Profit Maker Method is a SCAM!!! Exposed REVIEW!

Attention Traders! Profit Maker Method is a relatively new binary Scam launched roughly a couple weeks ago back in February. I initially decided not to review this automated software because i believed they wouldn’t have a strong impact. However recent circumstances regarding day-traders reporting through emails indicate anyone who registers with the Profit Maker Method Scam are not receiving their promised results. The platform in question, by Timothy Hollingdale, invites newcomers to trade with his ” newly discovered holy grail method” using “top secret profit formulas” for cashing consistent weekly payouts of $2,000 or more. But after growing complaints from their members stating completely opposite results, its imperative for interested traders to realize Timothy Hollingdale is a scam-artist profiting from everyone’s losses.

Anyone visiting will encounter exaggerated advertisements saying these lucrative earnings are made possible with the software’s 96% profiting rate, which supposedly already banked Tim an astronomical 7.2 million pounds before publicly releasing Profit Maker Method App. But after current reports informing failing performance levels, we can easily agree everything within this questionable trading app are LIES! What’s worse is 24/7 support team is suppose to be available to give investors a sense of guidance, yet traders still await any response. Within my following Profit Maker Method review, together we’ll discuss suspicious scamming characteristics found during my review process while investigating this money-making scheme.

Profit Maker Method Review: Full Scam Exposure

profit maker method For starters, Timothy Hollingdale is NOT a CEO or trading software developer he claims of being. Except he’s merely a puppet hired by scammers for promoting the Profit Maker Method scam app.  According to the presentation videos, apparently his trading experience trails over twenty years ago working for pristine companies like Barclays where he built financial modeling charts and identified trends. Following the past decade we’re told he dedicated his life training students throughout North America & United Kingdom in breaking down various strategies and market theories. Someone who’s allegedly contributed toward the industry in such positive manners would definitely be well-known. In attempts to verify this information for today’s Profit Maker Method review, zero evidence supporting his history with Barclays or teaching services were found. No internet searches or even social medial profiles can confirm his existence. Clearly whoever’s really responsible for collaborating this useless scam is hiding his identity by constructing fictitious stories surrounding someone who doesn’t exist.

Here’s a list of Falsely Misleading features “guaranteed” (term widely adopted by scams) from

  • “Built on cutting-edge technical analysis algorithms capable of making thousands of calculations per minute through millions of data sources within a 30% margin error for ‘pin-point’ accuracy”
  • “Application immunity from falling stock markets, inflation rates, or coming recessions”
  • “Risk / Reward Balancing Scales measuring certain risks against returns for depicting only the most profitable trades”
  • “Multi-Indicator integration analyzing economical data spreads”
  • “Supply & Demand predictor accurately foretelling future asset prices and behaviors before they happen” (YEAH RIGHT)
  • “Adaptive Trend Technologies automatically self-adjusting to fluctuating market volatility for avoiding trading mistakes”
  • “Over 1,000 Beta-Testers – 100% Proven & Tested”  (REALLY?? Where Are They??)
  • “ProfitMakerMethod makes 59.3% LESS trades than most systems by executing only 4 positions per hour”

Without a doubt traders would appreciate these wonderful attributes if they were real. But after establishing earlier no one has seen a successful outcome after registering with this faulty program. Reconfirming nothing within this scam is genuine or authentic.

Fake Reviews!

profitmakermethod.comFalsified Proof

I’m assuming the photos found below their website with profit descriptions belong to existing traders named Julien Delaplace, Katrijn Gerti, Robert Libby, and Jamie Poole are presumably using ProfitMakerMethod and successfully making loads of money every day. I’m not impressed and least bit surprised these reviews are totally falsified with photographs either stolen or purchased from multiple websites. Furthermore, different identities are used for the same pictures depending on which site they’re in. Clicking the provided link proves Jamie’s profile (including others) on isn’t legitimate. Since crooked scammers can’t produce believable evidence this auto-trader’s is capable of generating positive outcomes, false reviews are created for authoritative appearances. 

Don’t allow yourself to become fooled by such deceiving factors. Fraudulent trading systems implement common scamming tactics for targeting rookie investors who aren’t familiar how corrupt companies lure potential clients into depositing with worthless apps. Additional scam incentives also include “limited availability” before spots are filled and stop accepting further customers. In this case, once is fully occupied, an undisclosed fee must be paid for future investors.  A pushy method persuading newcomers into depositing before realizing they’re getting scammed. My main objective today is warning everyone with our review and hope it reaches newbies in time before making a mutually regrettable mistake.

Final Review Verdict: Avoid Investing with Profit Maker Method Scam! A proven solution for depleting your funds!

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copy buffett bannerBefore concluding our review, If you’ve fallen victim to malicious scam systems, let us know and we’ll attempt to assist you anyway we can. I’m sure you realized not every review should be considered trustworthy. Take for instance the number of blogs promoting this ridiculous binary app. Familiarize yourself with’s daily updated Blacklist containing avoidable scams & broker for protection. Fortunately there are plenty of reliable Signal Services & AutoTraders favored by many online traders offering exceptional strategy methods and quality service. Feel free to leave us your feedback or input by commenting below so our readers can engage and become more aware of important updates. Thank you reading my honest Profit Maker Method Review

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