The Profits Now is a SCAM! In-depth Review

Are you seriously considering in accepting the “generous” handout of $10,000 from the Profits Now Scam? Before you do, there are certain factors you must be aware of beneath Jonathon Spencer’s new automatic trader for binary options. At the commencement of our investigation, no “Profits Now Review” search-engine inquiries resulted in actual customer feedback, except for a few blogs already positively predetermining this new trading software without any evidence. Although Profits Now App is relatively new and not tested by us, our impression from reviewing their questionable platform left us with an unsettling feeling of doubt. Our mission within this Profits Now Review is to warn potential traders and make perfectly clear that is not what they appear to be.

What is the Profits Now App?

Creator & developer of the scamming website is an unfamiliar individual named Jonathon Spencer who proposes he’s unraveled the hidden “secret” to becoming a millionaire. In fact, Jonathon is SO confident about the performance level from his Profits Now system, that he gives us his “ironclad guarantee” that everyone can bank over $40,000 per month or he’ll personally pay you $10,000 at no charge.  In his words, the Profits Now System is programmed to evaluate the most heavily sought-after traded stocks & assets by calculating exactly what the ‘insiders’ are doing before the results are made public. Generally speaking, they’re duplicating “insider information” onto your brokerage account automatically. But who are these “insiders”? How can a software specifically render such information before they are announced? Already the questions of uncertainty arise and throughout our assessment of Mr Spencer’s Profits Now Program, they remain unanswered. Instead of delivering concrete knowledge of how exactly this auto-trader is operated, you’re taunted with the fantasy of financial freedom with fake snapshots of accumulative bank accounts, allegedly provided by his “money-making secrets” and automated trading system. Aside from its bountiful $10,000 offer, we’re obliged to inform you all the Profits Now Scam Software is just as dangerous like every other fraudulent binary trading solution wihtin the industry.

ProfitsNow Scam Review – Caution!

Upon watching their presentation video within the webpage, many scamming characteristics were brought to our attention and must be discussed. At some point, Jonathon Spencer claims he’ll show some demonstrations revealing how lucrative and precise the Profits Now Software really is, but fails to deliver any example by only showing terrible “Live” illustrations that don’t even remotely resemble any conclusive facts of its self-proclaimed capabilities. Even worse are the selected individuals chosen to endorse the Profits Now Software through false testimonials pretending to have achieved successful experiences. First off, look at our scam-artist creator, “Jonathon Spencer”. ↓

Photograph Origins –

Profits Now Scam ReviewAt PrestigeBinaryOptions, we’re fortunate to have reviewed many binary trading scams and exposed them for worthless get-rich-quick schemes. Resulting from thorough investigations, we’ve gradually increased our familiarity with similar faces and commonly used actors for such deceptive tactics. Jonathon’s photo can be purchased at and was recently witnessed in a damaging binary scam known as the Proven Profits Scam Software. Not an intelligent maneuver from the developers behind the Profits Now Software. But shady practices for convincing traders of this possibly being a legitimate trading program doesn’t end here. The use of Fiverr actors is quite common with a majority of debatable softwares in attempts to produce a sense reliability through scripted performances.

Actress Profile Proof –

Profits Now App ReviewProfits Now Scam Review – The Lies Continued …

Evidently they must hurry to get as many traders possible to invest with their phony system before the truth is unleashed and the Profits Now system is Blacklisted and forgotten. That’s why only 147 “fortunate few” are given a chance at this “amazing opportunity”. Jonathon states they must limit the amount of members allowed in order to conserve Profits Now App abilities to make you a “millionaire in short amounts of time. The manner in which they support this theory is by explaining that if hundreds of traders consecutively jumped at similar transactions wihtin the market, the “Market Analysts” would be alerted and ProfitsNow would be ruined. Lets be real for a moment, this is all a GIANT HOAX!

Profits Now Review Conclusion

My fellow Readers & Traders, DO NOT become entrapped by the alluring offer of Free $10,000 just for testing the ProfitsNow App. Our goal here was to make everyone understand and recognize the lies and fabricated customer reviews from suspicious actors within this bogus automated software and suggest you stay clear from such traders. We can safely say this is NOT a revolutionary program containing the potential to turn markets upside-down. If anything, it will only deplete you account rather quickly with losing trades and fill their pockets with your money. 

PrestigeBinaryOptions Recommended Alternatives

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  • Thank you for this transparent Profits Now Scam review you really did save my ass;]
    I decided to trade with Trade Forecast after i read your Trade Forecast REview. only placed 6 trades today and 4 of them were winning trades. REally like the TradeForecast App system so far.
    THanks Prestige!

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