 2-0-0-8. Misinformation about common knowledge within the industry doesn’t serve as reassurance for the creator of Real Profits and so-called millionaire. Another unbelievably bold claim we found is the software’s 97% accuracy in executing winning trades on auto-pilot by scanning several market variables simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, there’s no binary trading system in existence with such high yielding capabilities. Real Profits is one of many fraudulent money makers who promise riches with no effort, but fail to accomplish what’s stated in their campaigns. Mr Difranco continues to manipulate his viewers by explaining the Real Profits software is synchronized with a “well established and solid brokerage company”. However, after submitting our registration information to, our pre-selected binary broker was Glen Ridge Capital. GlenRidge Capital is not ‘well-established’ in any way, in fact they’re a fairly new but unregulated broker whose bad reputation is well deserved.

We have no proof of “Anthony DiFranco’s” existence, nor evidence supporting that Real Profits is a trustworthy trading tool. Ask yourself, would you place your trust and money into an individual whose not real? Do you really want to take a risk into investing with a vague and bizarre operation as Real Profits. Our point here is to understand that the Real Profits Scam is not to be trusted.

RealProfits.Co is a Scam-Artist Production

If you’re still searching for an Auto Trading system, and hoped Real Profits was a potential opportunity, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of binary signal services and auto-trade systems available that are currently being utilized by thousand of investors around. Take for example, Mikes AutoTrader. This program remains one of the longest fulfilling binary option tools available to date. Among its many customizable intuitive features, it produces a realistic 89% or higher success rate, as well as a free invitation to Mikes Private Binary Signals Facebook Group. This secret community consists of real life professional traders who post signals all day long during a trading week. Trading Newbies constantly benefit from this secret group with new strategies, live-trading webinars, and more. Consider the profitable advantage of obtaining both Mike’s Auto-Trader & a becoming a member of this informative Facebook Group.

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  • I watched the Real Profits video and its really stupid. This kind of reminds me about the other Protected Profits Scam. I wouldn’t trust my money with either of them.
    Great Job Prestige!

  • There is nothing ‘real’ about Real Profits. The only reality is youll lose your money.
    Ive been reading about Mikes auto trader and im seeing a lot of great reviews, I think this is the best and safest binary trader around.
    Prestige, if I join mikes autotrader, how do I get into his traders group. this sounds awesome!

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