Profit Maximizer 2.0 Review – Relaunch of a Proven SCAM!!

The Profit Maximizer 2.0 Review Scam

Warning! All traders must take note of a new binary auto-trading system called the Profit Maximizer 2.0 which will soon be released by the end of November. In fact, this software is NOT new at all, but a relaunch of an older version from the Profit Maximizer System, a proven scam software. Judging by the negative responses derived from traders for the original scam version, our Profit Maximzer 2.0 Review will prove this “updated 2.0” version will serve no better purpose compared to its faulty predecessor. By reading the information has provided below, you’ll understand and be glad you didn’t waste your time & money with this outdated scamming production. scam software promises

James Forley is a persistent scam-artist but lazy enough to present the same fraudulent trading system from a year ago, without making any adjustments in hopes of appearing legitimate. If you’re not familiar with the Profit Maximzer System, James pretends to bring us an exclusive offer with only 100 limited spots for a chance to profit with a “foolproof” auto-trading application containing a secret “loophole” in Binary Options. He further explains how he stumbled upon the Profit Maximizer System that was developed by a ‘stealth hacker’ (whatever that means), who created an algorithm which leverages the perfect market opportunity for achieving winning trades. If this be the first time you’re hearing this, DONT BE FOOLED!  Just like his older, James’ platform is no different and undoubtedly remains to be an exact replica of his previous worthless trading scam.

Profit Maximizer Scam Software Exposed

We understand they’re not easily spotted, but incriminating clues are hidden throughout the Profit Maximizer Scam Software in order to deceive its viewers into thinking they’ve found a reliable trading solution. Numerous times does James feel obliged to repeat his statements that all live accounts and testings have been verified by third party officials. Who are these officials? Who serves as your 3rd Party? No supporting evidence is provided to support their verification, and furthermore, the authority badges on their site are not clickable. All legitimate badges indicating any certification or company endorsements must be linked to a specific source to prove its authenticity. In accordance to our Profit Maximizer review, no such links were found which indicate these badges are simply fake. 

profit maximizer 6If you’ve actually submitted your email information, you’ll be taken to the second portion for the registration process, where we found continuous red flags against the Profit Maximizer System.

Deceptive Features and More Lies

profit maximizer 3Of course we are certain the promises of millionaire-status in short time is a lie, but the hidden features within this trading software itself are more damaging than anything else. The picture above illustrates the “Managed Account” feature from their chosen brokers and the ability to retrieve funds within 24 hours. These claims are far from true and some of these “special” features come with high risks and contingencies.

Managed Accounts are legal trading parameters that many binary brokers offer but are highly discouraged. In simplest terms, a managed account is when a Brokerage company designates a “professional” to trade on your behalf. This manor of investing with online trading has proven to be disastrous for many traders which have resulted in many becoming disgruntled and believe binary option trading is a scam. You may learn more on certain features and bonuses that everyone should refuse in our Complaints Section. In terms of receiving requested funds from brokers, the average waiting period is 4-7 business days after approval. But with “managed account”,  access to your funds are limited or revoked until certain requirements are met.

Fake Reviews

profit maximizer 2.0 reviewSince the Profit Maximizer 2.0 Scam is an identical twin to its earlier failing predecessor, acquiring any positive feedback from happy traders is virtually improbable. As a result, must resort to fabricating its reviews and stealing photos from other websites to ensure the essence of resembling as a profitable solution with supporting reviews from its members.  For Instance, take a look at “Joanna G” who seems excited for making over $41,000 in one month. That’s more than what most people make within a year! Now look a Shawn S and his ability to pay-off student loans due to using the Profit Maximizer Software. Too Bad These are NOT REAL!

Joanna G’s real Identity, Photo Origin & Twitter Account:

↓ Shawn’s picture is found on many websites NOT pertaining to Binary Options

profit maximizer 2.0With all this incriminating evidence proving James Forley’s malicious intentions, its obvious where our judgement resides within our Profit Maximizer 2.0 Review. Even though it has already been proven through older customer feedback that the Profit Maximizer Software is indeed another money-making scheme, its imperative to reiterate the ‘2.0’ version is NOT an improvement and will continue to cheat traders from their money. Do not be mislead by the small “window of opportunity” portrayed in the webpage. Rest assured you are better off turning your back from this “best kept secret on Wall Street” containing “3 different algorithms & risk indicators”.

If you’re new to binary options or looking to further enhance your skills, there are reliable alternatives that far exceed the performance levels of the Profit Maximzer Scam. Check out PrestigeBinaryOption’s list of Recommended Auto Traders & Signal Services with great Reputations and Favored by many traders. As a reminder, be sure to open a Free Broker Demo Account when testing any new automated trading software or strategy. 

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