Rapid Income Method Review – Pathetic Trading SCAM Software!

By | May 23, 2016

Rapid Income Method is perfect example of trading Scam applications you don’t want to “invest” with. Remember that investments are placed when there’s a probable chance of receiving a returned profit. Rest assured any money deposited towards RapidIncomeMethod.co by Dominic Taylor will surely deplete your entire account, leaving traders empty handed while scammers run with your money. The overall propaganda throughout his trading software is outrageously misleading, enticing traders with false notions of banking thousands everyday, and becoming a ‘guaranteed’ millionaire within 12 weeks. In addition to empty promises, malicious traps have also been implemented to ensure scamming developers keep tight grips on your deposits. Generally speaking the entirety of Rapid Income Method scam app looks rather dubious just by appearances alone. In case you’re contemplating your luck, make sure your read the following review exposing how dangerous this money-stealing scheme truly is, and why traders shouldn’t trust them.

Trader Warning: I wont deny generating millions of dollars on complete auto-pilot would be a dream come true for anybody. However history has taught us many things, including the undeniable fact any trading software claiming to make traders millionaires within short periods of time have always proven useless scams. What’s worse are the scam-artists plaguing the industry with such lies causing newcomers to fall victim to fraudulent trading apps. Finish reading our Rapid Income Method review to its end revealing all the incriminating evidence!

Rapid Income Method Review – Lies & Deception Revealed!

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Its best to begin this review by discussing the individual posing as Dominic Taylor, creator or representative of a worthless scam software targeting rookie traders. Don’t let his professional-looking posture fool you, Mr Taylor (aka Dezza123) is a famous actor from the Fiverr.com marketplace. His resume for promoting countless harmful scam softwares stretch far back many months and we’ve exposed this imposter numerous times for being a lying crook. Some days he pretends to be a “beta-tester”, while other times he’s plays a CEO for some non-existing company. In regards to the Rapid Income Method software, his role is unclear. But one thing he cant escape is his active profile on Fiverr proving he’s merely one of several paid actors in which fraud companies hire for endorsing damaging trading systems to novice traders. His latest enrollment was witnessed within My First Online Payday (Review), which caused detrimental losses to all who partnered with that particular automated software. Most day-traders aren’t aware the measures taken by scammers, unfortunately their shady tactics don’t stop here.


Free-Money Giveaway?!

Obviously these crooks are fully aware their trading system does NOT operate as advertised on the RapidIncomeMethod.co homepage. To make matters even more dishonest, certain entanglements are added for further manipulation, disguising tricks as ‘gifts’ to visiting clients. Dominic Taylor sweetens the deal by stating the first seven people who secure a copy of Rapid Income Method scam will receive another $250 after your initial deposit. A vital piece of information deliberately undisclosed to new customers is the additional $250 is actually a bonus derived form brokerage firms. Bonuses are legal features every broker offers, yet keep in mind they’re best used by experienced traders. Reason being is bonus incentives come with strict trade volume requirements that must be completed before access to withdrawals are granted. In other words, once you’ve realized Rapid Income Method app is a scam, any attempts to withdraw whatever remains in your account will be denied. Twisting questionable trading programs with bonuses are becoming more popular overtime, allowing frauds to benefit huge profits at trader’s expense. Thereby creating an already terrible situation into a financial nightmare. 

The irony instilled within RapidIncomeMethod.co is deplorable at best. Traders are meant to fall under the impression they’re being invited to become members of an economical solution separate from bogus scams exploited by scripted actors, when ‘Dominic’ is a well-known actor too. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest! We all know he’s as equally corrupt as the rest! Somehow he thinks that dictating from a dictionary the differences between an “application” and “software is justifiable cause for us to view him as a knowledgeable person?! I’m not here to badmouth the acting world, surely most are making an honest living the best they can. But even Rapid Income Method reviews were performed by Fiverr productions, which completely disregards this scam app, eliminating all chances of credibility. Ask yourself if you’re still willing to trade along side a binary application containing so many faults.


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There’s really not much left to explain in reference to potential dangers lurking beneath the Rapid Income Method software. Without a doubt, Mr Taylor is a proven tw0-face liar who’s been yet again debunked for con-artist activity, presenting a cliche fraudulent app consisting of overused scammy qualities. Oh those 7 limited spots available will never change no matter how many days pass. Fake allegations of limiting availability is a cheap method for rushing newbies into making rash decisions before realizing they’re being taken advantage of. Hopefully today’s comprehensive review has alerted you with unknown facts you might not have known, saving you from drastic mistakes you’d definitely regret. 

Rapid Income Method Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Judgement – avoid Rapid Income Method Scam at all costs. A typical brain-washing trading hoax holding one guarantee; Losing everything you put in! 

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Perhaps you were hoping RapidIncomeMethod.co was your ticket to the millionaire society. Don’t be discouraged as there are plenty of wonderful trading systems recognized as reliable and effective by the trade community. At Prestige Binary Options, we never recommend any autotrader or signal service unless they’ve been tested ourselves, but most importantly acknowledged by real traders. Take for instance our reviews on Neo2 or Binadroid app holding documented results and tutorials based from personal experience. When testing new trading formats, open a demo account for practice until your ready to invest your own funds. Thank you reading our honest assessment, feedback & input is welcomed always by commenting below this Rapid Income Review. 

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