Pump Trades is a Stupid Scam! – Honest Review

Pump Trades Review (Scam Caution!)

We can honestly say Pump Trades is by far crowned the king of Pathetic trading softawares for 2016. In this case, judging this scam by its cover in a negative manner is highly agreeable as Alex Stewart and his Pump Trades scam visually lack the appearance of some program capable of making $150000 within 2 months. With that kind of money being generated, these scammers could’ve developed a better site for their PumpTrades.com domain. Although we firmly believe this new launch will not become viral (we hope not), as many traders will be capable of discerning for themselves in avoiding the Pump Trades Scam, but just in case well lay out the details for beginners who aren’t sure. After assessing our Pump Trades review you’ll full understand this scamming production is not worth your time or money.

Pump Trades Review – Full Exposure – Why its a SCAM App!

An unverifiable Alex Stewart claims to be the alleged CEO of Pump Trades as you listen to the voice-over within his introductory videos. Not once are we shown his face or any valuable credentials to help us further verify his identity or existence. This naturally adds more suspicions as to what hes hiding from. The overall assurance of reliability one hopes to feel when visiting PumpTrades.com in minimal at best, to none at all. Regardless, Alex Stewart dictates his “advanced technology is creating top-rated traders” as it operates on “super fast computers” for providing advantages to dominate the financial markets. You can forget about banking a six figure income as there’s no proof on how it operates, nor verified evidence revealing any successful endeavors. There are too many scamming characteristics throughout their entire site which cant be ignored. Lets review the facts!

pump tradesPump Trades Scam uses the “Best” actors in the World!

At PrestigeBinaryOptions.com, exposing countless trading productions has made us too familiar with Blacklisted scam systems and their mutual habit of using paid actors to advertise their garbage for public engagement. After all, since no trader is actually profiting a cent from these online gimmicks, developers like those behind Pump Trades scam resort to other methods of deception for targeting rookie traders. The most favored practice of all adopted by scam-artists is hiring people for posing as successful members making loads of profits through scripted footage. While watching their presentation clips, you’ll have the opportunity of witnessing the worst case of acting seen by any individual. The manner in which these people speak in regards to making hundreds of thousands per month is like their reading what’s being dictated without any sincerity or excitement. We couldn’t identify them from Fiverr.com where a majority of these fakers derive from, however we remain absolutely positive that nothing within PumpTrades.com can pass authentic. Go back to acting school!

Hurry! Time Is Ticking!! $2,990 Discount!

Its discouraging seeing multiple blogs condoning online investors to deposit with this awful trading system by submitting misleading Pump Trades review posts in search engines. Obviously the creators of this overwhelmingly red-colored scheme are desperate for quick sales without any concern for the negative repercussions bestowed on novice traders. Timers are implemented to give a sense of urgency for visitors to waste money quickly before time “runs out”. Another scamming tool these fraudulent websites use to trick newcomers before realizing they’re about to get scammed. Funny how refreshing your browser will ‘magically’ reset the clocks and time is somehow ‘reversed’! Sometimes good things don’t last forever, but Pump Trades app is nowhere close of being a fortuitous circumstance. What a Joke!

pump trades Pump Trades Review / Conclusion

At this point there’s not much else to discuss in questioning the legitimacy of PumpTrades.com and we hope all who may have been interested in depositing with them have realized just how pathetically dangerous they truly are. Final Verdict: Pump Trades is a SCAM!

Visit Prestige’s section from Recommended Auto Traders & Signal Services that have been tested and approved by the industry and trusted by traders based on reviews and feedback. Remember the importance of conducting your own research and not fall for the first “positive” posting you encounter. If you happen to fall for scam providers like the Pump Trades App or any others, you may contact our team and well do our best to assist you with a resolution. Thank you reading our Pump Trades Review.

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