ProfitBall Review – Important Scam Warning!

ProfitBall Scam Review – Profit Ball is a BUST!

Lets get straight to the point here, ProfitBall is a rotten Scam based on binary option trading & sports analytic, and equally worthless as all debunked scams we’ve exposed for being harmful to it users. Pay close attention to the follow review, as we’ve uncovered serious issues within the Profitball scam which all traders should know. Will the Profit Ball app make traders rich as they claim? We highly doubt that and we’ve provided conflicting evidence after investigating by Terry Mason & Joshua Ethan, where numerous scamming factors were identified which must be addressed. Apart from the typical empty promises of banking thousands in daily profits, visitors are ensured a risk-free environment where losses never happen. If you’re contemplating the idea how Profitball trading software will deliver you to financial freedom, think again and read our review exposing this fraudulent trading scheme. This app is dangerous & will drain your account!

Profitball Review – Lousy “Sports” Trading Scam


Ill give these scammers some credit by taking a unique approach, by targeting the sporting field as statistics state over 90% of population watch sports. However, this Profitball trading app is NOT to be trusted. According to its video presentations, the Profitball software transform investments opportunities by combining sport analytics & trading algorithms to accurately predict stock prices, targeting company sponsored stock prices before mass sales. Basically, according to Terry Mason, Profitball pinpoints specific sport feeds & trades company stocks through binary trading.

Unfortunately several LIES were unraveled, revealing these scammers are not being honest with potential clients. Take for instance when Terry & Joshua make bold claims about Profitball being in operation for the past four years, accumulating massive profits of $6.4 million. However Who.Is confirms and its trading platform was developed barely one month before writhing this review. This Scam is absolutely Crazy and completely detached from reality.

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Unrealistic Profitball Results

Banking $7,000 per week is something I’m sure everyone would love to attain, but the Profitball Trading software is Not your solution. First off, there’s no such thing as a perfect trading system for any type of investments, and the mere fact Joshua Ethan and his crime partner Terry Mason state their Profitball app is 100% accurate guaranteed, we cannot ignore this arrogant remark. Many trading scams we’ve exposed have created exact claims, but always failed in delivering its promised results. Although you cannot win every trade, there are safer trading systems which can limit risk variables for better experiences. See below this article for more details.

ProfitBall Imposters

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Without a doubt, Terry & Joshua are paid actors hired for promoting this Profitball scam. Although were told Mr Mason and Mr Ethan are Co-Founders & Developers of Profitball, their identities are compromised since zero credible evidence could validate their existence. Apparently these two individuals brag about becoming the sole creators for a successful trading venture where Profitball software erupted from a small-time project in New York, their absence of zero matching profiles nor professional resumes on social medias & Google is very suspicious. Think for a moment if Profitball were truly capable of massing big profits like $7,000 per day, or millionaires within a year as they say, wouldn’t these people be well recognized within the binary industry? Their level of mysteriousness is highly suspect & warrants further suspicions.

Fake Profitball Reviews


Remember the mysterious millionaires mentioned earlier as a product of the Profitball software? Where are they? Why are the introductory videos within filled with fake ‘Profit Ball’ reviews performed by paid actors? The man depicted above encouraging Profitball trading software is one of many scripted actors we’ve exposed countless times, whom you can find from, a famous marketplace for falsified testimonies and favored by harmful binary scams. Another scam we exposed him in was the Bank Tracker Bot (Review). Whether or not this guy understands the trading systems he’s representing are damaging scams is uncertain, but the point being made here is he grown a known reputation for advocating countless binary trading scams to beginners, and quite honestly we’re getting tired of seeing him pretending to be a ‘successful trader’. By visiting our Tracker Bot review, this solidifies the fact hes NOT a binary beta tester, has never used nor traded with Profitball app, and simply a cheap performer who gets paid to say anything.

Profitball Scam Bonus Traps

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To sweeten the deal, these two-faced scam-artists are offering a “special bonus” for the first 7 members who take action by joining Profitball. What most rookie investors dont know, because these crooks deliberately refuse to disclose the fact that these bonsus incentives actually derives from a broker bonus. Bonuses are offered by all brokerage firms, a great deal for instantly doubling your account. However these offers are recommended for experienced traders due to strict trade volume requirements which must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. These stipulations are extremely difficult for newbies to finish and these shady programmers know it. Fraudulent companies similar to Profitball software favor combining bonus features with autotrading scams as a manipulative maneuver for profiting from your losses.  Basically, once you realized Profitball is a Scam, any attempts in retrieving whatever remains of your funds are futile because of bonus restrictions. Ultimately turning a regrettable mistake into a losing battle for retrieving your money back.

ProfitBall Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: Joshua & Ethan’s ProfitBall software is undoubtedly a vicious Scam, where the only certain outcome awaiting traders are emptied account with zero profitable results!

( Safe for Traders. EASY for Beginner. Over 84% Winning ITM Rates )

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Binary Option trading is a wonderful and lucrative venture for supplementing your household income or full time earning resource. Stay clear from exaggerated softwares like Profitball as they’re worthless. Fortunately for everybody, there are numerous reliable services from educational tools, autotrader apps and signal alerting programs deemed safe for minimizing risk factors while simultaneously amplifying profitability rates. Whenever in doubt about any particular trading system of interest, visit Prestige’s blacklist section of harmful scams like Profit Ball and brokers for your protection. Please share our review posting to ensure further awareness and feel free comment below with any feedback or input. Thank you for reading my honest & unbiased Profitball Review.

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