Push Button Salary is another SCAM!!

The creators of the previous PushButtonMillionaire Scam is back with another faulty program. The recently released Push ButtonSalaryTrading system is another Scam every binary options trader should stay clear of! The following is our thorough Push Button Salary Review with proof & personal experience of why this trading software cannot be trusted. We have already seen a handful of evaluations supporting this bogus auto-trader from questionable sites such as itdecs.com, binary-app-810.org, and ivetriedthat.com. Its revolting and insulting as an experienced investor to witness these so called bloggers continue to support the majority of defective trading softwares who push empty promises towards the public. Specifically, the binary-app-810.org website was primarily made to advocate most malwares products. Here are some underling points to understand.

The voice-over for the Push Button Salary system repeatedly promises to make you a millionaire in 27 days, or he will personally pay you $10,000 from his own account for your troubles. You are also bombarded by fake screen shots of bank accounts holding millions of dollars, approved by the “ISA”. You are taught nothing about the company itself, its derivatives, or even a name-drop for the CEO (if there is any), of the Push Button Salary program.

FullSizeRender(47)Naturally, as faced with many fraudulent binary option trading softwares, you will notice a “live feed” of combined profits ‘current push button salary members’ are making. $24,583,231 and Rising!! We have seen identical deceiving marketing tactics many times often used by most failed binary trading systems that came before it. Further analysis proves these scripts are purely just counters of numbers summed up in a sequence, and therefore are not actually connected to any binary options account. Refreshing the pushbuttonsalary.com website drops the dollar amounts by several hundred thousands. If were are forced to believe these are live results then they wouldn’t refresh and start at a specific point, they would actually continue from the previous ‘live’ transaction amount.

At PrestigeBinary, we took it upon ourselves to investigate the ISA. Push Button Salary stated that all there screen-shots of bank accounts, and video reviews were all verifiable and certified by ISA regulation authorities. As seasoned binary traders, we are very familiar with Real Organizations like the CFTC, SEC, CySEC, and other Financial Commissions within the binary industry. Google searches led us to no conclusions regarding any ISA existence. We decided to take advantage of pushbuttonsalary.com “24/7” live chat service.  We were indeed talking to an idiot, assuming we’re talking to a real human. Here was our quick conversation:

FullSizeRender(48)If you were to sign up with this ‘Free’ trading app (we implore you DON’T), PushButtonSalary will connect you with unreliable Brokers like Options Area and Binary Goal, in which you would have to make a minimum $250 deposited. These brokers have been put in our BLACKLIST in the past due to many trader complaints regarding illegal activities like unauthorized access-blocking of  customer accounts, and refusal to pay traders or refusal to acknowledge withdrawal requests. Do you really want to entrust your money with such low-esteemed Brokers??

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PrestigeBinary has provided you a few suggestions regarding Informative and Confided Brokers, Auto-Traders, and Binary Option Communities. Especially if you new to trading the markets, here you will find incredible resources to expand you knowledge and Profits. We always inform our followers the importance of joining trading services containing a solid reputation, derived directly from actual users. Feel free to explore them and see which one best fits you trading needs. Joining Binary Programs like the Push Button Salary is the worst choice to start or continue the road of investing. It’s programs and supporting websites like itdecs.com & binary-app-810.org who tarnish the esteemed position of Binary Options Trading and the Industry, and furthermore trap many newcomers into losing most, or all their money. Its clearly evident the PushButtonSalary is a SCAM and their ISA regulation is evidently made up. Also, there is no proof indicating they are endorsed by such prestigious companies like Forbes, CNN, and Huff Post, like the banner found on their site. Thank you taking the time in reading our Push Button Salary review. Please alert of us of any interactions or feedback you may have involved with this money-making-scheme.

Stay Away from PushButtonSalary!!!



  • Yeah i heard about this trading system. i had a feeling it was another scam, and now im sure to stay away from it. thank you prestigebinary!!

  • Thank You PrestigeBinary! Im a Binary options trader myself and i love following your updates. Im also looking for and auto trader myself, so thank you for the warning on the PushButtonSalary!!

  • hello prestige binary! i want to thank you for your post, i just read it and as always youre looking out for our best interests. i saw your other post on Fast Cash Biz and signed so far so good!!

    • thank you sabine for your support! im glad to hear youre doing well with the system. we can only do our best to inform the potential dangers from binary scams.

  • I absolutely love your blogs and find your posts to be very informative. Keep the coming prestige!

    Again, awesome web site!

  • Great article! thank you guys!

  • Pretige Bianry you guys are the best
    thank you for having our backs and warning us about PushButton

  • Great delivery. Sound arguments. Keep up the great work Prestige

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